Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

On Tuesdays, you may see the hashtag #TransformationTuesday on various social media sites. People use this day to showcase the transformation they have gone through on their weight loss journey. While we normally think of physical changes when we hear the word transformation, we can apply transformations to the way we think as well.

Have you ever seen pictures of people you know at an event and wonder “why wasn’t I invited? What do I need to do to be included next time?” Have you ever asked “when will it be my turn?” when it seems like everyone around you is succeeding or benefiting from answered prayers and you’re still waiting? Have you ever felt jealous of peers who are doing better in their career than you? Maybe you find yourself “wishing” your life was like others after scrolling through picture after picture on social media.

While those around should serve as inspiration, we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to each other. After all, we’re all DIFFERENT and therefore our journey in life is supposed to be different. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes find myself asking those questions I listed above.

Those thoughts can question your faith, steal your joy and put you in a funk if you let it. But I remind myself that I am actually where I’m supposed to be in life and that I am supposed to be the first rate version of myself. Our course in life shapes us and makes us the unique individuals that we are. Often times, we don’t know the journey others have been on; if we did, we probably wouldn’t feel the need to compare their life to our own. If we learned their back story, we may not be so quick to wish we were living their life.

While you may find yourself in the trap of comparing based on conversations with others, social media plays a major role as well. Don’t let it fool you! People only post what they want you to see; always the best image of themselves and pictures that capture the best moments. Of course things are going to look greater from the outside looking in but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

So the next time you start comparing yourself to someone else, pause and take a step back. Remember that your journey is YOUR journey and you are not supposed to be like anyone else. If you’re one who ALWAYS compares yourself to others, let today be the day to transform your thinking! Appreciate your past, love who you are becoming, count your blessings and enjoy where you are right now while making strides to live the life you imaged for YOURSELF in the future!

Jealousy comes from counting other people’s blessings instead of our own.

pixel Comparison Is The Thief of Joy