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Diva Must Have: Statement Necklace

3 celebrities in Statement Necklaces 1024x561 Diva Must Have: Statement Necklace

We all know accessories can take an outfit from regular to fab! One accessory every diva should own is a statement neckalce.   A statement necklace is bold, a show stopper and should be the ceneter of attention in terms of your outfit.  That doesn’t mean you have to wear all black in order for your necklace to shine;  you can absolutely wear color! Wearing statement necklaces add extra flair to an outfit.


Statement necklaces are available at a variety of price points making them affordable for everyone!

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EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

PinkRocks8 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Last Friday, the International Trade Center Atrium served as the perfect venue for the Pink Jams! Pink Rocks The Runway fashion show.   The purpose of the event was to highlight the importance of early detection and promote breast cancer awareness.  The show was headlined by designer Christian Siriano.

Following the VIP reception, the show started with the DC designer couture fashion show followed by the Spring 2012 presentation by Christian Siriano.  Siriano’s collection was AMAZING, but the true stars of the show were the 14 breast cancer survivors who rocked the runway in the gorgeous couture gowns. The ladies looked fabulous. I was so glad to be in the presence of these survivors and celebrate their strength.

Jen Kwiatek wearing Booshie DesignsPinkRocks2 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Jennifer Harlow wearing TsyndymaPinkRocks3 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Tara Pannell wearing MAVEN, LLCPinkRocks4 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Charnise Carter wearing DennyaPinkRocks1 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Jane Roser wearing Elizabeth St. JohnPinkRocks5 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Kim Taylor wearing Punk Rock BridePinkRocks7 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Christie Cook wearing KAS CollectionPinkRocks13 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Stef Woods wearing STUDIO D’MAXSIPinkRocks6 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

 The 14 fabulous survivors, Pink Jams! founder Christa Floresca & Christian SirianoPinkRocks10 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Christina Siriano Spring 2012 CollectionPinkRocks9 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Me with Stef Woods aka City Girl BlogsPinkRocks12 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Picture with Christina SirianoPinkRocks11 EVENT RECAP: Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show

Click HERE to see photos of all of the survivors and Siriano’s Spring 2012 collection

The picture of me with Stef Woods is courtesy of Because I am Fabulous

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Review of “THE MOUNTAINTOP” Broadway Play

Following the ticket giveaway, A Diva State of Mind reader Tanisha attended the preview of THE MOUNTAINTOP featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett.  She was extremely excited to attend the play and offered to provide her review.  Check it out below!

The Mountaintop Theatre Review of THE MOUNTAINTOP Broadway Play

I don’t like to know about the end until it’s time. I don’t like movie previews because sometimes they tell too much about the movie and you can figure out the end. I don’t read ahead in books because I want to know how the characters and storylines develop. With that being said, I didn’t read much about The Mountaintop before the show. All I knew was that it was a play that depicted Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. starring Samuel L Jackson and Angela Bassett. That was enough for me; I wanted to see it.

We had amazing seats! First row of the balcony. When the curtain went up and Samuel L. Jackson came out, I felt like I was at a private performance. Everyone cheered so he had to wait a few moments to continue his lines; he was yelling to Ralph Abernathy to pick him up some Pall Mall cigarettes at the store. He orders coffee, the maid brings it to the room, and it’s Angela Bassett. The pair proceeds to have a conversation about the Civil Rights movement, family, friends, etc. Dr King smokes a few cigarettes. He uses a few choice words, the maid uses a lot of them. She provides a touch of liquor for his coffee. She was so in awe of him, the man, THE Reverend Dr Martin Luther ‘Tha’ King Jr. This made him feel at ease with her and they become fast friends.  Dr. King didn’t want to be alone. He wanted to talk to somebody and here was this maid who at first was hanging on to his every word. He talked about his fears, hopes, dreams (pardon that pun). He talked about his family; he wondered if he was doing enough.  He even wondered if the non-violent approach was really the way to go. I love how the playwright and Samuel L. Jackson added so much more to Dr King the man. He seemed so…human.

Then he finds out that the maid is not who he really thinks she is. I won’t say too much on this as I don’t want to spoil it for those that will go see it. But just know that the last 20 minutes were so emotional, so moving, so inspirational, so everything!! I was riveted for all 90 minutes. I absolutely loved this play!

The play officially opened on Broadway October 13, 2011. Below is footage from opening night!

0 Review of THE MOUNTAINTOP Broadway Play

Click HERE to purchase a ticket to see The MOUNTAINTOP.  You can follow Tanisha on Twitter at @grapevine4wine

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J. Cole’s Emotional “Lost Ones” Video

J. Cole released a video one of his most emotional songs on his album, “Lost Ones.”  The video was shot in 2008 when all J. Cole had was a “Dollar and a Dream.” The video (and song) sheds light on what a man and women go through when dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.  The video is very emotional and I’m sure there are a lot of people that can relate to this song.   

“With just a Dollar and a Dream,  this video was shot in 2008 before I even had a record deal. 3 years later, watching it still gives me the same emotions. This is dedicated to the Lost Ones.”  – Jermaine Cole

0 J. Coles Emotional Lost Ones Video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

I love this video and I am a huge fan of J. Cole! If you don’t have his album, you are missing out!!!! Cole World: The Sideline Story is available in stores and on iTunes. For all of my DMV folks, check out some footage of his performance at The Filmore Silver Spring here.

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How To Wear Animal Print At Work

Animal print is bold and you may be reluctant to wear it to work. I know the feeling; I have a tiger print dress I was skeptical about wearing to work, but paired with the right pieces, I could rock my fabulous dress at work without bring too much attention to myself.

So I figured, if I was hesitant about wearing animal print to work, I’m sure others are too. Below are a few ways to pull off this trend in the workplace!





Want to wear an animal print dress? Pair one with solid pumps and solid jewelry. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum so you don’t take away from the print of the dress. Wrap dresses in animal print will look great on all body types and can be worn with or without a jacket.






Animal print tops can be worn with any color skirt or pants. Would look great with red and purple if you’re bold enough to wear a pair of bright color pants to work!

How do you like to wear the trend to work?

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You’re Invited: Presenza “Define Your Presence” Launch Event

presenza media preview invite Youre Invited: Presenza Define Your Presence Launch Event

Local Washingtonian Jill Homiak is proud to present the launch of Presenza, a new lifestyle brand focused on tops designed to fit and flatter the full‐chested female. While the button‐down shirt offers little compliment to the hourglass frame, Presenza’s wrap flatters the hourglass frame and draws attention for the right reasons.

Since feminine curves should be celebrated, Presenza’s design accentuates the smallest part of the waist while providing comfort and coverage in the chest. It’s all in the details with this top:

  • Seams that hit the smallest part of the body enhancing the hourglass frame
  • Shearing in the back that creates a slimming affect around the waistline
  • Sleeves that hit at the elbow – so they are neither too long nor too short
  • A shirttail that is designed to flatter the tush!

Presenza Launch: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Location: SimplySoles (3222 M Street NW Washington, DC)

Attendees will enjoy treats and champagne while mingling with models Kara Allan of Style for Hire, Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen and other DC women as the show different ways to rock Presenza for the Fall.

For more information on Presenza visit

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I Am Not My Hair

I am not my hair I Am Not My HairIn Tuesday night’s episode of Reed Between The Lines, the Reed’s daughter Kaci had a strong desire to change her hairstyle to impress a boy.  Like her mother, Dr. Carla Reed (played by Traci Ellis Ross), Kaci has beautiful natural hair that she wears in curls. She was required to straighten her hair for a play and once it was straight, she mistakenly believed that her straight hair was the only reason the boy she had a crush on started paying her any attention.

Dr. Carla Reed was definitely upset with her daughter’s desire to change her hair. Once you go to the creamy crack, your hair is never the same.  And I am saying this as someone who gets a relaxer every few months.  Natural hair is fabulous!

For decades, there has been a social stigma that natural curly hair is less beautiful than straight hair.  There is also an idea that a curly style represents a certain lifestyle that straight, relaxed hair does not.

I loved this episode because it shed light on a bigger issue than natural hair vs. relaxed hair. It reminded all of us about the importance of self acceptance.  Society has tried to convince us through various forms of entertainment that looking a certain way is right (long straight hair combined with a certain body type).  It’s important as women, that we don’t let what we see in media and hair stereotypes influence what we think about ourselves or the decisions we make in terms of our looks. Women should not feel as though they need to change their hair or any other physical attribute in order to please someone.  Your hair is the way it is for a reason;  you are the way you are for a reason.  Far too often we are so concerned with what others think and we get lost trying to make an impression instead of being comfortable in our own skin.

Have you ever changed or thought about changing a physical attribute to appeal to others?  What advice would you give to women who feel they need to change how they look to impress others?

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Love Is A Drug: Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Video

You all know by now that I love a video that tells a story! Rihanna did not disappoint with her newest video for “We Found Love.”  The song is the first single off her upcoming album Talk That Talk.  The video depicts Rihanna and her lover in an emotional, drug  fueled romance.  Those images really tell the story of how love can be just as addictive and destructive as drugs.  Considering her romantic interest in the video played by model Dudley O’Shaughnessy rocks blonde hair for the video, many can’t help but wonder, is this video suppose to represent her old relationship with C. Breezy?

Check it out!

0 Love Is A Drug: Rihannas We Found Love Video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Not sure if I love the song, but the video is hot!  And I’m so glad she is no longer rocking that red hair!!!!

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Pink Rocks The Runway Designer Spotlight: Afua Sam of Studio D-Maxsi Designs

Studio D Maxsi 1024x768 Pink Rocks The Runway Designer Spotlight: Afua Sam of Studio D Maxsi Designs

Pink Rocks The Runway is only a few days away!  I had the pleasure of interviewing DC designer Afua Sam of Studio D-Maxsi Designs in anticipation of the fashion event.

Afua is originally from Ghana; her Ghanaian roots and culture serve as inspiration for her designs.  She creates pieces for the chic and funky modern woman. Studio D-Maxsi Designs have been worn by Jaime Foster Brown of Sister 2 Sister Magazine and Glynn Jackson of the Golden Scissors Award Show. Afua’s designs have also been featured in 3G Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Ghanaian Times and Ghana Web.

ADSOM: What are three words you would use to describe your designs?

Afua: Chic, classy and sexy at the same time.

ADSOM: What was your inspiration behind your current collection?

Afua: I am inspired by color, texture, and everything around me. Most of my very best designs come from when I sit behind the [sewing] machine. I don’t sit around and sketch. Best designs from sitting behind the machine and creating.

ADSOM: Why did you decide to participate in the Pink Rocks The Runway Fashion Show? 

Afua: I have two reasons; first, I received a message from Stef Woods. She wanted me to design her dress. I was so humbled by it. If you are doing something people like, that’s inspiring.

Second, I’ve worked with a lot of breast cancer organizations. I was drawn in because my father and brother died of cancer. I’ve worked with tons of organizations. I also created a bra dress purposefully in honor of breast cancer survivors. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring it to Pink Jams!

Studio D Maxsi 2 1024x774 Pink Rocks The Runway Designer Spotlight: Afua Sam of Studio D Maxsi Designs

ADSOM: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

Afua: Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t follow your dreams.  It doesn’t matter what you want to design. As long as you believe in yourself and this is what you want to do, keep going and someone will love what you’re doing. Dreams do come true.

If you can, you learn about sowing because if you have a vision and you don’t find the right person to bring the vision out, it won’t come out the right way. If you know about sewing, it will help you save money on construction.

ADSOM: Which celebrity would you love to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

Afua: I love Oprah. I think she’s a big inspiration to a lot of woman. I would love to create something beautiful for her to wear. I would love to do something beautiful for Mrs. Obama. I think she is inspirational, especially for black women.

If you are interested in checking out Studio D-Maxsi Designs and other fabulous designs on the runway, purchase your ticket for Pink Rocks The Runway today!

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Dating Frustration: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

rejection Dating Frustration: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

I have reached a point of frustration when it comes to my dating life. I’m not even sure you can call it a dating life since it has really been non-existent since I was of the dating age.  But when it comes to my interaction with males, it’s really starting to take its toll on my esteem.

Over the years, I’ve been told that I’m pretty, I’m “wifey” material and any man would be lucky to be with me.  However time and time again I have found that those qualities are not good enough or not what men are really looking for.  More often than not, I have found myself interacting with guys who, at the end of the day, think I’m only good enough to flirt with; never anything more.

I will admit that in the past, when it came to dating, I was a little reserved.  But over the last few years, I made a vow to be more open to giving guys my number and appearing more available. I mean, I’m not getting any younger and if I do want to eventually be in a relationship, I have to be proactive right?

So I took the advice of friends to be less reserved and even after doing so I have gotten nowhere!  I gave one guy my number and later found out the reason he never called to ask me out was because I look like I require too much. What exactly is that suppose to mean?! Can men these days not handle a confident, educated, driven, caring and social woman? If that is the case, then I, along with so many other women I know, are in a lot of trouble when it comes to dating!


rejection and attention Dating Frustration: Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Now I know some will say “there are plenty of guys that are out there, but you’d never give them a chance.”  However, I do believe that there has to be an attraction from both parties in order for there to be an interest in dating.  This may be one of the many problems contributing to my current status, but I’m just being honest.

The older we get the more serious we become about relationships. I have two friends that were married within the last year while a number of others are in relationships. It never really bothered me before but now that I’m now closer to 30 than 19 (my dad’s saying, not mine), I begin to take a more serious look at finding a mate.

I know I will be in a relationship when the time is right and at this point I have to truly believe that. I do not pray to God to find me a mate; instead I pray that I be ready when he arrives. I understand, I’m currently on my grind to get my business going and continuing to work toward moving past a place of just being so right now probably is not a good time to focus on dating. All I do know that is after hearing one thing (you’re great, you’re so fly, etc), but experiencing another (not being enough) for so long, no matter what I believe, I can’t help but entertain the question, is there something wrong with me?

pixel Dating Frustration: Is There Something Wrong With Me?
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