Tights vs. Leggings

Ok I have to talk about a pet-peeve of mine. Many people think it’s ok to wear tights when they wear shirts and tunics.  But it’s NOT ok, especially if your tights are sheer!  I don’t what to see your baby thigh or butt when you happen to bend over to pick up something.

So to help those of you who may not know the difference between the two, and when it’s appropriate to wear tights vs. leggings, I thought I would explain it for you.

Tights are thinner than leggings.  If you are going to wear tights, they should be worn with a pencil skirt, dresses or shorts.  But if you are wearing them with a dress, the dress must be longer than tunic length; this means it hits above the knee or longer.  You SHOULD NOT wear tights if you are wearing a tunic.  Why?? Because when you wear sheer tights with tunics or shirts, a little too much is exposed.  I’ve seen way too much so far this season!

Leggings on the other hand, are a thicker fabric and should be worn with tunics/long shirts; shirts or “dresses” that hit mid-thigh or shorter. Do not wear leggings if you have on a knee-length skirt or dress.  That’s too much and it’ll look like you were trying to bundle up.

See, the difference is that simple.   Now I know most of you reading this are fashionistas, so this isn’t anything you don’t already know.  But if you know someone who isn’t aware of what’s appropriate, please pass along this blog so they too can be on the right track to wearing tights and leggings appropriately!!!

pixel Tights vs. Leggings