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Proposing Through Twitter: What Would You Do?

I thought it was a joke when I first heard that Que from Day 26 had proposed on Twitter. But it’s true.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Que from Day 26 proposed to his girlfriend Dawn (of Dirty Money) over the 4th of July weekend:

“@dawnrichard i want tha hole world 2 kno ur mine forever….Will u Marry Me……….I love You”.

I know you’re all wondering, “did she say yes??” She didn’t respond on Twitter, but according to Que’s camp, they are engaged. Now I know  his intentions were good because anyone who has watched “Making the Band” knows that these two are madly in love, but proposing over Twitter is tacky. I’m hoping that a real proposal took place along with him asking over Twitter.

Now I know technology and social media have taken over as the primary forms of communication, but when it comes to something like an engagement,  that’s one thing that should be done face to face!  If I was in a relationship, I wish someone would dare to propose to me on twitter (I’m being sarcastic)!  My future husband better NOT even entertain the idea of using Twitter, Facebook, gchat, text messages or bbm to propose to me.  What happened to face to face, personal communication?  I don’t think those social media applications should be used to ask people out and have serious conversations.  If you’re really interested in someone you better pick up the phone to ask them out.  Bbm and text messages just don’t cut it, not even in 2010.

These days, people have become so lazy.  I remember when we used to have to remember everyone’s home phone numbers because cell phones didn’t exist.  We used to pick up the phone to actually make a call and plan to see each other. These days, I like most, use text messaging, gchat and bbm first before I even consider making a phone call.

So since social media has taken over the basic forms of communication, ladies what would you do if you’re significant other proposed to you over Twitter or any other social media application?

Fellas, would you even dare to ask your woman out or propose to her on Twitter, Facebook, etc?

Source: The Fab Empire

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Que Kicked Out of Day 26

Last season on Making the Band, there was a lot of drama between Que and his group members. In the end they seemed to work everything out and came out with a second album.

But now it looks like the group is going in a new direction that doesn’t involve Que.  The group sent Que a letter announcing they would no longer like to work with him. Based on how they got along on the show last season, are we really surprised? (They could’ve at least sat down with the brother and told him to his face though!) Good luck Que in all your future endeavors.

Que reads the letter he received from the group & management http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/3235648

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