Last month I featured by client Celia, who I have been working with for almost a year. After working together for a few months, she forwarded my contact information to her friend James. Thank you Celia for the referral! James was in a similar situation; he had recently lost weight and needed new clothes. James went from wearing a size XL to medium so everything in his closet was too big!

Coat & Scarf - Kenneth Cole Outlet

James was in a style rut after losing weight. He didn’t know his size or where to shop so he kept things to a minimum when it came to his wardrobe. Since he wanted to start from scratch, after his initial consultation, James was tasked with getting rid of anything that was too big in his closet. We made a shopping list and hit the mall a few weeks later for his first appointment. We shopped for three hours to begin rebuilding his wardrobe while staying within budget!

First shopping trip - Banana Republic, Express, Macy’s, Journeys

One thing I really love about being a stylist is watching people get excited about how they look in clothes. I picked out a Banana Republic vest for James to try on and he immediately loved it. His words: “oh I like this!” It’s priceless to watch clients pick out colors or patterns of new clothes they normally would not have selected on their own. I always let my clients have a say in what items they’re going to buy. After all, if you don’t like it you won’t wear it.

Vest & Button up - Banana Republic; Jeans - Levi’s, Shoes - Calvin Klein

Sweater & Button up - Banana Republic; Black Jeans - Levi’s

As I’ve mentioned before, rebuilding a wardrobe takes TIME. James and I started working together right before the fall/winter season so most of the items purchased so far were for colder months with a few transitional pieces like tees, button ups and jeans. After two shopping appointments, he’s gotten a grip on his size and where he likes to shop. If he is ever unsure, he doesn’t hesitate to hit me with a “what do we think about this?” text. Of course I don’t mind; that’s what I’m here for! We will soon be meeting again to start tackling his spring/summer wardrobe. Plus James has gained a little more muscle so those medium shirts may now be a little snug!

 *His office is casual so he can wear jeans to work. However, he won’t be wearing Jordans and hoodies to work! Not on my watch!

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