Gentlemen’s Corner: 12-Year-Old Moziah Bridges Is CEO of Bow Tie Business

I’m not sure what most 12 year olds are up to these days, but I’m sure it is rare to hear that one is running his own business!

At 9 years old, Moziah Bridges wanted to wear bow ties but he couldn’t find any cool and fun ones that he liked so he decided to create his own. Using his Grandma’s scrap fabric, Moziah started making bow ties. First he sold them via Facebook to family and friends; he now operates his own business with the help of his mom, Mo’s Bows.

Now at 12 years old, Moziah brings in over $150,000 in sales and employs five people. His bow ties, which aren’t clip-ons, are sold through his website and in specialty boutiques in 7 states including Tennessee, South Carolina, and Louisiana to name a few. Moziah has been highlighted in a number of publications including O Magazine and Vogue as well as being featured on ABC’s Shark Tank earlier this year, which not only helped his company gain national exposure, but it also resulted in a mentorship from FUBU creator Daymon John! Watch his Shark Tank feature below. Starts at 31:00 mark.

Along with creating great bow ties, Moziah is using his resources to give back to the community. This past July he donated $1,600 to Glenview Summer Camp in Memphis, TN which gave 10 kids the chance to attend camp. Based on his blog post, it looks like he sold a unique bow tie to represent the camp and he plans on picking another one next year to represent the camp in hopes of sending more kids to the camp (read more here).

If Moziah had the vision at 9 years old to start his own company, there’s no doubt his future is bright! Talk about creating an opportunity for oneself! Let this be a reminder to us all to figure out what our passion is and then figure out how to make money doing it. Check out Moziah’s offerings at

“I like to wear bow ties because they make me feel good. Designing colorful bow ties is part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place.” – Moziah Bridges

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