Rock The Vote Raises Voter Awareness With #TurnOutForWhat Video

We are two weeks away from the mid-term elections! These elections have a greater impact on your daily life than the presidential elections. Senators, state representatives, governors and other local officials elected make critical decisions regarding education, voting (i.e. ridiculous voter ID laws), healthcare and more. If you don’t like those making the decisions on your behalf or those not working on your behalf (i.e. Congress), it’s imperative that you make your voice heard and head to the polls!

To encourage voter turnout during this year’s mid-term elections, Rock the Vote has created an awesome voting video titled #TurnOutForWhat, playing off Lil’ Jon and DJ Snake’s popular song “Turn Down For What.” The video features Lil’ Jon, Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham and more! Each person featured mentions why they are turning out to vote. It’s hilarious yet informative. Honestly, it’s the best voting PSA I’ve seen!

Visit Rock the Vote to find out your state’s voter registration deadline. Please make sure you turn out to the polls on Tuesday, November 4th!

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