When we think of trends, the first thing we usually think of is apparel; printed skirts or tops, bright pants or jackets. But let’s not forget, the season’s trends carry over to accessories as well.

A must have for EVERY diva is a bright bag. Clutch, satchel, tote, it doesn’t matter! A bright bag will definitely add some flair to any outfit. Bright bags are also a great option for those of you who are more conservative in your apparel color choices but still want to integrate the bright color trend in your wardrobe.  Bright bags can be found at any store and at various price points, making this an easy trend to incorporate. We are all searching for a new bag for the Spring season, so why not make it a bright one?!

I can’t wait to pull out my bright yellow Nine West bag I purchased years ago. It’s one of my favorites! icon smile Diva Must Haves: Bright Bags

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