VH1’s New Show “Sorority Sisters” Is A Mess!

Last year, a YouTube video of a reality show about sorority sisters was floating around the internet.  The voice over was that of Mona Scott-Young (Love & Hip Hop franchise). It looked like a trailer for an upcoming new show. A petition was created and quickly circulated to have the trailer removed from online.

Those of us who signed the petition thought the show wouldn’t get the green light; Vh1 had other plans. Although no longer associated with Mona Scott-Young, VH1 premiered a new show on Monday night titled Sorority Sisters. They had to know they were wrong for this because they didn’t start advertising the show until 5 days before it was set to premiere. Oh yea, there’s also the “no organization is affiliated with this show” disclaimer at the beginning too. *side eye*

I told myself I wasn’t going to tune in, but after watching the trailer and since I’m a member of one of the sororities some of the women on the show (of course most of the women on the show were members of my sorority…sigh) are affiliated with, I had to witness this train wreck for myself to see if it was really bad as it seemed. If you’re wondering, yes it’s BAD!

It’s probably more entertaining for those who aren’t in one of the mentioned sororities. For those of us who are Greek, many of us were appalled by the woman on the show. The biggest problem I, and so many, have with this show is that the women proudly name which sorority they are members of and then turn around and act a fool. How can you say you’re a member of sororities that were founded on the principles of scholarship, sisterhood, leadership, and serving the community? Then turn around and call each other out their name, question someone’s sorority standing and act out in public at another woman’s event. A member of a sorority does not need to introduce herself by her line name and when she crossed before she even has a chance to say her name.  Priyanka (the one with the shaved side) is the mean girl on the show and she’s the main offender, while she proudly reps Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. SIGH………….

Serious question: Are the women on the show financial? Are they active in a local chapter? If you’re going to have a show about sorority sisters, show them doing the work of the various sororities!! Show Delta women being active in the community. Show AKAs attending a sisterhood luncheon. Show line sisters getting together to catch up after years of not seeing each other. Show these women who are so proud to be members of their sororities being active participants as well as being positive independent women that they are when it comes to their own personal endeavors. If VH1 wanted a show that dealt with women being disrespectful and not living up to the standards of sisterhood, they could’ve aired another episode of Love & Hip Hop NY (which premiered the same night) or Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. We don’t need another show exploiting black women as being loud, bitchy and full of a negative attitude (us black women need to take some responsibility and stop signing up to be apart of these shows too)!

These women do not represent their perspective organizations and they ought to be ashamed that they are showing their ass on TV for their 15 minutes of fame. Many asked if their letters could be revoked. Not sure things would go that far, but the show is definitely a POOR representation of the members of the Divine 9 sororities. This does a disservice to anyone who is not familiar with what it means to be a member of a black Greek sorority.

The first episode was enough for me. I can’t sit through a full season of this show.




Did you watch Sorority Sisters? What did you think?

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