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Basketball Wives…Sigh…

I have to admit, I sat down and watched the Basketball Wives Reunion Special last night (hanging my head in shame). Now I didn’t set out to watch it because I follow the show consistently; I think I was more interested to see how ridiculous these women were going to act!

I’m still trying to understand why is the show called Basketball Wives. There are only 2 wives on the show. I would think Basketball Ex-Wives, Basketball Girlfriends, or Business Deals, would be more appropriate name.  Maybe? I mean, most of these women aren’t currently dealing with NBA players so how does their life represent the lives of basketball wives?

Well after checking out a few episodes this season, watching these women throw water on each other, debating to save marriages or acting like hoes at a party, I feel sorry for them.   Maybe I don’t understand where they’re coming from because I don’t live in that “world,” but if you’re trying to rid yourself of the groupie/hoe title, why would you enter a contest at a celebrity party and dance like you’re expecting someone to start making it rain on you?? And yes I know, when people start emailing you and threatening you, you must defend yourself and family, but does throwing water really solve your problems? I mean, after seeing that for the third time, it gets old.

Now I’m not exactly sure what Shaunie O’Neal had in mind when she came up with the concept of the show; was she trying to bash cheating basketball players because she’s bitter with her entire Shaq situation?  She should’ve just called the show The Lives of Basketball Ex-Wives!  When I heard Basketball Wives, I was thinking I was going to see another Real Housewives series, only it would’ve been women that were actually married to athletes. Now don’t get me wrong, the Real Housewives women are just as dramatic and foolish, but they seem to still have a lot more going on than just fighting each other.

I’m not sure what’s in store for Season 2, but I’m hoping for something other than ex-wives and girlfriends fighting groupies every weekend (hmmm, that statement made it seem like I plan on watching Season 2).  But then again, it’s a reality show on VH1.  Should I really expect anything more?

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