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You Weren’t Lying: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Is Ratchet!

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After watching the preview, I had decided that I would not take part in watching the foolishness that is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The show looked like a hot mess! But of course, after seeing everyone’s tweets Monday night and hearing about the show from so many different sources on Tuesday, I thought I’d take a peek at the show to see what all of the hoopla was about.

My first question is, who are these people? I don’t think I’ve heard of any of them. I don’t remember Stevie J from the 90s, but I’ve seen lots of comments about how he was a producer for Bad Boys Entertainment and he dated Eve back in the day.  How do you go from working with Bad Boy to having a studio at a Auto Detail shop?? I’m confused…

My second question; do people really live like this???? This has to be scripted!

All I kept thinking was Mimi is sad and insane.   You know Stevie J has cheated on you, is currently cheating on you and yet you still decide to stay and fight with him over it. It’s been 15 years. If he isn’t giving you what you deserve, LEAVE! Staying around having the same conversation over and over but expecting a different result in called insanity!  And why would you want to do a show that highlights you trying to make a life with a cheating boyfriend. They don’t even try to hide it on the show.  This is worse than Emily B crying about Fabolous not acknowledging her.  And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why he wasn’t claiming her either.  Ladies we need to develop self esteem and do better!

Sigh…I don’t even know what to say about Joseline, the so called artist aka Stevie J’s jumpoff.   She’s a hot mess too.  And while I don’t believe any woman should be a jumpoff, if you’re going to choose to be one, please know your role and act accordingly.  Don’t talk sideways to the main chick or wonder why she’s upset if you show up with her boyfriend.

Is Lil Scrappy’s mom still on drugs?? That’s a serious question…

I guess I can’t knock them because they are all making money by being on the show.  But seriously, I felt like I lost brain cells watching that first episode.   The rest of the season looks like it’ll be the same drama we’ve seen on other reality shows: cheating boyfriends, women hating each other, jumpoffs getting pregnant (don’t know if we’ve seen that on a reality show. *shrugs* First time for everything).  While I do engage in the guilty pleasure of watching reality shows including Basketball Wives, Real Housewives and the original Love & Hip Hop, I don’t know about this one.

Did you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? What did you think???

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Basketball Wives: Don’t Blame The Ratchetness On The Producers

I’ll admit, I do watch ‘Basketball Wives,’ although I feel like I’m losing brain cells every time I do. Let’s just say, unfortunately it’s a guilty pleasure like so many other reality shows. *Shrugs*

In response to angry fans, Tami Roman from Basketball Wives spoke to Sister 2 Sister, stating that fans should be upset with the producers of the show for the foolish behavior that is aired on television:

“I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control. Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle. Why call for several people to be unemployed that really have nothing to do with the creative process?”

“I would love to see a season 5 where VH1 and Shed Media are called out to show more positive things that we’re doing and show us how we are 90 percent of the time, instead of how we are 10 percent of the time. I would love to see the brand in and of itself go out on a more positive note.”

First of all, Tami states that cancelling the show would cause them to become unemployed. I really hope ‘Basketball Wives’ isn’t the only stream of income for these women on the show; reality TV does not last forever.  ’Basketball Wives’ may be popular now, but it won’t be forever.

Let’s keep it real, while the producers have creative control over the show, they aren’t responsible for the way the women act on the show.  It doesn’t matter if they only act foolish 10 percent of the time.  Everyone is responsible for their behavior and if they were acting like REAL woman, there wouldn’t be “10 percent” of 35+ year old women fighting to air on national television.   Why does Evelyn want to beat someone down because a girl she doesn’t hang out with talked about her? Why does she care??  Why are women running across tables, literally, because someone said something they didn’t like??  GROW UP!  As much as these women hate taking the blame for their behavior, they need to own up to it. As long as they keep acting foolish, the producers will keep rolling and airing it on TV.

Let ‘Basketball Wives’ teach a lesson on how to NOT communicate. If you have a problem with someone, be an adult and TALK to them about it. Don’t get violent or become a bully, because guess what?  In the real world, you may face consequences (i.e. a law suit). These women are too grown to be acting like animals and should be ashamed of themselves.  No one is to blame for the ratchetness that is seen on ‘Basketball Wives’ except for the women who partake in the behavior.

What do you think of ‘Basketball Wives’? Are the producers to blame for the bad behavior we see EACH week? Would you watch Evelyn and Chad’s show?

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Relationship Deal Breakers: Room For Compromise?

 deal breakers Relationship Deal Breakers: Room For Compromise?

I was watching “Single Ladies” (I love this show) last night and the topic of deal breakers came up. Val and Jerry have a wonderful relationship; however, Jerry has four kids and has been married and divorced 3 times. Val on the other hand has never been married and definitely envisions having children in her future.

Jerry proposed to Val that they could have a life together but it would just be the two of them; no kids and no marriage.  I was surprised that her friends encouraged her to think about just being with Jerry despite him not wanting the same future she wants.



So I pose the question, if you were with someone who did not share the same views as you did when it came to deal breakers, would you end the relationship? I know, they are called deal breakers for a reason so why would you stay?  But often times, we all say we want x, y and z until we’re caught up in the rapture.  Once we’re in love, we sometimes view things differently and our wants change.  Maybe we don’t have to get married. Maybe we don’t have to have kids.

Would you ever be willing and able to compromise on those things called deal breakers because you were so in love?

At the end of the episode, Val decided to end her relationship with Jerry. She couldn’t be in a relationship with him trying to make that enough.

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Ocho Cinco Is Looking For Love

Chad Ocho Cinco joined the club of celebrities looking for love on national television. “OchoCinco:The Ultimate Catch” premiered Sunday on VH1.  And for those of you how didn’t get a chance to see it, you didn’t miss much.

After three seasons of “Flava of Love” and two seasons of
For the Love of Ray J”, “The Ultimate Catch” looks like a desperate attempt by VH1 to keep the “love” shows alive throughout the summer when there’s nothing else on TV and they know people will tune in.

The show started out with 85 girls competing to be in the house.  With the help of friends, football test and an evening ball, Chad was able to narrow down the number of girls in the house to 16.  All I can say is that I was bored. I felt like I wasted an hour and ½ of my life.  As usual, the women on the show were pretty, but lacked brain power. And the selection of women wasn’t very diverse either.  As someone said on twitter “why didn’t Ochocinco just go to Cuba or PR to film the show? The colored girls on the show are just a formality.”

Rumors were going around months ago that Chad wasn’t really a fan of black girls being a part of his final 16.  According to a member of the production staff, the final girls were pre-selected; after Chad’s disapproval and re-selection, the final group consists of Hispanics, whites and 2 Black girls. Now I’m sure no one is surprised that a group was already selected by the production staff. And while it’s disappointing there aren’t more black girls on the show, I think we’ve had enough on the previous “love” shows over the years that haven’t done us justice.  And any educated, self respecting black woman wouldn’t be foolish enough to sign up for this show (at least I would hope so). 

Like all the other shows, the women are “serious” about being with Chad and the show is overly dramatic already.  Don’t they know he most likely has already signed a deal for Season 2, so the “ultimate catch” won’t really be with him after the show??

The show should be called “The Ultimate Groupie.”

I guess the one good thing about this show compared to the others is that the ladies aren’t being disrespected by being called some foolish, degrading nickname.  For now that is…we’ll see what happens next week.


In the meantime, I’ll continue to watch The T.O.Show.  It’s actually a good reality show on VH1. 10:30pm on Sundays.

Source: The YBF

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Basketball Wives…Sigh…

I have to admit, I sat down and watched the Basketball Wives Reunion Special last night (hanging my head in shame). Now I didn’t set out to watch it because I follow the show consistently; I think I was more interested to see how ridiculous these women were going to act!

I’m still trying to understand why is the show called Basketball Wives. There are only 2 wives on the show. I would think Basketball Ex-Wives, Basketball Girlfriends, or Business Deals, would be more appropriate name.  Maybe? I mean, most of these women aren’t currently dealing with NBA players so how does their life represent the lives of basketball wives?

Well after checking out a few episodes this season, watching these women throw water on each other, debating to save marriages or acting like hoes at a party, I feel sorry for them.   Maybe I don’t understand where they’re coming from because I don’t live in that “world,” but if you’re trying to rid yourself of the groupie/hoe title, why would you enter a contest at a celebrity party and dance like you’re expecting someone to start making it rain on you?? And yes I know, when people start emailing you and threatening you, you must defend yourself and family, but does throwing water really solve your problems? I mean, after seeing that for the third time, it gets old.

Now I’m not exactly sure what Shaunie O’Neal had in mind when she came up with the concept of the show; was she trying to bash cheating basketball players because she’s bitter with her entire Shaq situation?  She should’ve just called the show The Lives of Basketball Ex-Wives!  When I heard Basketball Wives, I was thinking I was going to see another Real Housewives series, only it would’ve been women that were actually married to athletes. Now don’t get me wrong, the Real Housewives women are just as dramatic and foolish, but they seem to still have a lot more going on than just fighting each other.

I’m not sure what’s in store for Season 2, but I’m hoping for something other than ex-wives and girlfriends fighting groupies every weekend (hmmm, that statement made it seem like I plan on watching Season 2).  But then again, it’s a reality show on VH1.  Should I really expect anything more?

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