Nubian Skin: Nude Lingerie For Women Of Color

Nude bras and skin tone hosiery should be in every woman’s wardrobe, but for some women of color, they have a hard time finding hosiery and lingerie that matches their complexion. Most retailers don’t provide a range of brown undergarment options, leaving women of color to purchase black or a “nude” that is extremely too light.

The company Nubian Skin is here to solve that dilemma! Created by Ade Hassan, Nubian Skin provides a carefully edited collection of lingerie and hosiery to meet the essential underwear needs of women of color. In other words, they are redefining the color nude for brown women everywhere!

Nubian Skin offers the Essential Lingerie Collection and a Lace Collection as well as hosiery. The lingerie is available in four skin tones and range in price from $16.00 to $46.00 and is available to be shipped worldwide.

All women should have undergarments in their wardrobe that matches or closely matches their skin tone. After all, the color nude is not the same for everyone. Style tip: When wearing lighter colors (i.e white), say NO to white bras and underwear! You should be wearing skin tone undergarments.

Shop the Nubian Skin collection HERE.

Photos: Nubian Skin & SUPER.selected
pixel Nubian Skin: Nude Lingerie For Women Of Color