For The Fellas: How To Wear Rolled Up Pants

Dwyane Wade made headlines this week when he was spotted wearing a Gucci double breasted polka dot suit jacket with ankle baring pants. This is a prime example of “when men wearing rolled up pants goes wrong.”

Guys, let this be a quick tutorial on how you can successfully wear rolled up pants during the spring/summer season. Your pants should not be tight like skinny jeans! There is debate over how high they should be rolled. You can check out an article on the art of rolling pants HERE which outlines how many inches pants should be rolled depending on style (jeans vs. khakis, etc).

Personally, I don’t think they should go higher than your ankle. Anything higher than that and you run the risk of looking like your clothes are too small or you’re wearing high waters (although some people want to achieve that look). Kevin Hart joked that D. Wade stole his suit and in this picture it looks like it! D. Wade’s thighs look like they are screaming for circulation and they just look too short!

If you’ve ever considered rolling up your jeans or khakis, check out the photos below for inspiration.

You can also check out Trey Songz’s photo spread in GQ Magazine for inspiration!

Here’s what the guys on Inside the NBA had to say about D. Wade’s satorial choice. Hilarious!

Photos: Fashion Bomb Daily, Be Stylish!.org, Coco & Creme

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