I was catching up on my Google Reader this morning and came across this post on Clutch Magazine.  You’ll be just as shocked as I was when I saw the video of the 3 year old covered in fake tattoos cursing up a storm!  Those are the only words you can understand coming out of his mouth.  Why do people still think it’s cute to be a “thug?” It’s not cute and by having a child look like Lil Wayne cursing up a storm sends him the wrong message!!!

Clearly, everyone isn’t cut out to be a parent.

From Clutch Magazine:

Teaching a child how to curse is never funny. A young African American child is seen in this video talking on a phone dishing a series of lewd profanities. The child is covered in faux tattoos similar to rapper Lil Wayne, his hair is even styled like the Young Money front man’s dreads. Even more disturbing is near the closing of the video, we hear snickering from who are likely the adults who put the child up to this.

Toddlers cursing and smoking, what’s next?

Warning: Strong profanities used.

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