From Clutch Magazine:

Plus-size retailer, Lane Bryant says ABC and Fox didn’t want to air the label’s new Cacique line of lingerie.

Lane Bryant took to their “Inside Curve” blog complaining that “ABC and Fox have made the decision to define beauty for you by denying our new, groundbreaking Cacique commercial from airing freely on their networks.”

The brand alleges ABC restricted their airtime and refused to air the spot during “Dancing with the Stars”. Although Fox News calls out ABC on it’s restrictions, Lane Bryant says Fox “demanded excessive re-edits ad rebuffed it three times before relenting to air it during the final 10 minutes of “American Idol”, but only after we (Lane Bryant) threatened to pull the ad buy.”

The retailer calls to question the racy Victoria Secret ads both networks air regularly asking “does this smack of a double standard?”

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