Men & Women Wardrobe Must Have: Chambray Shirt

As much as I love a chambray shirt, I’m surprised I didn’t write this post sooner!

Many people believe a chambray shirt is a lightweight denim shirt but in actuality it’s not! A Fashion Deliberation provides a great definition of what chambray really is:

a lightweight fabric (usually cotton) that uses a colored warp (down) weaved with a white filling yarn (across). The colored warp is usually blue (which is partly why we think denim), but it doesn’t have to be. And although it is usually plain, it can also be in stripes or checks or other patterns. The end result is generally something that seems to be like denim, but you may actually come across some items that are chambray, but don’t look or feel like the typical denim-like chambray at all.

What’s so great about a chambray shirt is its versatility. This shirt can be worn with so many different pieces in your wardrobe, creating a different look every time you wear it. I’ve dressed mine up by wearing it with a skirt to work; I’ve also worn it with white denim and flat sandals. The options are endless! When I went shopping with my first male client Curron, we found him a chambray shirt at Banana Republic. It’s one of those pieces I believe we all should have in our wardrobe.

This is a shirt that can be worn all year round; if you don’t currently own one, I highly recommend you add it to your shopping list.  Below are some places where both men and women can shop to find a chambray shirt. I’ll dedicate an entire post on how to style them this fall season icon smile Men & Women Wardrobe Must Have: Chambray Shirt






Photos: Men’s Style Pro & What I’d Wear

pixel Men & Women Wardrobe Must Have: Chambray Shirt