Daring. Innovative. Classic. Animalistic. Fun.  Those are the five words Marc Clark would use to describe his collection Marcc.  Born and raised in PG County, MD, Marc is turning heads in the fashion industry.  Known for his bowtie brooches and fenced glasses, worn by celebrities Rihanna, Estelle and many others, Marc is catching the attention of the biggest trendsetters in fashion and entertainment.

Marc has always been into fashion.  He started off directing high school fashion shows and is the founder of the Catwalk Classic, a high school fashion show competition in Prince Georges County.  He has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry which include managing retail stores and directing fashion shows and events.

I had the pleasure of talking to Marc last week at The Collective, a fashion event at Policy, that featured his collection.

ADSOM: What is the inspiration behind your bowtie brooches and fenced glasses?

Marc: Everything. Being here at this event is providing inspiration.  Every aspect of life and everything I encounter inspires me.

ADSOM:  Who are some of your favorite designers?

Marc:Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and Jeremy Scott

ADSOM: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

Marc: I would advise aspiring designers to stay persistent and motivated.  Stay focused and true to your brand and know your target market and audience.  Above all else, network your ass off!!

ADSOM: How would you describe your personal style?

Marc: I would describe my style as daring.  My style reflects my mood at the time.  How I feel that day reflects how I dress.

ADSOM:  Where do you see the Marcc line going in the future?

Marc: The collection is always evolving.  Last year, I only had 1 bowtie and this year I have a line of bowties, glasses and foxtails.  I plan on launching a kids line and turning Marcc into a lifestyle brand that will feature clothing and accessories.

To check out the entire Marcc collection visit www.marcclark.com .

Follow designer Marc C on twitter @TheRealMarcC and on Facebook

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