Let The Dead Things Go


I saw these words cross my Instagram timeline a few times over the weekend. A new season marks a new beginning. And I never looked at the fall season as one to remind of us of the need to let dead things go until I saw this quote.  There are a number of things we hold on to that have passed their expiration date: a friendship, a relationship, dead end job, etc.  If “it” is weighing you down, feels like a burden, no longer brings you joy or is not speaking to your purpose, it is time to let it go.

When we let the dead things we go, we make room for better things to arrive. The art of letting go is a hard lesson to accept because we are creators of habit. We like things the way we are used to them being. But wanting things to be the way they’ve always been blinds us to the fact that some people, places or things are supposed to be in our lives for only a season.; we do ourselves a disservice trying to hold on. It’s scary and uncomfortable, but in order to move forward, grow and be better than we were yesterday, we must let dead things go.

Are there some dead things in your life that you need to let go?

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