Young Man, Please Pull Up Your Pants!

Every day I ride the metro to work. And every day I see a young man wearing pants that look like this:

Why would anyone want to wear pants so low they couldn’t walk properly? Who wants to have to pull at their pants every two minutes to keep them from completely falling down??  And showing off boxers or boxer briefs to the public is NOT CUTE!  I don’t want to know if you decided to wear the navy or army fatigue boxers today.

I know I know, this is a “trend” with the young people (and unfortunately some grown men) that has been going on for decades. When I was growing up, it was common to see guys wearing baggy pants. And maybe because I was younger it didn’t bother me as much as it does now, but when I see these boys on the metro, I just want to stop them and tell them to pull up their pants! It wasn’t cute when I younger and it’s not cute now.

I know I don’t have any teenage boy readers, so for the grown men reading this post, please help your young brothers do better (and your friends that are still wearing their pants this way)! Explain to them that baggy pants makes them look sloppy (I’d use the words HOT MESS).  No one takes them seriously when they walk around that way.  Real men wear clothes that fit.

Let’s explain to our young men that wearing their pants this way will not get them a job. And if they ever want to meet a respectable woman, their pants are going to have to fit correctly in the waist.  Maybe consider wearing a belt? Belts are not the enemy!  

If you’re a grown man that still wears his jeans like the guys in the picture above, get your life. It’s time to let go of your youthful days and wear clothes that properly fit!

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