Ask Keri: Nude Pumps for Brown Skin Girls

I have my blog set up to tweet old posts on Twitter throughout the day. One of the older posts that were shared on Twitter was “Diva Must Have: Nude Pumps.” The post didn’t address nude pumps for brown skin tones which prompted the question by Shannon, “what color nude pump do you recommend for brown skin girls?”

The color nude is supposed to reflect a person’s skin tone, but often times for my brown skin sisters, the nude options offered at retailers are too light. For us, the color appears to be cream or blush. There’s nothing wrong with wearing these colors; sometimes cream or blush pumps look better with an outfit than tan or light brown pumps. But I do think every woman should have a pair of pumps that are truly nude for them (aka skin tone). After all, wearing pumps that match or closely match ones skin tone create the illusion of longer legs.

Wearing Jessica Simpson Pointed-Toe d’Orsay Pumps in Burnt Umber

One designer that has recognized the importance of catering to ALL women is Christian Louboutin. In 2013, the designer introduced five shades of nude in a capsule collection. This year, he brought the collection back and hopes to add two more colors within the next year. The colors range from “fair blush” to “rich chestnut” and are available in the Pigalle, So Kate and Iriza styles. Hopefully this will encourage other designers and large retailers to provide “nude” options for all women.

Christian Louboutin Nude Collection

Although Christian Louboutin offers a variety of nude shades, they start at $675, which is quite expensive for many. Check out these less expensive options below.

Note: The pumps that show up in black, red, blue and pink are available in tan/bright/camel colors:

Have you found success in purchasing skin tone pumps? If so, share in the comments section so that you too can be a resource to those who are seeking to find the perfect nude pump!

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