Naomi Campbell: Consequences of Wearing Weave

Recently celebrities have been breaking free of the Hollywood norm of wearing weaves and this picture may be all the evidence we need to understand why. 

Naomi Campbell was spotted at a photo shoot in New York City. We never hear the stories of what damage wearing weaves can do to your hair.  Is this evidence of the downside to wearing lacefronts for so long? I know for most people they are convenient when you don’t want to do to your own hair and add a little extra length when your hair won’t grow on its own.

But ladies, we may want to take a step back and pause for a minute.  Think about the damage you’re causing by continuously wearing weave. Don’t get me wrong, in the past, I’ve thought about wearing a weave because I wanted my hair to be “beautiful” and I thought it would make me more attractive. But after cutting my hair short, I’ve learned that short hair can be just as, if not more, sexy depending on whom is rocking the hair cut.

Why are we so infatuated with wearing a hair style that could cause us to end up looking like Naomi Campbell? Is this the Hollywood influence?

For those of you that wear weaves, does this make you reconsider wearing them or think about wearing them less often?

 Source: Splash News & Clutch Magazine

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