Five years ago, Reggie Black was studying abroad in South Africa.  While overseas, he also worked for an urban store.  While working at the urban store, Black realized hat last thing he wanted to do was work anyone except himself.  From that realization, BLACK Collection was born.

BLACK Collection was born in 2005 in Washington, DC by Reggie Black and Dylan Chase.  The BLACK Collection is a small line; Black calls it exclusive. “BLACK Collection is for the “Individual” that has unique style; uses fashion as their method of personal expression and will not tolerate resembling others.”

The line currently features 11 pieces, made up of track jackets, tees and intimates.  The collection pieces are simple.  As Black says, “Less is best.”  The clothing is unisex, so all pieces can be worn by both men and women.

Midriff Tee

Shield Jacket

INDIVIDUAL: Summer Edition

BC Vee


While the line enters its 5th year, it hasn’t moved as fast as Black would like, but that isn’t discouraging him. “It’s a beautiful struggle,” he says. “I stay humble and continue to work. I always try to produce better pieces than what I’ve done in the past.”

What does the future hold for the BLACK Collection? Black does plan to expand outside of tees and track jackets. And as long as he continues to stay humble, grind, and network, the BLACK Collection has a great future ahead!

To check out the entire BLACK Collection, visit  You can also follow the collection and Reggie Black on twitter @BLACKCollection & @iamreggieblack

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