Ask Keri: What Should I Wear For A Lunch Date?

My line sister Shontadra hit me up on Twitter yesterday and asked for outfit suggestions. She has a lunch date right after a Saturday chapter meeting. We are required to wear business casual clothes to our meetings. Since my LS will be going from meeting to lunch date without having time to change, I put together some business casual looks that are professional but would also do a great job showing off her figure, while leaving something to the imagination of course!

Shontadra reminded me last night to keep in mind that her body top is bigger on top. She has large “girls” so the key to creating the ideal hourglass shape is to deemphasize the top half of her body with wrap tops & dresses and bring attention to the bottom top half of her body.

If you love wearing dresses and don’t currently have a wrap dress or faux wrap dress in your closet, I recommend you purchase one ASAP! This style of dress is flattering on all body types. For a woman who is bigger on top, the v-neck neckline actually deemphasizes the chest and holds the girls in place. If the neckline was too high, it would make a woman’s check look bigger. If a woman is bigger on the bottom, the v-neck would bring attention to the top half of her body. The fabric of wrap dresses skim over the hips so whether your bigger on top or bottom, it doesn’t add volume. For someone with a boyish frame, a wrap dress helps create curves. And the wrap effect across the midsection snatches that waist and hides the midsection, helping to create an hourglass shape.

c500x500 Ask Keri: What Should I Wear For A Lunch Date?

If you want to trick the eye, find a printed dress like the Diane Von Furstenberg one below. The eye doesn’t know where to look when a woman wears a printed dress, essentially helping to camouflage problem areas (i.e midsection).  Complete the look with fabulous boots, a grey bag and neutral makeup. Save the smokey eye for an evening date.

Shop wrap dresses here:


The second look takes up the sex appeal a notch but is still very appropriate for a meeting. Pair an animal print skirt with a blouse. Animal print is treated as a neutral, so while I used a black blouse for this look, any color will work. Specifically fushia, red, colbalt and coral. For Shontadra, I’d recommend a top that doesn’t have pockets on the chest. As mentioned above, the goal for her is to balance the top half of the body, so I’d recommend wearing color and/or print on the bottom half of her body to bring attention away from her chest. Use accessories and lipstick to add a pop of color. Of course if the temperatures drop, this look and the wrap dress outfit can be paired with tights.

x Ask Keri: What Should I Wear For A Lunch Date?


You may want to wear pants instead of a dress or skirt. That’s fine but shy away from the typical black dress pants. That screams “I’m going to work.” Remember, a date follows the chapter meeting so you want the outfit to be business casual but also fun and flirty. The cream top on the right will work for women who don’t have a large chest. A collar that high and in that color may actually make a women with a large chest look bigger on top. For someone like Shontadra, I’d again recommend a top that doesn’t go all the way to the neck.

Finalize the look with pointed toe heels to elongate the body. If you aren’t too worried about height and rather break up the preppy look with some edge, opt for a bootie instead. Seal the look with eyeliner, mascara and blush.

x Ask Keri: What Should I Wear For A Lunch Date?


Shontadra, I hope you have a fun on your lunch date! Let me know what outfit you put together for the special occasion.

What do you think of these looks? To see more looks created for various occasions, check out my Style Gallery.

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Styled by Keri: Rebuilding A Wardrobe After Weight Loss

By March 2012, my client Celia had weighed over 200lbs and was a new mom. She also had high cholesterol. That year, she decided it was time to drop the weight and become healthier not only for herself but also for her son.  

Fast forward to April 2013. By then, Celia had been working out regularly, eating healthy and losing weight. She was ready to work with a stylist to dress her new figure. Let me say that I have witnessed an amazing transformation since I started working with Celia and I couldn’t be more proud!

photo 41 Styled by Keri: Rebuilding A Wardrobe After Weight Loss

At the Beyonce concert.

When Celia and I met for her consultation, we talked about her style goals.  Celia was a clean slate. She needed new clothes, an understanding of what looked good on her and how to put outfits together.  We were literally starting from scratch. At this point, she was the first client I had ever worked with that had lost weight and needed to create a new wardrobe. Oh the pressure! It’s one thing to tell a client they need a few new tops for the spring season. It’s another to make a list of ALL the wardrobe items a woman in a new body will need. Do you know how many wardrobe options women need to have?!

photo 5 Styled by Keri: Rebuilding A Wardrobe After Weight Loss

These Steve Madden flats became her favorite shoes during the spring season.

After her initial consultation, we met to complete two closet audits and we got rid of everything! If you could have seen the piles of clothes!! After only leaving enough clothes in her closet to wear until we went shopping (like they do on “What Not To Wear”), Celia and I sat down and created a list from scratch; jeans, skirts, pants, various length tops, blazers, etc.

When we first met, Celia wasn’t big on color and prints. She liked grey, black, brown and white. While we knew we would be purchasing new wardrobe pieces, she wasn’t really fond of the idea of wearing them in various colors. She appreciated a more simple wardrobe color palette.  Celia had lost weight by the time I started working with her but she really didn’t transform until a few months later when she reached her ideal weight and cut her hair. She was a new woman with a new confidence! She loves to show off her figure and every outfit must include color or print. If an outfit I put together doesn’t include color or print, she doesn’t hesitate to let me know! 

photo 6 Styled by Keri: Rebuilding A Wardrobe After Weight Loss

Printed H&M pants and graphic sweatshirt for a casual Friday.

Rebuilding a wardrobe for any reason is a huge task and takes TIME! We’ve been working together for 7 months and we are still adding items to our shopping list as we continue to meet for various appointments. I would advise anyone that needs to start over when it comes to their wardrobe to consult with a stylist. You’ll have a lot of questions and need guidance on where to being. Being able to consult with someone will make the process of rebuilding a wardrobe less daunting.

Celia at James Party Styled by Keri: Rebuilding A Wardrobe After Weight Loss

At a friend’s birthday party.

This month, we’ll be putting together outfits for Celia’s 30th birthday. She wants to show off and it’s my job to make sure she does! icon wink Styled by Keri: Rebuilding A Wardrobe After Weight Loss

Read more about Celia’s weight loss journey in PYNK Magazine. For more information on my styling services, visit

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Get Styled By Keri This Holiday Season!

Tis the season for holiday parties and festivities! With so many events going on this month, you’ll want to step your best foot forward. I recently had a new client appointment where we created new work outfits, but also selected her NYE outfit. It’s never too early to start thinking about what to wear for the various occasions you have scheduled this month.

Styling Picture Get Styled By Keri This Holiday Season!

From personal shopping to creating new outfits with your current wardrobe, there are a plethora of options available to get you ready for your next holiday outing. Please visit for more information on styling services and to schedule a consultation!

P.S. Don’t forget to RSVP for the Holiday Pamper & Shop Party. I’ll be there along with celebrity stylist Apuje Kalu

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Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Winter White During Fall/Winter Season?

My friend Jasmine asked for suggestions on how to wear winter white (aka off white or cream) during the fall/winter season. She avoids wearing the color because she’s not sure how to wear it with other pieces in her wardrobe. Like black, grey, navy and brown, winter white is a neutral and can be worn with ANY color! Here are a few suggestions.

One of my favorite pieces to wear in winter white is a knit sweater.  Take things up a notch by pairing a winter white knit sweater with leather (or faux leather) pants instead of leggings. Because the black leather pants and off white serve as neutrals in this look, use accessories like scarves and booties to add patterns and color to the mix. This is a great casual chic outfit that can be worn on weekends when meeting friends for lunch. If you’re not big on leather, you can pair a winter white sweater with black jeans instead.


x Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Winter White During Fall/Winter Season?

If you’ve struggled with wearing winter white in the workplace, then the next two looks are for you. Since winter white is a neutral, you can create an all neutral palette by pairing a turtleneck with a navy skirt and light brown booties. The tan cardigan is optional. I added it for those that are in extremely cold climates (Jasmine does work in Pittsburgh). For this look, the outerwear and necklace serve as the statement pieces. However, any color coat will work with this look.


x Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Winter White During Fall/Winter Season?


The second work option is to pair a winter white lace sweater with pants in a bold color like cranberry or plum (I couldn’t decide which pants to include in the look so I featured both). In this case, the sweater allows the pants to take center stage. You know I’m a fan of chambray shirts being worn under sweaters, so you can pair a chambray shirt or any button up of your choice (in a solid color or pattern) with a winter white sweater. Add some visual interest by completing the look with pumps in a fun print.


x Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Winter White During Fall/Winter Season?


The final outfit suggestion is another casual chic look, great for a date night or dinner out in the city. When we think of winter options, we automatically think of sweaters. Don’t be afraid to experiment with winter white in various silhouettes like the wrap blouse below. This top is great for women who want to camouflage their midsection. It’s also a great option for women who are bigger on bottom. It adds visual interest to the top half of your body. Again, I couldn’t decide between a printed jean and one in color so I featured both (gotta give you options)! Complete the look with a structured jacket, studded clutch and smokey eye!


x Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Winter White During Fall/Winter Season?


What do you think of these looks? Feeling inspired to wear winter white this season?

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Ways To Wear A Chambray Shirt This Fall/Winter

Back in August, I discussed why a chambray shirt is a wardrobe must have (for men and women). You can wear this shirt with just about anything.  Because chambray shirts are lightweight, you may have wondered how you can wear the shirt during the fall/winter season when we’re faced with cooler temperatures. No worries, this post is for you!  Below are three ways you can wear your chambray shirt during the fall/winter season.

One of my favorite layered looks is pairing button ups and chambray shirts under sweaters. This first look features yours truly icon smile Ways To Wear A Chambray Shirt This Fall/Winter A few weeks ago, I wore my chambray shirt under a LOFT stripe sweater to a client appointment. I completed the look with a bold statement necklace. You can wear your chambray shirt under a sweater OR a luxe sweatshirt. If you want to take this look a step further in terms of layering, you can add a blazer.

Layered Chambray Shirt Ways To Wear A Chambray Shirt This Fall/Winter

My sweater & necklace are no longer available, but you can recreate the look with these pieces:

After reading my post about chambray shirts, my friend Jovonne asked “Can you wear them with regular denim jeans? Does it matter if the jeans are lighter or darker?” You can absolutely wear these shirts with regular jeans. Denim on denim is definitely on trend. You can transition that look to the fall/winter season by pairing your denim on denim look with a fur vest and boots. You can keep the sleeves long or roll them up to 3/4 length.

x Ways To Wear A Chambray Shirt This Fall/Winter


Recreate the look with these pieces below:


Chambray can be worn under sweaters, vests and cardigans! They’d look great under thick button up cardigans like the Topshop one below. You can pair the shirt and cardigan with a leather pencil skirt and booties. This is a great look for work. This is a prime example of how to incorporate trends (burgundy aka oxblood and leather) into your work attire. For an after work or weekend look, switch out the leather skirt for leather pants.

x Ways To Wear A Chambray Shirt This Fall/Winter

Get the look below:


Are you feeling inspired to wear your chambray shirt this fall/winter season?

To view more looks and learn more about styling services visit


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Ask Keri: What Should I Wear To My High School Reunion?

At the end of this month, I’ll be attending my 10 year high school reunion. Where did the time go?! One of my classmates asked for suggestions on what to wear. Reunions are about reconnecting but you also want to show up looking better than you did 10 years ago!

Our reunion will take place at a lounge from 7-10pm. While some may choose to wear more casual looks, I think cocktail hour will work best for an event like this. We’ll enjoy drinks and share memories for a couple hours; we should look fabulous while doing so!

The first look is for the woman who loves to combine a feminine silouette with edgy elements.  The leather combo dress is paired with pearls (which is girly) to create a look that mixes both hard and soft pieces. You can never go wrong with all black, so the dress is paired with black booties and patterned tights just in case it’s too cold for bare legs. Add a piece that stands out by pairing the all black ensemble with a printed clutch. Complete the look with a smokey eye and dark purple nail polish, a great shade to wear during the fall/winter season.

e Ask Keri: What Should I Wear To My High School Reunion?


Get the look:


The next look is for the women who likes to keep things simple. Instead of a skater dress, you can wear a sheath silouette to your high school reunion. Sheath dresses are great options when you want to show off your curves. In this case, since the reunion is at the end of the November, I chose a long sleeve cotton dress, which will not only look great but also provide much needed comfort. Considering the dress is a neutral, you can use fun accessories and a bold color coat (which is very on trend this season) to serve as your visual interest.

e Ask Keri: What Should I Wear To My High School Reunion?


Get the look:


A cocktail party doesn’t automatically equate to wearing a dress. I’m a fan of switching things up! If you don’t want to wear a dress to your high school reunion, consider a jumpsuit. It’s a great alternative to a party dress. Don’t be afraid of color! It’s easy to choose a black jumpsuit so instead experiment with a different color like this blue one from TopShop (which is on sale at Nordstrom).  Since the color is so bold, the accessories can remain neutral, which allows the jumpsuit to take center stage.  Some people may not feel comfortable wearing a spaghetti strap jumpsuit in the winter so you can add a little sophistication with a structured blazer but of course it’s optional. Keep your makeup light with blush and lip gloss!

x Ask Keri: What Should I Wear To My High School Reunion?


Get the look:


The final look is for those who are a bit more conservative. You may not be a fan of dresses or you don’t want to show too much of your arms.  Opt for a slim leg tuxedo pant paired with a lace top.  This look is classic because black and white never go out of style! You can add personality to the look by pairing it with a bold necklace, fun gold captoe pumps and a red lip. Seal the look with an Olivia Pope inspired cape and long gloves.

x Ask Keri: What Should I Wear To My High School Reunion?


Get the look:


What do you think of these looks? Would you wear them to your high school reunion?

For more information on the items featured in each look, click on the picture. If you have style questions, submit them to


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Styled by Keri: New Website For Styling Services

As you know, I have used the blog as an opportunity to promote my styling business. However, having ALL my styling information on this site (services, testimonials, portfolio) was starting to get a little crowded!

So I came up with the idea of creating a new site icon smile Styled by Keri: New Website For Styling Services All things related to my styling business can now be found at If you click on the “Styling Services” tab at the top of this page, it’ll take you directly to the site. A Diva State of Mind®is still my styling business, but the website gives me more room to share all services that are available and showcase my work in a more organized manner.

Styled by Keri Screen shot Styled by Keri: New Website For Styling Services
Styled by Keri About Styled by Keri: New Website For Styling Services
Styled by Keri Editorial Styled by Keri: New Website For Styling Services
Please check it out, share with others and let me know what you think!
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‘Scandal’ous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

Besides all the drama on the show, Scandal is known for Olivia Pope’s wardrobe! For the past 30 episodes, we have all drooled over her leather gloves, white trench coats and structured jackets.

Last week while watching the season 3 premiere, my friend Jasmine requested I feature a post on how to dress like Olivia Pope for less. After all, the Burberry white trench coat she wore during the premiere was HOT, but everyone doesn’t have $1,000+ to drop on a coat.  So this post is for all of you Scandal fans that want to dress in Olivia Pope chicness without paying the high end designer prices.

Keep in mind the outfits below serve as INSPIRATION! All pieces featured are under $500. If you see pieces here you like, check your wardrobe to see if you have anything similar that you can put together. If you don’t, create a shopping list to shop for similar pieces. If you want the details of any pieces featured below, click on the image. I’ve also included links for some of the must have Olivia Pope wardrobe items. When shopping or putting together looks from your wardrobe, keep in mind that the foundation of an Olivia Pope wardrobe is neutrals and structure.

Once thing Ms. Pope loves is a structured jacket. Whether it’s a tweed, peplum or has an asymmetrical zipper, the structured jacket screams authority and chic at the same time.

Olivia Pope Jacets Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

Shop for structured jackets with interesting details. If you notice the jackets create shape. Pair them with neutral pants; here the grey tweed jacket is paired with black trousers and the cream jacket is paired with grey trousers. When it comes to jewelry, Olivia Pope isn’t flashy so keep things simple with stud earrings, a watch and a ring. Complete the look with your favorite lipstick. Shop LOFT, Loehmann’s, JCPenny, and Dillard’s for tweed jackets.

x Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

x Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

One neutral Ms. Pope loves to wear is white! Last season we saw her wear a fabulous Tori Burch white trench coat and this year everyone was drooling over the Burberry Spring 2013 White Caped Dust Coat she wore during the season 3 premiere. We also see her wear a lot of blouses with one or two strand necklaces and dress pants.

White Trench and Pastels Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

Recreate the looks above by pairing a neutral pant with a light color top. Complete the look with neutral accessories and a white trench coat. You can shop Bon-Ton, ASOS, Zappos, White House Black Market (also available in Petite) and 6pm for trench coats.

x Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

If you’re going to dress like Olivia Pope, not only do you need a white trench coat, but you also need a fabulous coat with a drape or wide collar. This detailing takes the presentation of the coat up a notch by adding some visual interest.

Drape Coat Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

Search for coats that have a similar detail. I immediately thought of Olivia Pope when I saw the OASIS Short Drape Coat featured in the look below. The site actually has a few drape coats that will surely take your outerwear to the next level. If you can find a short sleeve drape coat, you can pair them with a long leather gloves (like the ones we couldn’t stop talking about on the show last year)! Of course, the palette underneath the coat is neutral, which allows the outerwear to be the statement piece. Shop OASIS, ASOS and Banana Republic for drape coats.

x Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

The final Olivia Pope inspired look had to include the long leather gloves! I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t feature them here! Ms. Pope is known to wear her gloves with 3/4 length jackets, either dressed up or dressed down (she’s holding them in her hand in the picture on the right).

Long Leather Gloves Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

Although we see her dressed up 90% of the time, there are a few times when she dresses a little more casual. To remain just as chic in a more casual outfit, you can pair your favorite skinny jeans with a short sleeve sweater and booties. Complete the look with a 3/4 length jacket and long leather gloves in the color of your choice.  Shop Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Max Studio, Mango for gloves.

 x Scandalous Look For Less: Ms. Olivia Pope

What do you think of the looks? Feeling inspired to dress like Olivia Pope?

P.S. How crazy was the season 3 premiere?!?! I’m looking forward to this season!

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New Styling Services Available!

Please be sure to check out the Styling Services page. I have added new styling services to meet your needs! Additional services include lookbook styling, monthly styling packages, bridal styling packages and more! A complete description of all services available can be found HERE.

IMG 4231 New Styling Services Available!

If you are interested in working with a stylist, please contact me at or 301-836-1451 to schedule a FREE consultation! Please note, styling services are NOT limited to the DC area.

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What To Wear To The ‘Made In America Festival’

This Labor Day weekend, many will travel to Philly (myself included) for the second annual Budweiser Made In America Festival. Created by Jay-Z and Budweiser, Made in America is a two-day music festival featuring Beyonce, Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and more!

If you plan on attending the festival but don’t know what to wear, hopefully this post will provide you with some inspiration!  The key to dressing for a festival is comfort. You’ll be standing and walking around all day; but remember, you can be comfortable AND stylish at the same time.

When I think of dressing for music festivals, I automatically think of wearing a printed tee or tank and cut-off denim shorts. It’s easy, cute and comfortable.  The key to taking a look like this to the next level is by pairing those pieces with the right accessories.  Since you’ll be standing and walking around a lot, pair your cut-off shorts with wedge sneakers or combat boots. The studded boots add a little edginess to the look. Since you want to keep your hands free for food & drinks, add a fringe cross body bag. Seal the look with a headwrap (very similar to a headband) and red lip!

c500x500 What To Wear To The Made In America Festival

The second look is for the ladies who want to be a bit more girly at the festival. The key to being comfortable in a dress at a festival is to wear one that isn’t restricting. A shift dress like the one below is a great option. For any other outing like brunch, I’d definitely recommend wearing gladiator sandals with this dress, but since you’ll be at a festival, sneakers work here too.  If you opt to wear sneakers with a dress, you can keep the rest of the look fun and flirty with long necklaces, animal print sunglasses and a straw hat. If you want to wear more color, look for a printed dress instead of one in a solid color.

x What To Wear To The Made In America Festival

Crop tops and prints were a major trend this summer so they’ll look great worn together at the festival. Create your own crop top using a t-shirt and pair it with printed pants. I added wedge sneakers to this look, but you can also wear combat boots, low top sneakers or sandals (depends on what’s most comfortable to stand in for a long period of time). Spiked bracelets, fringe bags, oversized glasses and a gold chain headwrap give a 70s vibe; perfect for an outdoor festival.

 x What To Wear To The Made In America Festival

The weather in Philly is supposed to be in the 60s at night. You may want to bring a leather jacket or denim jacket with you just in case you get chilly. If you love the headwrap look, check Urban Outfitters. They sell headwraps in-store and online for $12.

What do you think of these looks? Would you wear any of them to a music festival?

pixel What To Wear To The Made In America Festival
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