Lynice Williams

I attended The Collective last week, a fashion event that highlighted fashion designer Marc C and DMVntage, a vintage boutique owned by Lynice Williams.  Before the event, I never heard of DMVntage, so it was a pleasure to talk to Lynice and learn more.  

Lynice has been vintage shopping for a long time.  People always complimented her on her clothes so she decided to share her love for vintage clothing with DC and start her own boutique.  Vintage isn’t big in the DMV, so Lynice is looking to make a name for herself as a premiere reseller of vintage clothing.
You can currently visit DMVntage Facebook Page to view pieces from the boutique and place an order.  Lynice plans on launching the DMVntage online boutique in June.  In the meantime, if interested in purchasing a piece from her collection, you can contact her directly at [email protected]
While she loves vintage clothing, Lynice doesn’t shy away from big name designers either. Betsey Johnson is HANDS DOWN her favorite fashion designer!        

To learn more about DMVntage, check out DMVntage on Facebook Page. You can also follow DMVntage of twitter @DMVntage and Lynice Williams @Lynice.
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