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Ladies, Let’s Talk About Work Appropriate Attire

The dress code in an organization is going to be dependent upon the work environment. This blog is going to speak to those work environments that call for business casual/business dress.

There seems to be some confusion about what is considered business casual attire in an office setting. When I started my new job, I was expecting to come into the workforce with everyone, especially the ladies, dressed to the nine. That was SO NOT the case.

Although the majority of people wear what most consider business casual, there are always a few people who just don’t get it or just don’t care. So here are some things that are NOT considered work appropriate:

1. UGG Boots: When traveling by metro, no one wants to wear their heels for that entire trip. Believe me, I understand as a fellow metro rider. So UGG Boots are definitely appropriate when traveling to work. But once you get there, you need to leave them under your desk until the work day is over! There is no reason you should walk around the office wearing UGG Boots in what’s suppose to be a professional environment.

2. Jeans on NON Casual Fridays: It’s called Casual/Dress Down Fridays for a reason. That means, that is the only day you “dress down.” There is no reason I should see you walking around the office on a Tuesday wearing jeans (and people don’t even wear nice dark denim, boot cut, wide leg jeans) SMH. Of course, if you work in an environment wear jeans are worn every day, then doesn’t apply.

3. Something you would wear to the club: Do I really need to explain this one? When you make plans to go out to the club, lounge, etc, most likely you’re wearing something tight, short and revealing. Unless you have an “after hours” profession, that tight of dress is NEVER appropriate in an office work environment.

4. Shirts/dress ABOVE the knee: A lot of people don’t know what’s considered too short. For an office environment, your skirt/dress should be knee length. The baby thigh should not be exposed!

5. Sweats/velour outfit: Ok, I was really surprised by this one. I went to work one causal Friday and the majority of the people had on jeans. But one person took Causal Fridays to the extreme with a matching jacket and pants velour outfit. Really?! Since when was coming to work in sweats appropriate?? Leave the velour at home for those Sunday afternoons when you want to lounge around.

Now I know everyone wants to be an individual and there is nothing wrong with that all. But have we learned nothing from Stacy & Clinton (TLC’s “What Not to Wear”)? Use color, prints and accessories to exude your individual style while still looking the part at work. I continue to try to define my style and incorporate my own individual style into the way I look. You should always “show up” wherever you go, because you never know who you’re going to see or meet on any particular day. I wouldn’t want to show up to work in UGG Boots and find out I have a meeting with the Vice President of my organization. How embarrassing would that be?!

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Rihanna”Rude Boy”

I was driving in the car coming home from Tyson’s Corner and Rihanna’s new song “Rude Boy” played on the radio.  Now when I first saw the video, I wasn’t a big fan. I mean, it’s just a colorful video with her griding, definitely a video for the fellas!!! lol  It reminded me of Beyonce’s “Video Phone” video which was horrible!! 

But after hearing the song again today in the car, “Rude Boy” is definitely one of my new favorites. While I like her other songs like “Go Hard,” I’m glad the Barbados native has finally brought back some island flavor.  We haven’t seen that since she first stepped on the scene over 4 years ago.  Looks like this song could be a hot one for spring/summer!

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Not Your “Typical” Winners: 2010 Sprite Step Off

By now most of you have heard and watched the winners of this year Sprite Step Off Competition.  I definitely like step competitions and I was on my high school step team back in the day, but I didn’t really follow the competition this year. But when I heard a white sorority won the sorority portion of the competition, I had to check these ladies out for myself.  Was it really possible for a non-black Greek organization to win this national step competition?? Aren’t the members of the Divine 9 supposed to be the best??
Obviously the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha came into the competition to prove everyone wrong! Now I didn’t get a chance to see the other competitors, but I can say that the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha definitely worked it out!! They came to STEP!!!  (Watching them made me want to step again!)



You can go ahead and pick up your bottom lip now!! LOL

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Monica’s New Single: Everything To Me

In the 90′s I grew up listening to Monica and for a while she took a hiatus from the spotlight.  But it looks like after 4 years, Monica is making her way back to the music scene. We’ve seen her on her BET reality show, “Still Standing,” which followed her raised her family and went back in the studio to record a new album.  Well after watching her for months prepare for a new album release and struggle with the decision of choosing a single, it looks like “Everything To Me” is her first single.  I’m actually excited to see what Monica has to offer. From the few episodes I’ve watched, it looks like we’ll get some of that old 90′s Monica back!!!

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Party Attire: Guys Step It Up!

I went out to Teatro Goldoni this past weekend for a friend’s birthday. And we definitely had a great time.  It was a semi-formal cocktail party hosted by BBE and Dave & Ray Entertainment and everyone looked great!! It was nice to see ladies in dresses and guys looking dapper.

Like I said before, the party called for semi-formal attire which means NO JEANS. Now for most ladies, that isn’t a problem; we can pull out a short dress or skirt in a minute. On the other hand, a lot of guys don’t seem to like that dress policy so much. Many guys who we invited to attend the party said they wouldn’t come to the party because they didn’t want to wear dress pants. Are you serious?!

mens semi formal 300x300 Party Attire: Guys Step It Up!

Being that we’re all 24-26 years old, it’s ok to get a little dressed up! Guys, that means you can go out on a Friday or Saturday night in slacks or khakis. Jeans aren’t always necessary. Be the grown man that you are and step it up! It’s sad that you feel like you’ll be “uncomfortable” if you aren’t wearing jeans. You’re going to be drinking and dancing anyway, so will you really notice. And believe me, ladies love a guy who puts a little effort into his appearance!

So the next time an event calls for semi-formal, it’s ok to put on a pair of slacks, collar shirt and a tie (or sweater). Hey, you can even bring out the suit!  Believe me, you’ll look great.  Everyone else will be dressed the same way and the ladies will love it too! AND you’ll also look like the young professional that you are. Remember, first impressions are everything, so let’s STEP IT UP and dress to impress!

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Dru Hill Is Making A Comeback

I guess Dru Hill thought it would be a good idea to try and make a comeback after being out of the game for almost 10 years.  Their first single is called “Love M.D.” I’m a huge fan of Dru Hill, but I’m not impressed by the new song or the group.  I absolutely loved their music in the 90’s.  They were one of the best R&B groups at that time.

I know many groups and artist from the 90′s want to make a comeback and stay relevant, but sometimes it’s better to just leave your mark in music and move on.  I want to remember Dru Hill as the group that serenaded the ladies with In My Bed and Never Make a Promise; The same group that had everyone jumping around to Tell Me.  I want to remember Dru Hill as the group that left their mark on the Soul Food Soundtrack with their hit We’re Not Making Love No More.  That was the Dru Hill we should all remember.

I don’t want to know this new Dru Hill, a group that no longer has all 4 original members, Nokio looking like a rockstar and the same ol Sisqo who continues to do the most!  They should’ve just stopped at the last album.  Didn’t they know, once Sisqo attempted to go solo with Thong Song, there was no way they could really come back from that.  I mean they did release Dru World Order, but who really remembers that?! 

Maybe it’s just the way they look in this video that is throwing me off.  I’ll have to wait and see what else they come out this year before I’m convinced…

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Get It Right, Get It Tight!

When you look out your window, it doesn’t appear that warm weather is coming anytime soon.  But looks can be deceiving! We all need to prepare ourselves now for the warm spring and summer months because like every year, time goes by fast and it’ll be summertime before you know it.   Everyone knows, once the weather gets warm, the more skin people like to show. So if you’re going to wear your shorts, short skirts & dresses, it’s time you commit to a workout plan NOW.  There is no reason summer should come around and you’re wearing shorts that you shouldn’t be wearing because you aren’t right and tight.  There is plenty of time to get it together if you start now. 

I know I know, many of you are thinking, “well I don’t have the time.”  Well here’s what I say, that’s just an excuse! If you want to do something, you’ll do it. You make the time to go to happy hour after work, shopping with friends and clubbing on a Saturday night, so why can’t you make the same commitment to get healthy and getting in shape? 

For those of you who THINK you don’t have the time, here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling:

1.  Join a gym  I started my gym membership today with a personal trainer and let me say, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow!! I suggest you all join a gym.  Most memberships, such as those at Gold’s Gym, are currently offering deals like $20/month, so there’s no excuse not to.

2.  Take a fitness class If you aren’t the gym type and looking for something more upbeat and different, take a fitness class. There are a variety of classes you can take at a gym or a county recreation center (dance, yoga, kickboxing, etc)

 3. Wii Fitness & Games For those of you who know for sure that you aren’t going to take the time to actually join a gym or fitness class, purchase the Wii and games to go with it and start exercising at home.  A friend of mine received the Wii for Christmas and spent an entire afternoon playing blowing, golf and boxing.  She complained that she was sore the next day so I’m going to assume it can serve as a reat workout for you!

4.  Fitness “On Demand” Similar to Wii Games &Fitness programs, there are a plethora of fitness workouts On Demand.  Click on On Demand from your remote, find Fitness, and select which workout you would like to try. (Yes, I really just gave you instructions on how to use On Demand lol)

 5.  Enjoy the outdoors While many neighborhoods are still covered with snow, if you can, go outside for a run or walk.  Enjoy the fresh air!! Especially since most of you are still suffering from! cabin fever!

 6.  Join a sports league A group of guys I know are members of a county league basketball team, practicing and playing 3-4 times a week.  It’s a great workout and way to bond with your friends and meet new people.  Working out in groups is always more fun and motivating than doing it alone.

 I hope these ideas help you all get motivated to get in shape.  The time is NOW! What’s stopping you besides YOU being lazy?!? So figure out which plans works best for you and let’s all get it right, get it tight for Spring/Summer 2010!!! I know I am.  The DMV better watch out!

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N’Damus London: Offering a New Twist!

While reading through other blogs last week since we had so much free time (thanks to the multiple blizzards),I came across some fashion designers I had never heard of before.  Those who know me know that I’m a fan of accessories: handbags, jewelry and scarves can help elevate any outfit! Here’s one fashion designer adding a new twist to our favorite accessories.

N’Damus London

N’Damus London is an accessory brand launched in London, England focusing on handmade clutches, wristbands and belts, totes and rucksacks.  You’ve heard me talk about “statement pieces” throughout the fashion section of this blog; after seeing the N’Damus London accessories, you’ll definitely understand what a “statement piece” means!! The N’Damus London clutches are absolutely gorgeous, featuring abstract designs, shapes, and colors.  These accessories will definitely turn any outfit from DRAB to FAB!!

Take a look for yourself!!!

N'DoCouture: Tweedydamus Abstract Rose


N'DoCouture: Abstract Red Rose

Chocolate Abstract Rose Corset

To learn more about this collection and how to purchase a 100% leather accessory today, please visit the company at  You can also check them out on Facebook. 

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Fashion Week Comes to DC!!!

New York Fashion Week may have started last week, but if you aren’t one of the lucky individuals who went to NYC, DC has its own International Fashion Week that is sure to be just as entertaining.

Throughout this week, the DC Fashion Week will host events and fashion shows at various DC locations throughout the city.  If you’re interested in learning more about international designers, networking and witnessing some beautiful fashions, make sure you head to one of these events after work this week!!

Monday, February 15th: Kick Off Reception

**Eco-Fashion Show Contemporary Japanese Designer Exhibition

  • Time: 6pm
  • Location: Textile Museum 2320 S Street NW Washington, DC 20008
  • Admission: Free; Open to the Public; $5 donation is suggested

 Wednesday, February 17th: Planete Chic Presents Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

  • Time: 7pm
  • Locatoin: Cultural Institute of Mexico 2829 16th Street NW Washington, DC
  • Admission: Click here for tickets! 

Thursday, February 18th: Industry Networking Party

  •  Time: 6pm – 8pm
  • Location: Mie N Yu Restaurant 3125 M Street NW Historic Georgetown Washington, DC 20007
  • Admission: Free Admission; Open to the Public

 Saturday, February 20th: Washington Menswear Collection Show

  •  Time: 7pm
  • Location: Crystal City Doubletree Hotel 300 Army Navy Drive Arlington, VA 22202
  • Admission: $25.00; Open to the Public
  • Tickets (800) 494 8497
  • Click here for tickets!  

Sunday, February 21st:  International Couture Collections Show

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Pursue Him or Let Him Pursue You??

Back in the day, when it came to dating and relationships, men pursued women.

But in the 21st century, should that still be the case? I’ve heard two different opinions.  Some say that women should be more assertive and go after what they want.  If we see a guy we’re attracted to or friends with someone and want to take things to the next level, take that chance and “make things happen.”

On the other hand, I’ve been told that women should let the guy approach us.  Don’t show too much emotion; don’t act like you care.  Let the guy pursue you and make the first move.

So in 2010, what is a girl to do?! No one wants to come off as being pressed and over aggressive, but at the same time, if you sit around and wait for a guy to make the first move, he may never come around.  What is the right balance between showing interest without “doing the most??”  I’m all about being courted, but if I’m attracted to someone and want to get to know them, etc, should I really have to sit and wait for them to maybe pursue me and show some interest? What if they don’t???  Them I’m out of luck!

The concept of taking either approach sounds easy, but out here in the single world, it’s easier said than done!!!  It all depends on the guy. Some guys want women to be assertive and show true interest.  Other guys don’t want to feel any pressure and rather pursue a woman on their own terms. That’s another task for us women; figuring out which category the guy we’re attracted to falls under in order to determine which approach is the right one to take.

Again, what is a girl to do??!! ::sigh::

pixel Pursue Him or Let Him Pursue You??
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