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Football Season: Leave The Club Attire At Home

Football season is here and I love it! It’s the time of year to enjoy tailgates, show our school spirit at a college game and rock our favorite jersey on game day Sunday. What should be left out of this football equation are stilettos along with the mini skirt and short shorts.  

I attended a football game a few weeks ago and ladies were walking around in some outrageous, “doing the most” outfits.  Ladies looked like they were ready to attend a party instead of a football game. 

I never understood why females dressed up to attend a football game.  Well I take that back; I know WHY they do, but don’t they realize they are doing too much?  Ladies, if you’re trying to impress a player on the field, he won’t notice you from the stands. He SHOULD be focusing on the game and not worrying about who’s in the stands wearing what.

In theory it may make sense to dress up for a game because guys attend football games so you have the opportunity to catch someone’s eye.  But to me, I think a guy would like to see a girl who was into the football spirit, rocking her favorite team’s jersey or t-shirt.  When you walk around looking like you’re going to The Park instead of FedEx Field, you’re giving off the vibe that you can’t be laid back and enjoy the game and atmosphere. You look like you’re there only to try and impress someone (believe me ladies, it’s a plus if you can just chill out and enjoy football like everyone else). Fellas, am I wrong?

I’m not suggesting every female attend a game in sneakers and loose jeans. You can rock a jersey, t-shirt or nice top with skinny jeans and flats (or flat boots) without screaming “I’m trying really hard to get attention.” 

Some people may even rock a t-shirt or jersey with jeans and heels.  For me, that’s still doing a lot. If I have to walk around getting snacks, stand in line for the rest room and go up and down stairs at a stadium, doing so in stilettos just won’t cut it. And as a women who loves heels, if I could rock them all the time I would. But at a football game is neither the time nor the place.

Save the sexy heels and your mini skirt for the after party or a night out on the town, when guys really take notice.


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THE BLOG SPOT Happy Hour Co-Hosted By A Diva State of Mind

I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who read the blog. There are an overwhelming number of blogs out there on the internet for your reading pleasure and you have chosen to read this one, so thank you!!!
To show our appreciation, myself along with seven other bloggers are co-hosting THE BLOG SPOT Happy Hour this Thursday at The Park on 14th in DC from 5pm to 10pm. Drinks specials include $5 Premium Drinks from 5-7pm and dinner until 10pm.
I would love to meet all of you that read the blog and I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet.  If you see me, please don’t hesitate to stop me and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people!
Please RSVP at [email protected]
I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday! icon smile THE BLOG SPOT Happy Hour Co Hosted By A Diva State of Mind

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Tantra Fridays at Penang

This past Friday, March 5th I celebrated my birthday at Penang.  The party was hosted by Hypnotik Entertainment.  I had never been to Penang on a Friday night so I was surprised at how many people turned out and how great the music was (I had been before on a Saturday and the parties hadn’t always been the most fun).

All I can say is that “Tantra Fridays” is definitely a party to check out.  The place was at capacity before 1am! I mean, that may have had something to do with the fact the at least half of my 100 person guest list showed up, but that’s beside the point! Lol

I would definitely recommend you go to Penang on Friday night if you’re looking to party somewhere other than The Park.  The table reservation packages are less expensive then what you’ll find at other places  (One package which included 2 bottles is $350 vs. paying $350 for one bottle at a venue like Ozios and The Park).  They’ll even create a flyer for you to use for Facebook & email invites. <——-

So if you’re looking to listen and dance to great music, hang out with friends and enjoy good drinks, make your way down to Penang:  1837 M Street NW.  I’m sure I’ll be there again this summer, because we all know everyone is out in DC once the warm weather arrives! icon smile Tantra Fridays at Penang

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