What Is Fleek? And Why Do I Need To Be On It?

Last month I started seeing the word “fleek” being used by people on Instagram. Outfits have been on fleek. Hair has been on fleek. Folks have been fleekin.

According to Urban Dictionary, fleek means something is on point or awesome. Do not judge me; I sure did check Urban Dictionary!!

I know new words and phrases are created all the time: bae, or nah?, turn down for what, turn up, etc. But seriously, where did fleek come from? Was it in a rap song? I’ll be honest, I don’t know most of the artist that play on the radio today. All of the songs sound the same and half the time, it’s hard to understand what’s being said. Let’s just say, I’m no longer the target audience for “106 and park” and I watch the “BET Hip Hop Awards” with folks on Twitter just so I can participate in the commentary.

So I guess fleek is the new word to use until people get tired of it and something else comes along, huh? Can I just stick with describing things (hair, outfit, brows) as being on point or awesome?


pixel What Is Fleek? And Why Do I Need To Be On It?