My Journey To Becoming A ‘Style for Hire’ Stylist

Style-For-HireFall 2010: My friend Lisa read an article about Style for Hire. Co-founded by Stacy London from TLC’s “What Not To Wear,” Style for Hire is the natural outgrowth of the work Stacy London does on the show. The goal was to create a network that made personal stylists accessible to everyone.

That article also mentioned that Style for Hire hosts a workshop in early 2011 for those stylist interested in joining the network.  To be considered for the network, attending the two day workshop was mandatory. At the conclusion of the two day training, Stacy London would sit down with her team to select those that would be a part of the network.

After reading this article about Style for Hire, Lisa told me “you need to attend this workshop!”

When I was working in retail, I had entertained the idea of being a personal stylist. I enjoyed working at smaller retail stores that gave me the opportunity to work one on one with those customers that need help finding specific items. I also had fun helping my friends pick out outfits for various occasions, but did that really mean I was meant to be a stylist??

So I went back and forth with the decision “should I register for the workshop?? What if I’m not selected to join the network?” I talked about it with my parents; I’m sure I annoyed my friends with my indecisiveness. And after much deliberation, I decided “why not!” The worst that could happen is that I wasn’t selected.

March 2011, I traveled to NYC and embarked on a two day training taught by Stacy London. I’ll admit, because she is a celebrity, I didn’t think she’d actually teach the workshop. I thought she’d show face and sit back, but no, Stacy London was hands on the entire two days. I think there were close to 100 people at the training; many of whom were personal stylists full-time. Between professional stylists and Stacy London, I’ll admit I was intimidated and a little overwhelmed!

With Stacy London

Once training ended, I was selected to be an apprentice in the network. An apprentice is someone who needs more training before they can become a stylist in the network.  Apprentices participate in various tasks that will help them graduate to stylist.  I shadowed other stylists and worked at the Westfield Style Tours & Style Lounges (I was working for Style for Hire when I tweeted about coming to the mall for free consultations this summer). As an apprentice, I was also given the opportunity to work with a few clients. 

Through hard work and persistence, I graduated to stylist in the network at the end of 2012. It looks like Lisa was right; I did need to attend the training! By doing so, it helped spark my passion to want to help women look and feel their best self.  Being a member also gave me the opportunity to meet other amazing stylists and various opportunities to continue to grow as a personal stylist!!

Below is a video from the Style for Hire workshop I attended in 2011 (I can’t believe it’s been two years). At the 1:29 mark you’ll see me next to Stacy London (shameless plug I know)!

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re a stylist interested in joining the network or you would like to book an appointment with a stylist, visit

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