Wear to Work Wednesday: Nontraditional Suit

I’m all for wearing color, but sometimes it is just easier to throw on neutrals like black, white or grey. After all, those are colors you’re sure to have in your closet.

On those days when the only colors you can think to wear are neutrals like black, white or grey, but you don’t want to wear a “black pants and button up” outfit, consider creating a nontraditional suit with the classic pieces you already have in your closet. Pair your favorite printed skirt, like the black and white leopard print one below, with a solid blazer.  The blazer can be from a suit or one that has a little visual interest with zippers, lapels, peplum or curve detail like the Topshop one below.

To my ladies who are bigger on top, skirts and pants in color and prints are a must have in your wardrobe! They bring the attention to the bottom half of your body, helping to create an hourglass shape.  For those who may have a little extra in the middle, find a structured jacket that nips in at the waist to create an hourglass shape. A light shoulder pad in the jacket will help deemphasize the midsection.


Shop the skirt HERE and blazer HERE.

Recreate the rest of the look with the pieces below:


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