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NEW MUSIC: J.Cole feat. Drake “In The Morning” Video

J. Cole has FINALLY released a video for the popular and sexy track “In The Morning” from his mixtape Friday Night Lights. I’ll admit I was very anxious to check it out because I LOVE this song! I appreciate the video because it tells a simple story of J.Cole meeting a girl, hanging out and ultimately leaving something behind.  Fortunately for us, he decided to not take the overly sexualized video approach!

The Roc Nation marketing/promotional team needs to step it up because we definitely need to see and hear more of J. Cole. He is an artist the rap game could definitely benefit from right now.

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NEW MUSIC: Rihanna feat. Drake “What’s My Name”

Recently listed as the #1 song on the Billboard charts, Rihanna’s “What’s My Name” video debuted on Friday.  This is one of my new favorite songs. Although the lyrics are simple and repeated over and over again, I still love it! I’m sure it helps that the beat has a little island flavor too! 

The video takes place in NYC and features Drake and Rihanna as two love birds.  The video is colorful (her outfit is anyway) and simple, but her new hair is still a distraction!  Not a fan of that mess she is rockin’ these days, but I digress…

Rihanna’s new album, LOUD,will be released tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16th.

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Drake “Find Your Love”

I can’t wait for Drake’s  new album! In the meantime, we can all enjoy his second single off highly anticipated album Thank Me Later.  Check out “Find Your Love.” I like the video; it has a storyline!

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Drake “Over” Video

Drake has emerged on the scene as one of the hottest artist without dropping an album, so of course with his new album expected to drop June 15th, there is a high expectation that every single and video he drops is going to be hot!

While I absolutely LOVE his first single “Over,” the video doesn’t do the song justice at all!  It’s really random…I mean if he was going to stand around rapping all video, he could’ve saved some money and used it toward is current promotional tour. 

Like most videos these days, this video has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. I should go into the business of creating music videos because they are becoming more and more random these days.  I’m just sayin…


When the videos premiered on Monday, everyone had something to say about it.  Here’s what Drake told MTV about his first video off the new album:

“This is my first video,” the Young Money franchise player said, sitting in his trailer. “I’ve shot a lot of videos before, but this is my first attempt to establish myself as Drake the artist. Shooting the other videos I’ve done has been great. I really don’t care what other people think about them, they were great experiences for me. I’ve learned a lot from them. Today, I’m shooting with somebody I really look up to and respect. I’m shooting with Anthony Mandler.”

Check out MTV for the entire Drake interview.

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