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NEW MUSIC: Jazmine Sullivan - “Holding You Down”

Jazmine Sullivan is FINALLY back!! She took over the R&B charts in 2008 with her debut album Fearless  and she has teamed up with Missy Elliott again to return to the music scene.

Her new video “Holding You Down” is a 80′s/early 90′s theme video with a few special appearances from rap artist of the 80′s/90′s. (What’s ironic is that I’m writing this post at the same time Brown Sugar is playing on BET, a movie based on the music of the 80′s and 90′s). The video is cute, vibrant, highlights some fall trends (metallics and military styles) and features blatant product placement of Nuvo. 

It looks like R&B is making it’s way back to the airways this fall.  Jazmine Sullivan is another artist we can look forward too!

What do you think of Jazmine’s new single?

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Diva Spotlight: Kendra Jenkins - The New Pittsburgh ChangeMaker

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Political Science, Ms. Kendra Jenkins worked with Public Allies in Pittsburgh.  Public Allies is a national movement grounded in the conviction that everyone leads with a focus on advancing leadership to strengthen communities, nonprofit and civic organizations.

Through Public Allies, Kendra was placed with Schenley Heights Community Development Program (SHCDP) as an Executive Assistant.  She was responsible for writing grants and proposals, seeking partnerships throughout the community, recruiting volunteers and assisting site coordinators.  SHCDP is a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing, supporting and developing the community through wholesome programs that address the academic, moral, cultural, health and recreational needs of children and their families. 

Her hard work didn’t go unrecognized; SHCDP hired Kendra to continue working with the organization after she completed the 2008-2009 Public Allies program.  She is not only continuing her work at SHCDP; she will begin her Masters Program this fall in Social Work, Community Organization and Social Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. 

She’s a rising star is social services and a fashionista too! She currently works part-time at United Colors of Benetton in Shadyside and volunteers with various organizations throughout the city of Pittsburgh.

I’ve always known how hard Kendra works and the difference she wants to make in her community.  Others have recognized her passion as well.  She has been nominated for the Public Allies Pittsburgh Alumni 2010 ChangeMaker Award.  She’s humbled by the nomination so she won’t admit it, but I know she’d love to win this award.  I’m asking all of you to help me recognize this Diva,  a Pittsburgh changemaker now and a global changemaker in the future.  Please click on the link below to vote for Kendra Jenkins to win the Public Allies Pittsburgh Alumni 2010 ChangeMaker Award.  Voting closes September 3, 2010, so please share this Diva Spotlight and the voting link with friends! Let’s recognize those who are making a significant impact in our communities!!!

Voting once per day is allowed using the same email adderss. So yes, I’ll be voting everyday until Friday and so should you!!!  TO VOTE, CLICK HERE!!!

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Are Men REALLY Ready To Settle Down?

Picture courtesy of Black Book Club

There are a lot of guys out there who are avoiding relationships and living the life as the ultimate bachelor. Living in apartments or houses with multiple roommates, running the streets with the boys and doing whatever they feel like without having to answer to anyone.

But surprisingly, there are A LOT of guys out there who are ready to settle down! Yes ladies, you read that last statement correctly.  I can think of at least four male friends who are ready to be in a relationship (and some even go as far as saying they’re ready to get married).  And because I know them and some of their friends, I find this quite surprising.

Is this a new phenomenon? Where have I been? Last time I checked, guys weren’t looking for anything serious. To be perfectly honest, a lot of women aren’t looking for anything serious either, contrary to all of this why are {black} women single talk.  Just the other day a friend of mine told me she thinks she needs to a break from dating.

In a society where every young adult in their twenties is “working on themselves” and enjoying life without a significant other, where did this need to want to be in a relationship come from? Is this the “it’s almost winter, I need to find a cuddle buddy” mentally?   Maybe it has something do with age or lifestyle. One of my friends is turning 29 this year so he’s looking for someone who will eventually be his wife, although if you heard his stories you would NEVER think he was ready to settle down! Another friend works as a promoter, which means he parties almost 7 days a week, yet he’s seeking the companionship of a female as well. Is he looking to balance the party lifestyle with some tranquility at home?

Ladies, something must be in the water to allow this turn of events to take place! As much as society would like us to believe there aren’t any eligible {black} men out there who are serious about dating and relationships, I beg to differ.  Maybe women are looking in the wrong places because I could point you to four men in my circle who are serious about settling down.

For those of you ladies looking for men to seriously date, they’re out there. And as I’ve learned, they may be right in front of you, you’ve just been too blind to notice.  Ladies let’s admit it; we often get in our own way allowing for great opportunities to pass by for a number of reasons, half of which are because of our own stupidity.  Well if you’re serious about dating and settling down, get out of your own way because the guys are out there waiting for you!!

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GAP Is Inspiring The Girl Who’s Ready For Anything

I was shopping online at Banana Republic last week trying to rack up on work attire (I’ve been making the transition from retail to the office for the past 8 months, so the wardrobe needs a makeover) and I clicked on; I was surprised by the Fall 2010 Lookbook!  A few years ago, GAP’s appeal among shoppers decreased and the company had failed at finding it’s true brand identity.  But ever since Patrick Robinson was brought on board in 2007 as the Head Designer to revamp the brand, GAP’s fashion has definitely improved!

Of course my only intention was to only look at the website and Fall 2010 Lookbook, but I ended up buying the grey ruffle tank (which I wore to Saturday to the Street Glam Fashion Show).  I can’t wait to pair that with my leggings, boots and a cardigan this Fall.

Check out the GAP Fall 2010 Lookbook: Inspired by the girl who is ready for anything.

Tie-Back Vest & Slim Crop Pant Chambray Shirt & Sweater Dress

Long Anorak & Really Skinny Pant

Band Blazer & Tuxedo Khaki

Cascade Blouse & Zip Legging

Denim Jacket & Always Skinny Jean

Shawl Cardigan & Pleated Skirt

Leather Jacket and Legging Jean

Visit to see more fashions!! Check out Banana Republic and GAP frequently. Both online sites seem to have a special promotion going on at least once a week!

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THE BLOG SPOT Happy Hour Co-Hosted By A Diva State of Mind

I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who read the blog. There are an overwhelming number of blogs out there on the internet for your reading pleasure and you have chosen to read this one, so thank you!!!
To show our appreciation, myself along with seven other bloggers are co-hosting THE BLOG SPOT Happy Hour this Thursday at The Park on 14th in DC from 5pm to 10pm. Drinks specials include $5 Premium Drinks from 5-7pm and dinner until 10pm.
I would love to meet all of you that read the blog and I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.  If you see me, please don’t hesitate to stop me and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people!
Please RSVP at [email protected]
I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday! icon smile THE BLOG SPOT Happy Hour Co Hosted By A Diva State of Mind

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NEW MUSIC: Miguel Feat. J. Cole “All I Want Is You”

In the DMV, “All I Want Is You” is considered new music, although the song has been out in other markets for awhile now.  I heard this song the other day on my way home and all I can say is that I absolultely LOVE it! I was sitting in the car thinking to myself, “who is this? This is nice!” 

Between “Unthinkable” being played 500 times in one hour to every song off of Usher’s most recent album being played, it’s about time we hear new R&B on mainstream radio.  Along with this song by Miguel feat J. Cole, a lot of R&B singles have been released.  I’m looking forward to hearing what’s in store this fall!

What do you think of the song and video? Which R&B artist are you looking forward to hearing this fall??

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Fancy Little Things Fall Fashion Show

Sisarina and Polished Image Consultants have joined forces again to bring you the Fancy Little Things Fall Fashion Show and Happy Hour on August 25, 2010 at Relic in Bethesda.

The event begins at 5pm and includes happy hour, jewelry vendors VioletBloom Accessories, Andra D’Ambrosia and Klewism Jewelry, and a fabulous fashion show featuring four local designers:  

  • Natalie Sanz Collection – Chic.Modern. Sleek. Inspired by architecture, geometry and texture, Natalia creates classic systems with a modern touch. All pieces are expertly crafted for the avant-garde woman to fit exquisitely.
  • Zophia Collection – Marrying the classic with the contemporary, Betsy Garcete embraces the female form and is inspired by effortless silhouettes worn by the most powerful women in her life. The Zophia woman is an adventurous yet mysterious fashionista that thrives for something fresh and unique at any age.
  • Sangaree - Sangaree has a mix of vibrant designers joined together to create a one of a kind experience.  They have introduced fresh new designers from all over the world including France, Krygstan, Canada, and Israel. Creating an intimate boutique environment that has allowed a flawless attention to detail for an effortless shopping experience, Sangaree ensures exceptional treatment from our staff.
  • Red Sprinkle - Merging vintage goods along with contemporary pieces on a budget, Rebecca Margeo invites you all to top your wardrobe with Red Sprinkle!

Cost of the event is free, however but guests are encouraged to donate $5 to benefit New Endeavors by Women (NEW).  NEW helps homeless women and children transform their lives through transitional and permanent housing programs.  This year’s goal is to raise $1000 to benefit NEW.

I attended the event in March and it was a great! There are food and drink specials all night and I was first introduced to VioletBloom Accessories. I purchased a few items including a gorgeous turquoise and silver cross. I can’t wait to go back and purchase more pieces! Not only is this a fashion event, but it will provide great networking opportunities as well so bring your business cards!

I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday, August 25th at Relic. RSVP at

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NEW MUSIC: Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up”

It seems like it was just yesterday everyone was talking about the album Ready and Trey Songz had taken over R&B. Since the release of Ready last April, Songz hasn’t slowed down and is still holding on to his reign over R&B music.  He has gone on tour, featured on BET’s docu-series My Moment, currently touring with Monica and is preparing to release a new album Passion, Pain & Pleasure.  Can we say GRINDIN’!

It looks like Songz continues to take over the airways; he’s released two new singles “Can’t Be Friends” (which I love) and “Bottoms Up,” a new club anthem. I’ll admit I was indifferent about this song when I first heard it, but the more I hear it the more I like it! 

Songz recently premiered his new music video “Bottoms Up” on BET.  I would describe the video as different, a little “crazy” (in terms of mannerisms), edgy and sexy; I give Songz credit for the video not being the cliche “everyone partying in the club” type of video because I’m sure that’s what everyone expected.

Trey Songz did not disappoint on Ready and everyone finally paid attention which allowed him to receive the recognition in the music industry he deserved. I’m anxiously waiting to see what he’s going to bring on Passion, Pain & Pleasure.


Let me go ahead and make that pre-order on iTunes!!

Shoutout to my twitter home Apuje who styled the video. To see his work, check out

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High End Designer Fashions At Affordable Prices

Provided by Geek Purses

We all DESIRE to wear the latest in designer fashion but our current budget may not allow us the flexibility to spend designer dollars.

Well look no further; I have come across some great sites that offer those high end designer fashions at affordable prices (for both men and women).  These sites feature fashion from Marc Jacobs, DVF, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Rock & Republic, and many more! 

The designer discount sites have sales everyday that last a day or two. Keep in mind inventory is limited and items sell out quickly, so if you’re browsing the site and see something you absolutely love, its best you purchase the item at that time to guarantee that it lands on your doorstep.  Try to come back a day later, most likely it won’t be there (believe me, I’ve done that and missed out on some great sales!). 

So the next time you have a desire to make a designer purchase, check out these sites first. Every fashionista knows not to spend more on an item than they have too!

“All members” only websites listed below are free to join.

1. Rue La La - Sales on both men & women’s clothing and accessories.  The members only private sales are open for two days only. To leare more and join, click here.

2. Ideeli -Offering up to 80% off designer fashion, members only sales include women’s clothing, accessories and various items including luggage and home decor.  To join, click here.

3. Gilt Groupe - Gilt Groupe features sales on both men & women clothing & accessories. Sales are everyday at 12noon.   This is a GREAT site for men looking for nice deep discounted designer fashion to add to their work wardrobe.  To join, click here.

4. Shop It To Me - Instead of taking the time to search your favorite sites for sales, Shop It To Me does the research for you.  Notifications are sent when retailers, both men & women, are having a sale. As a shopper, you select which retailers you would like to receive updates for and Shop It To Me sends you updates daily. To join, click here.

5. William B + Friends William B + Friends features William B + Friends women’s apparel and home goods along with other designer apparel.  Registration isn’t necessary to shop the sales at William B+ Friends but as a member you can receive an additional 15% off your purchase.

6. Bag Borrow and Steal With BBS, your options are unlimited. You can sell your handbags for cash, rent handbags or purchases bags and accessories that have been reduced up to 70% off.   While the items are inspected and only quality accessories are featured on the site, many items have been pre-owned.

Happy Shopping!!

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Street Glam 2010: Where Fashion & The Street Meet

NYC is known as one of the four fashion capital of the world (the others include Paris, Milan and London), but if you can’t make it to the Big Apple for major fashion events like Fashion Week, Washington, DC offers some great fashion events this fall you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you some DC Fashion Events every Diva in the DMV should attend.

First up, Street Glam 2010!

Produced by Downtown Silver Spring, the outdoor European style “Street Glam Fashion Show” will take over Ellsworth Drive on Saturday, August 21, 2010.  The event includes a VIP reception and fashion show with Downtown Silver Spring merchants, leading and emerging local designers.

The VIP reception will take place from 6-7:30pm and the fashion show will begin at 7:30pm.  The VIP reception will feature meet the designer and model sessions, fashion industry networking, music, refreshments and complimentary image consultations by Capital Icon.

Part one of the show will include New York & Company, Men’s Wearhouse and Metamorphosis. Part two of the show will introduce five local designers to the DMV scene:

  1. Kustom Look Clothier – A custom tailor company specializing in designing apparel for men and women.  Designs have been worn by pro athletics, politicians and DC’s elite.
  2. Booshie Designs – Voted Best Local Designer in the Washington City Paper’s “Best of”
  3. Kas Collection– A high-end couture fashion company specializing in evening wear, stylish men and women business suits, and high fashion urban apparel. Kas Collection will be opening a new store at the National Harbor. 
  4. Thembe – Handmade classic, unique and original accessories and clothing. Collection has been described as wearable pieces of art with vintage materials.
  5. Ksara Boutique – Offering a fun and flirt ready-to-wear line.
  6. Amore by Elizabeth Stajka – Offering a fun & flirty ready-to-wear line.

The event will be rain or shine. In the event of rain, the fashion show location will be held at the Civic Building at Veterans Plaza at One Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD (across from the Majestic Movie Theatre).

Viewing areas of the fashion shows are free to the public. Tickets for seats surrounding the runway will be sold for $25. Tickets for seats and VIP admission will be $50. Please visit or for detailed information about the Street Glam 2010 Fashion Show.

To purchase tickets, visit

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