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Are Men REALLY Ready To Settle Down?

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There are a lot of guys out there who are avoiding relationships and living the life as the ultimate bachelor. Living in apartments or houses with multiple roommates, running the streets with the boys and doing whatever they feel like without having to answer to anyone.
But surprisingly, there are A LOT of guys out there who are ready to settle down! Yes ladies, you read that last statement correctly.  I can think of at least four male friends who are ready to be in a relationhip (and some even go as far as saying they’re ready to get married).  And because I know them and some of their friends, I find this quite surprising.
Is this a new phenomenon? Where have I been? Last time I checked, guys werent’ looking for anything serious. To be perfectly honest, a lot of women aren’t looking for anything serious either, contrary to all of this why are {black} women single talk.  Just the other day a friend of mine told me she thinks she needs to a break from dating.
In a society where every young adult in their twenties is “working on themselves” and enjoying life without a significant other, where did this need to want to be in a relationship come from? Is this the “it’s almost winter, I need to find a cuddle buddy” mentally?   Maybe it has something do with age or lifestyle. One of my friends is turning 29 this year so he’s looking for someone who will eventually be his wife, although if you heard his stories you would NEVER think he was ready to settle down! Another friend works as a promoter, which means he parties almost 7 days a week, yet he’s seeking the companionship of a female as well. Is he looking to balance the party lifestyle with some tranquility at home?
Ladies, something must be in the water to allow this turn of events to take place! As much as society would like us to believe there aren’t any eligible {black} men out there who are serious about dating and relationships, I beg to differ.  Maybe women are looking in the wrong places because I could point you to four men in my circle who are serious about settling down. 
For those of you ladies looking for men to seriously date, they’re out there. And as I’ve learned, they may be right in front of you, you’ve just been too blind to notice.  Ladies let’s admit it; we often get in our own way allowing for great opportunities to pass by for a number of reasons, half of which are because of our own stupidity.  Well if you’re serious about dating and settling down, get out of your own way because the guys are out there waiting for you!!

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If You’re Married, You’re NOT Single

One of my college friends is trying to come down to DC in 2 weeks to visit.  She’s finishing up her last year of grad school so her money situation is a little tight.  She used to talk to date a guy from DC, but that relationship fizzled and they moved on.  He actually got married.

So why is he now trying to fly her down to DC, pay for lodging and hang out???  Excuse me!! If he’s married, there is no reason he should be trying to make arrangements to fly a female he used to date into town.  He needs to go home and make weekend arrangements to hang out with his wife!!!

It’s ironic that my friend told me this the same day I was listening to the radio and heard a statistic that more men than women can’t get over their exes. Guys called into the radio talking about how they still talk to their ex girlfriends daily even though they are in new relationships.  One guy that called in was engaged and obviously still in love with his ex.

Here’s what I don’t understand, if you’re going to move on, why not MOVE ON COMPLETELY!? Why jump into new situations, when you still have feelings for the old one?  If you decide to make the commitment to be married, live up to that oath and be married.  Unfortunately for you, you’re NO LONGER SINGLE.  If you wanted to live the single life, you shouldn’t have gotten down on one knee and asked someone to be your wife.

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If You’re Not Married, You’re Single!!!

One of my facebook friends posted a video called “If you’re not married, you’re single.” It featured a guy talking about relationships and how so many people are  “DOING THE MOST” and are not married. This youtube video is hilarious but SOOOOO TRUE!!!! Definitely something everyone needs to hear!  Check it out and let me know what you think!!!

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