The power of the internet is amazing!

In March, I shared with you the Youtube video of Rahat, a prankster, who decided to pull a prank for a good cause. Rahat gave a homeless man Eric, a fake lottery ticket, but set it up that the store owner would give Eric $1,000 for turning in the “winning” ticket.  Eric was so appreciative and humble after receiving his prize; he even offered to share some of the money with Rahat.

Since sharing his good deed online, Rahat’s video went viral and caught the attention of many. So many people were moved by Eric that they wanted to help. Rahat set up a fundraiser and in just 17 days, $44,000 was raised!  So what did Rahat decide to do with that money? He gave Eric a home to call his own for a year.

I don’t want to give everything away. Watch the video below to see how the big reveal to Eric about his new home unfolds. It’s priceless! Warning: this video will bring tears to your eyes!

Stories like this indeed restore my faith in humanity!

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