Clockwise Clothing started shipping orders from the MMX2010 Collection on Tuesday and and if you haven’t already placed an order, don’t wait any longer.  I’ll admit, I haven’t placed my order YET (I’ll take care of that this week), but I do love the “audacious and energetic feel of Washington D.C’s hip outspoken culture” that is featured on each shirt “by using bold and expressive statements.”
My new favorite tee is “Just Sayin.” Those who know me know that has become a common phrase of mine both spoken and written in the blog!  Check out the Spring Catalog below.  Ladies, please check out the newest tee to the mix “Over It.” See the description below to understand why we all should love this one. I might have to purchase this one as a gift for some female friends of mine…

Breaking up is normal. Love sucks. Yes, we know. Clear your mind of his face, his kisses, his touch and his scent. This tee reflects the attitudes of many women that have experienced a “bad breakup”. To those that were completely dissatisfied, lied to, fed up, or simply “tired of the same old bullshit” - Enjoy! 

A term coined by many to use at the end of something insulting or offensive to take the heat off you when you say it.  Frequent usage of this saying can spread its use like a highly aggressive plague, eventually saturating almost all conversations, particularly on the internet. Clockwise puts in work. Just Sayin’

Check out the Spring 2010 Catalog at featuring both men and women’s tees.
To place an order visit promo code: CWPRO

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