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Diva Spotlight: Keri Hilson Flaunts It!

I was catching up on my Google Reader this morning and saw the new pics of Keri Hilson from her FLAUNT Mag shoot! I’m not only a fan of Ms. Hilson because we spell our first names the same way, but b/c she’s humble, beautiful, has great style, talented and is grindin’ in the music industry.  The essence of a true DIVA!

For your guys out there, here are some pics to put you in a good mood this morning!

 You better work it MS. KERI BABY!

Source: www.theybf.com

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Diva Must Haves

Earlier this summer in my attempt to pack for Vegas, my friend called me a Diva in Training! I laughed because I had heard similar things before, but I really started to think about it.  What makes me a Diva???  I don’t view a diva as the “prima donnas” we are used to hearing about; instead I see a diva as someone who is hard working, self confident, passionate and has a great sense of style. If you want to be a Diva, there some things you MUST HAVE!!

  1. 4-5 inch pair of heels! (You know I don’t go out without my heels!)
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Intelligence
  4. Positive Attitude
  5. Business Savvy
  6. Passion to Succeed
  7. Desire to make a difference in the world
  8. Great circle of friends
  9. Ability to lead others
  10.  Fashion Sense
  11. SWAG
  12. Class (Thanks Stephanie for 11 and 12)
Of course this is my opinion! What do you think are Diva MUST HAVES??
pixel Diva Must Haves
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