Guys: If You’re Over 21, It’s Time To Let The Cornrows Go!

A few weeks ago while out at happy hour, a friend and I started talking about grown men and cornrows (aka braids). The big question up for debate was, “when should a man stop wearing them?”

I understand if teenagers and boys in college wear cornrows.  In college, everyone was focused on school having a good time; in college the “real world” didn’t exist so the need to look mature and professional wasn’t really necessary.   But once a guy has graduated college and now working in the real world, the cornrows need to go!!  I take that back; fellas, if you’re in college and interviewing for a job post graduation, you may want to consider letting them go.

You’ve entered the “real world” and you’re now a grown up; your look should reflect that. A man in his 30s, 40s or, dare I even say, 50s (sigh….) wearing cornrows with his suit doesn’t necessarily scream professional.

I think the biggest reason this hairstyle for men needs to go after a certain age is because at a certain point grown men rocking cornrows look like they are trying very hard to hold on to their youth. The hairstyle is cool for young boys, but grown men, not so much.   Especially when you are still trying to hold on to your cornrows and your hairline has started to recede due to the stress of the braids.  Not a good look at all.

I have a number of guy friends who wore cornrows in college. Within a year or two after graduation, they all cut their hair. Not only do they look more handsome, they look so much more mature. Had they kept their cornrows, they would’ve looked like 26 year old men trying to be 18 years old. The look just doesn’t work. Think about it, celebrities like Ludacris and Jim Jones held on to their cornrows for THE LONGEST TIME EVER! For a while, that was their signature look.  Once they cut their hair, they looked soooooo much better and for once I feel like I could actually take them seriously.  Allen Iverson even cut his hair!!!

Please keep in mind, there is a HUGE difference between cornrows and dreads.  If kept neat, dreads look great on some men. However, if you are not going to keep them neat and at a reasonable length, you might as well let them go too.

When do you think guys should let their cornrows go? Fellas, if you currently wear this hairstyle, do you think you should cut your hair?

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