Become The Fashionista You Want To Be Without Going Broke!!

As we all know we are in a recession and money is tight for many of us (well money was tight for a lot of us before the recession, especially if you just got out of college).  At the same time, being in our mid-twenties, many of us strive to stay fashion forward and on top of the trends.  But how do you do that without spending a lot of money???

Well I know I have a shopping problem (yes I’ll admit it). And it doesn’t help that I work at a retail store with a great discount!  But most of us don’t work in a retail store, so what can we do to stay fashion forward without going broke??

 Become The Fashionista You Want To Be Without Going Broke!!

1.  Research the sales - Many stores are having sales because inventory isn’t moving as fast as they thought they would due to the recession. Many stores take an additional % off current sale prices.  Always compare sales at different retailers to make sure you’re getting a great deal.

2. Search for Coupons – You could save sooo much $$ if you had coupons. The store I currently work for sends coupons out every month; when one ends, another one begins.  Along with researching sales, sign up to receive email alerts from retailers and search for coupons in the mail.  You will receive great savings by doing so!

3. Check out new online “personal shopping sites” – I know many of us are starting our first jobs and are looking for more “grown up” attire to wear to work. Usually that equates to higher end clothing.  Companies such as Ideeli and William B + Friends will sell designer products at DEEP discounted prices. We’re talking 70-85% off the original price.  So if you ever want that designer bag or blouse, check out these websites.  Other sites like Shop It To Me, will send you alerts when your favorite designers have sales at certain retailers such as Nordstrom.

4. Save $$ for shopping – This is some advice I need to follow because like many females, I can sometimes get carried away.  To have a handle on your spending habits, I would suggest you create a budget for shopping.  Set aside an amount you will use for shopping and DO NOT spend over this amount.  That means you shouldn’t transfer $$ from one account to another just because you think you have to have those pair of boots!

5.  Purchase alternatives – Many retailers are not spending the money on expensive pieces like leather.  Instead, they are opting for faux leather which gives the illusion of being real, but at a less expensive price.  It reduces the cost for retailers and it gives you the opportunity to be fashionable without spending a lot of money.  In the case of the leather, I like to call it “recession proof.” Check out for the “recession proof” leather jackets ranging from $98 - $118.  Please keep in mind, last year’s real leather jackets were $300!!!  Check out The 80’s Are Back blog post for more information on alternatives this season.

6.  Invest only in essentials – Trends come and go in less than a year so if you are going to make an investment,  only invest in staple pieces.   Don’t spend a lot of $$ on trends.  Please check out the What’s In Your Closet? blog post for the male and women wardrobe essentials. 

7.  Get a part-time job in retail - Another way to save money on your favorite brands is to get a part-time job working at your favorite store(s).  Associates receive great discounts on clothes!! (Believe me, I know lol!)

Follow these tips and you too can become the fashionista you want to be! I’m continuously working to reach my fashionista potential, one shopping trip at a time!

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