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Do Your Part In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

If everyone was passionate about volunteering and raising money for a great cause, the world would be a much better place.  One organization I love raising money for is Susan G. Komen.  I’ve led a few Passionately Pink for the Cure events and I walked in the Susan G. Komen Global Race For The Cure last year on the National Mall in DC.   

Breast cancer isn’t a preventable disease; it is a disease that can affect any one of us.  We could be diagnosed with breast cancer or a family member or friend could be diagnosed.  Since this is a disease that can impact any one of us, we should all do our part to save the boobies!!

As mentioned earlier, I love raising money for a great cause! So I’m asking all of you reading this blog to please do your part in the fight against breast cancer.  I formed a team, The Rules of Behavior, that will be racing in this year’s Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure in Washington, DC.  The team is running to raise $500 for the cause.  I know with your help we can surpass our goal!!!

Up to 75 percent of the Komen Global Race’s net income stays in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to fund local screening, treatment and education programs for the medically underserved. The remaining dollars support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Global Promise Fund, a program which is dedicated to reaching underserved people in areas where breast cancer mortality rates are the highest®.

Every dollar makes a difference:

$100 could be used to provide one mammogram
$250 could be used to cover five clinical breast exams
$500 could be used to provide five diagnostic ultrasounds
$1000 could be used to provide 10 mammograms

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of the team, please click here

Please visit to learn more.

Let’s all do our part to fight breast cancer!!!

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Rihanna “Te Amo” Video

Writteny by James Fuantleroy, ”Te Amo” tells the story of a girl who is trying to tell another woman that she loves her as a friend but she’s not a lesbian. 

Well you definitely wouldn’t get that idea from watching the video!!!  Rihanna and French model Laetitia Casta look very comfortable in all their girl on girl action.  The video is sexy, edgy, and dark.  It’s actually one of my favorite songs off the album.

Fellas, you fell in love with Rihanna during her “Rude Boy” video.  Looks like you’re going to fall in love all over again!

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H&M Fights Against HIV/AIDS

H&M is doing their part in the fight against AIDS/HIV.  This year marks the third year H&M and Designers Against AIDS are running Fashion Against AIDS.  H&M has released a festival fashion collection that will raise money to create awareness about HIV/AIDS while offering stylish clothes for customers.  The collection includes clothes, accessories, tents and sleeping bags; the essentials for the music festival season.

According to the Fashion Against AIDS website, Designers Against AIDS (DAA) initiated this project and the idea of this collection. H&M’s combined effort with DAA, Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) will support projects to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS among youth.  Each purchase from H&M’s festival collection has a direct impact on AIDS prevention. 25% of the sales price goes to HIV/AIDS prevention projects for youth all over the world carried out by DAA, YouthAIDS, UNFPA and MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the festival collection:






I love combining fashion with charity!! I commend H&M for supporting a great cause.  As a resident of the DMV, HIV/AIDS is an serious epidemic facing our community.  Unfortunately, for now, the collection is only being sold in 7 stores located in California, Chicago and NYC, so if anyone is visiting those areas this summer, stop by H&M and purchase an item from the festival collection.  You’ll not only look good, but support a great cause at the same time!

To learn more about Fashion Against AIDS and the festival collection, visit

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DMVntage Brings Vintage To The DMV!

Lynice Williams

I attended The Collective last week, a fashion event that highlighted fashion designer Marc C and DMVntage, a vintage boutique owned by Lynice Williams.  Before the event, I never heard of DMVntage, so it was a pleasure to talk to Lynice and learn more.  

Lynice has been vintage shopping for a long time.  People always complimented her on her clothes so she decided to share her love for vintage clothing with DC and start her own boutique.  Vintage isn’t big in the DMV, so Lynice is looking to make a name for herself as a premiere reseller of vintage clothing.
You can currently visit DMVntage Facebook Page to view pieces from the boutique and place an order.  Lynice plans on launching the DMVntage online boutique in June.  In the meantime, if interested in purchasing a piece from her collection, you can contact her directly at [email protected]
While she loves vintage clothing, Lynice doesn’t shy away from big name designers either. Betsey Johnson is HANDS DOWN her favorite fashion designer!        

To learn more about DMVntage, check out DMVntage on Facebook Page. You can also follow DMVntage of twitter @DMVntage and Lynice Williams @Lynice.
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Marcc: Where Fashion Meets Innovation

Daring. Innovative. Classic. Animalistic. Fun.  Those are the five words Marc Clark would use to describe his collection Marcc.  Born and raised in PG County, MD, Marc is turning heads in the fashion industry.  Known for his bowtie brooches and fenced glasses, worn by celebrities Rihanna, Estelle and many others, Marc is catching the attention of the biggest trendsetters in fashion and entertainment.

Marc has always been into fashion.  He started off directing high school fashion shows and is the founder of the Catwalk Classic, a high school fashion show competition in Prince Georges County.  He has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry which include managing retail stores and directing fashion shows and events.

I had the pleasure of talking to Marc last week at The Collective, a fashion event at Policy, that featured his collection.

ADSOM: What is the inspiration behind your bowtie brooches and fenced glasses?

Marc: Everything. Being here at this event is providing inspiration.  Every aspect of life and everything I encounter inspires me.

ADSOM:  Who are some of your favorite designers?

Marc:Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Jeremy Scott

ADSOM: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

Marc: I would advise aspiring designers to stay persistent and motivated.  Stay focused and true to your brand and know your target market and audience.  Above all else, network your ass off!!

ADSOM: How would you describe your personal style?

Marc: I would describe my style as daring.  My style reflects my mood at the time.  How I feel that day reflects how I dress.

ADSOM:  Where do you see the Marcc line going in the future?

Marc: The collection is always evolving.  Last year, I only had 1 bowtie and this year I have a line of bowties, glasses and foxtails.  I plan on launching a kids line and turning Marcc into a lifestyle brand that will feature clothing and accessories.

To check out the entire Marcc collection visit .

Follow designer Marc C on twitter @TheRealMarcC and on Facebook

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Rihanna “Rockstar 101″ Video

Ri Ri has released a video for her lastest single “Rockstar.” I guess you could describe the black and white video as artistic, similar to distrubia.  I’m sure it’s one the fellas will enjoy this morning!!

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5 Tacky Tech Dating Dont’s

The BVX explains 5 tacky tech dating don’ts and of course I had to add my own 2 cents!

From The BVX:

Technology has made our lives easier but it’s also made us lazy and a bit reckless when it comes to dating. In the age of instant access, we’ve lost our minds and our cool. We’ve compiled five tech dating don’ts sure to turn off your potential boo.

Don’t Tweet and Tell

Broadcasting the details of your night out isn’t only tasteless but your date is sure to pull up your timeline to read what you really thought of him or her. And don’t even think of sending a DM to your date. It’s way too easy for a message intended for one, to be accidentally broadcast to many. And “many” can include others you’re dating.

Not only should you not tweet and tell all about a date, people need to stop telling their entire life story on twitter! There’s no reason to tell ALL your business. It’s ok to keep some things private and/or tell your real friends (because you know all of your closest friends are not on twitter. Let’s keep it real).

 Too Short

Some abbreviations are necessary when sending a text or BBM but why shorten something that’s already short? If your word doesn’t have a single vowel in it (like “k” for ok), then don’t bother typing it. And substituting “dat” for “that” is just blasphemous to the English language and sure to come off as ignorant to some.

I love this! Not only does this apply to your date, this should apply when talking to friends as well . I love my friends, but some of them use way too much slang.  I find myself reading the words out loud to try and understand what they’re saying.  We’re in our midtwenties, let’s use English please!

Follow Me

If your date was on a Thursday and by Friday morning you’re following them on Twitter and Tumblr, subscribing to their YouTube channel and friending them on Facebook, you’ve gone too far. It’s too soon my friend. There’s nothing wrong with being interested in someone but when you’re tracking them across every possible network, that screams serious stalker tendencies.

Not additonal comment needed for this one! LOL


Text messages were intended for quick exchanges of information. Example:
-”We still on for dinner?”
If a text is so long and involved that it continues back and forth for 30 minutes, that means a phone call is in order. And not everyone has unlimited texting, so you could be costing someone 10 cents per rambling message.

True story!! These days, we have become lazy.  What happened to picking up the phone and calling someone? I know texting, bbm and gchat is more convenient, but a 30+ minute conversation through text message is doing too much, especially if you’re not “IN” (Verizon network).

Just Once

You send a message via Gchat and they don’t answer. Soon that pesky orange idle indicator vexes you, so you send a BBM. Still no response. Then a text. If someone doesn’t respond via the first mode of communication, let it go. The likelihood of them actually getting back to you decreases with each new message sent.

We’ve all been guilty of this one.  I do this to my friends all the time and they don’t appear to mind ,  even though I’m sure they think I’m crazy, so I can only imagine you’ll come across as a stalker or needy if you do this to a date! One mode of communication is enough; 3 is doing the most.  Fall back!


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Diva Must Haves: Jimmy Choo

I have seen the Jimmy Choo shaded exotic snake multi strap platform sandals in various magazines, so I decided to go to the website and check them out for myself. While drooling over the Spring/Summer 10 collection, I checked out the Pre Fall 10 Collection as well. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I DIED.”

Spring/ Summer 10 Collection: Quito

You’ll stand out in the crowd with a pair of heels from the Pre Fall 10 Collection.  Jimmy Choo is definitely a must have for any DIVA looking to make a fashion statement. And ladies we all know, you can’t go wrong with a BAAAADDDD pair of heels!!!

Pre Fall 10 Collection






To check out the entire Pre Fall 10 Collection, visit

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Recap: A Diva State of Mind Happy Hour!

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that came out Friday night, May 21st, to Tabaq Bistro for A Diva State of Mind Happy Hour.  Happy hour began at 5pm and was still going strong at 10pm.  Tabaq was PACKED and DJ Premonition keep everyone moving with present hits and throwbacks from the 80s and 90s!

The purpose of the happy hour was to promote the blog. I’ve been writing for 8 months and feel that I have interesting material to share beyond my core group of friends, so I used happy hour on Friday as a way to spread the word.  Myself, along with my friends, handed out my blog “business cards” telling everyone about the lifestyle blog and encouraging them to visit the site.

Some may ask, “why should I read the blog?” My answer: because it’s not your typical celebrity and fashion blog.  While I talk about fashion and entertainment, the topics come a “let’s keep it real” voice, sharing a different perspective on topics we hear about all the time.  I say what everyone else is thinking.  Also, it’s fabulous and you may find some tips on how to become the fabulous person you are meant to be!

I must say, for it to be a diva themed happy hour, there were a lot of guys in the building; not that I’m complaining! lol icon smile Recap: A Diva State of Mind Happy Hour! It was nice to share the site with more guys considering most people that read the site are women.  While it’s called, A Diva State of Mind, there is something on the blog site for everyone.

Again, I want to say thank you to everyone that came out Friday and a special thanks to DJ Blaze for allowing me to co-host with him.  He host CHEERS Happy Hour at Tabaq every Friday.  This past Friday was a special edition.

To everyone that is new to the site, take some time to browse through the different categories, read a few post and leave a comment or two! Also, you can follow the site through the RSS Feed, Facebook and Twitter (see the icons on the right). Be sure to share the site with friends!

Check back this week for pictures from the event!

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This Week’s Events In The DMV

From DC Tweetups to rooftop parties, there’s enough going on this week that “I’m bored” or “there’s nothing to do” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary this week! For some reason, this week in May is packed.  From Tuesday to Saturday, there’s something to do other than your typical happy hours and parties at the usual venues.

Check out this week’s events, pick and choose what works for you and I hope you all have a fun-filled week!  I look forward to seeing you at some of these events too!! icon smile This Weeks Events In The DMV


Tuesday, May 18th

*Always Honest Ingredients” #CalTortTweetup!

California Tortilla (3501 Connecticut Ave NW) 7pm to 10pm.  RSVP at

Time to eat n’ tweet with California Tortilla! There will be salsa, guac, chicken and steak cooking demos. Not only can you taste it - you can help make it…anything you want! In addition, they will also have new fun swag bags to give away.

 *Love Your Fabrication

 Policy Lounge (1904 14th St NW) 6pm to 8:30pm

Join Ziggy Rayford as she hosts K.White’s 1st Photography Exhibit.  Exhibit starts at 6pm, Live Auction at 7:30pm and 8:30pm.  Stay after the exhibit for the late night Policy Tuesday party.

*Got Yourself A Sponsor

Jin Lounge (2017 14th St NW) from 6pm to 10pm.

Join Pretty Powerful Events (PPE) as they celebrate their 1st Annual Pretty Powerful Events Prom Charity Event. The goal of this charity event is to give the young men and women of Coolidge High School the opportunity to attend their Senior Prom, by dressing them in formal attire, which is not easily attainable for many youth living in Washington, D.C., due to financial circumstance. Supporters are asked to donate gently used formal attire for men and women, and make monetary donations, which will all benefit Coolidge SHS prom season 2010

For bottle or table service please contact [email protected] or call 202. 709-8727

Wednesday, May 19th

*The Collective: An Event For Artistic Minds

Policy Lounge (1904 14th St NW) 7pm to 11p. RSVP at [email protected]

 Sponsored by fashion and entertainment lifestyle brand, Bleu Magazine, attendees can look forward to the following:

  • Vintage pop-up shops 
  • Browse Marc C’.s newly designed website and view his current collection
  • Live painting by Moe the Creator 
  • Bam Body Art by Jabious Williams
  • Networking amongst the DMV’s most fashion forward individuals
  • Complimentary hors d’oeuvres
  • Happy hour drink specials

 Thursday, May 20th

*nGAGEDC One Year Anniversary Mixer

Lounge 201 (201 Massachusetts  Ave NE) 6pm to 8pm.  RSVP at

Come join nGAGEDC for their 1 year anniversary mixer.  Meet and mingle to exchange ideas, gain employment, find business opportunities and expand your network of professional contacts.

*D’Brows Presents “My Moody Booty” Shoe Party with The Fab Empire

D’Brows Salon (5332 Georgia Ave NW) 6pm to 9pm.  Contact [email protected] or check out

 ”D’Brows presents…” is an exciting new monthly series that will provide brands the opportunity to present and market their products to a very diverse and influential group of women in Washington D.C. The series will feature upcoming trends in beauty, fashion and music.  Attendees can look forward to networking, complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres, beauty/fashion tips and more!

 *State of Style Benefit 2010

 The District (2473 18th Street NW) Show begins at 7pm.  Purchase tickets  at

Fashion Shows by GWFCC Chamber Choice Award Winner & Project Fundway Scholarship Winner.  Enjoy State of Style signature cocktails by Beacon Hotel’s Best Martini in D.C. 2010 Winner, Mixologist Gina Chersevani.  Proceeds of this event will go to support the DC Fashion Foundation, its programs and its key initiative: the creation of DC’s first Fashion Incubator

 Friday, May 21st

 *A Diva State of Mind Happy Hour

Hosted by ME!!!  

Tabaq Bistro (1336 U Street NW) 5pm to 9pm.  For more info, check out

A DIVA is strong, confident, intelligent, fashionable, social, sexy and striving to make a difference.  A diva is not just a mindset, but a lifestyle.   Hosted by and DJBlaze, please join me as we celebrate the most influential and beautiful divas in the DMV!! 

Saturday , May 22nd

*The Prelude: Rooftop Day Party

Beacon Hotel (1615 Rhode Island Ave NW) 12pm to 6pm. For bottle service contact [email protected]

BBE, J&K Productions, & A.C.T. are inviting you to raise the stakes for your day and join them at The Beacon Hotel Rooftop. Only letting the 21+ up for this one. Food and drink specials will be available. No entry fee. Bring a friend or two…..The Prelude has you covered!

*Indoor & Rooftop Party at Current

Current Sushi Lounge (1215 Connecticut Ave NW) 2pm to 6pm. RSVP by 10am on 5/22 [email protected] or [email protected]

Distinct Kings Would Like To Cordially Invite You To A Premiere Event On May 22, 2010. Our Team Along With Drum Roll Records, Lifestyle Entertainment & NonProfit HR Solutions. Have Organized One Of The Sexiest Ongoing Day Events to Ever Hit The DMV. In Addition To Our Casual Happening Please Join Us As We Also Look To Raise Money For: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS. This is a 21+ over event.

*Recess Rooftop Pool Party

Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel (415 New Jersey Ave NW) 3pm to 8pm. For birthday parties, cabanas, media request contact [email protected] or call 202-498-9621

Celebrating 1 Year of Host-DC’s Recess Game Night Event! Hosted by Nightlife PR.  Enjoy games like Nintendo Wii, Taboo, Pictionary, Connect Four, and more.  Hamburgers & more for sale off the grill; free ice cream while it lasts.  Bathing suits, towels, & sunglasses highly recommended. This is a 21+ over event.

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