Current Obsession: Michael Michael Kors High-Top Sneakers

It’s no secret; sneakers are making a comeback in women’s fashion this year. With more fashionable styles available, there is a sneaker that caters to everyone.  A style that is very popular this season is the high-top sneaker.  Thanks to the popularity of wedge sneakers, which are a mix between a sneaker and wedge, high-tops are popping up everywhere, being offered by Nike, Reebok and most recently Michael Kors.

The Michael Michael Kors High-Top is a sneaker for the fashion conscious woman who wants to be able to dress casual without sacrificing style.  This is a great shoe to wear on those days when you feel like heels are just not an option.  For this fall/winter season, pair the sneakers with skinny jeans or leather pants with an oversized sweater or long sleeve blouse and fur vest.

Michael Michael Kors Chain Lace Quilted High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Studded High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Snake Print High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Metallic Glam Studded High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Fulton High-Top

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pixel Current Obsession: Michael Michael Kors High Top Sneakers