My Blog and I Are Under Construction

September 15, 2014 will mark 5 years since I wrote my first blog post! Can you believe it? And for about 4 years I have used the same blog template. So guess what; it’s time for a new look among other things!

So after writing over 900 posts (who knew I had so much to say!) I’m taking a break from blogging to focus on a site redesign and to regroup. As much as I want to continue posting, trying to do so while also redesigning the site and tackling a to-do list (both for my brand and personal goals), it is all just too much to do at once right now. To sum it up; I need a break to get it all together! Something I don’t take often enough.

Normally if I don’t have anything to blog about I just don’t post but that normally doesn’t last for more than a week. Since I plan on not posting for the rest of the month, I wanted to keep you in the loop; especially those that read this blog faithfully. I’m sure I will miss out on some great topics to blog about and my readership will drop too, but right now I have to wheel myself in, clear my mind and take on one thing at a time. Please believe it is a scary feeling knowing that I have decided to put a pause on posting for a couple weeks….YIKES!

Although the idea is scary, change is necessary. We all need to take a break sometimes; step back, regroup and start again with a fresh perspective. That’s what I hope to accomplish.  And although I won’t be blogging for a couple weeks, the site will still be up for your viewing pleasure! Feel free to check out any posts you may have missed. You can also join me on Facebook where we discuss various topics related to fashion and pop culture.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program on Tuesday, July 8th so save the date! That is the deadline I have set; by telling you, I am holding myself accountable to get it all together!

I hope you’ll be here when I return next month!