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Diva Must Haves: Lauren Merkin Handbags

When I arrived in New York City, my first order of business (after checking into my hotel) was to check out the Lauren Merkin Sample Sale.  I always see tweets about designer sample sales in New York, but I never had the opportunity to check one out, so going to this sample sale was a must!

Sample sales are great opportunities to find designer bargains. Periodically a designer will have a sale for 1-3 days, selling merchandise at a DEEP discount, up to 70% off.

I arrived at the Lauren Merkin office and the room was a fashionista’s dream!  Boxes, tables and shelves full of fabulous handbags and clutches in every color imaginable.

After taking pictures and spending 30 minutes trying to decide which bag I wanted to purchase (I gave myself a 1 item limit), I selected a fabulous burnt red bag that was discounted for more than 50% off the original ticket price!

Ladies, I highly recommend you check out Lauren Merkin handbags!  What I love about the collection is that there is such a variety.  You can opt for a chic handbag or a printed clutch to take any look to the next level.

To learn more and check out the new Spring line, visit

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Spring 2011 Trend Report

April is a few days away which means it’s time for us to all make sure our wardrobe is ready for the new season!

With so many trends this season, it’s hard to keep up! So to help you look your best, I compiled a list of the most popular trends you’ll want to incorporate into your wardrobe. And what’s nice about these trends is that they won’t ever go out of style!

Trouser Jeans

Derek Lam Trouser Jeans

Every woman should own a pair of trouser jeans. They are classic and very flattering, elongating the leg of any woman who wears them.  They are a great options for casual Friday work days.

Nude Pumps

Source: Caro Marketing

One of my favorite trends of the season. Nude pumps come in multiple shades and also elongate the leg of women who wear them.  Because they are neutral, they look great with any color; pair them with rich colors like coral, red, purple and navy for a nice contrast.

Bold Colors

Source: Clothes R Us Source: Modern Frame Productions

Source: Modern Frame Productions

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear a bold color from head to toe. Instead incorporate bright colors into your wardrobe by wearing a bright top with neutral pants/skirt or use accessories (scarves, bracelets, rings, handbags) to add a pop of color.


Contrary to many beliefs, you can mix prints!! The key is to keep one constant color between the two prints and one print should be more dominant than the other.


Bottega Veneta Ankle Tie Wedge Sandals

Wedges this year seem to be a lot more popular than past seasons. They are available in a variety of colors, fabrics and height. Wedges look great with full skirts and shorts.


Expect to see lace dresses and skirts this season (I saw one at The Limited this past weekend) in multiple colors.  Lace adds femininity and sex appeal without being over the top. Lace is a great alternative to wearing satin dresses for evening. 


Source: Fashion Access

Jumpsuits are another trend this season that add verticality to the women who wear them. They are a great alternative to dresses for day and especially an evening event (an all black jumpsuit with heels and fabulous accessories screams “CHIC”).

Full Skirts

Source: The Shoe Freak

Full skirts take A-line skirts to the next level! They are fun and flirty and are available in a varity of clothers and patterns for a variety of occassions. Remember, A-line skirts should help balance out a women’s proportion; if she is bottom heavy they slim a woman’s hips and if you’re aren’t bottom heavy they add flattering volume (not the same as bulk).

Peasant Tops

Source: The Shoe Freak

70s style is back this season so you can expect to see lots of peasant tops.  They will look great with trouser jeans, linen pants or shorts this season with wedges.

Do you need to update your wardrobe? Check out the Personal Styling Page to learn more about the personal styling services offered by A Diva State of Mind and to book an appointment today!

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NEW MUSIC: Keri Hilson ft. Chris Brown “One Night Stand” Video

With a song title called “One Night Stand,” I was expecting to see an over the top sexual music video between Keri Hilson and Chris Brown.  We all remember her last video “The Way You Love Me” and his “No Bullshit” video.

But to my surprise, the interaction between Keri and Chris isn’t something we haven’t seen before.  Between the song, a simple concept and the two of them dancing at the end, the video definitely gives off a 90s/early 2000 vibe (the type of music many of miss). Like most song these days, I’ll have to listen to it a few times to determine if I really like it, but it’s definitely a little different than what we’re hearing on the radio right now. And honestly, that’s quite refreshing.

What do you think of the new video?


Keri Hilson feat. Chris Brown “One Night Stand” from joseph labisi on Vimeo

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Would You Go On A Blind Date?

blind date Would You Go On A Blind Date?

Out of all of the communication options available, my friend decides to announce on twitter that she has a friend she wants me to meet!! SMH

At first I was embarrassed and thinking to myself “here we go; another one wants to play matchmaker!”  Did she really have to say it on twitter? I mean, she could’ve at least sent me a direct message!

But after staring at the tweet for a few minutes, I reminded myself that I made a commitment to let my guard down (a little) and be more open when it comes to dating.  I’m not getting any younger and I clearly haven’t had any luck meeting men who are about their business in the past, so maybe it’s time I consider other means to find eligible men to date. A girl could use some entertainment

I won’t go to the extreme and sign up for an online dating site, but I think it’s time to consider being set up on dates by friends who have a really good sense of the type of guys I’d be interested in dating.  One of the God Men and Money blog dating challenges last month was to be set up on a blind date. While I said I was participating in the challenge, I definitely didn’t reach out to any friends seeking to be set up on a blind date.  That takes courage I wasn’t willing to exercise.

But this time, I’m stepping up to the challenge.  I told my homegirl I’m down to meet this guy she thinks I’d like.  Maybe in a group outing (i.e. happy hour, bowling) where there isn’t so much pressure. And to all of my guy friends out there who like to tell me about myself and my habits when it comes to men, the guy I meet won’t automatically be put into the “friend” category. I’ll keep my options open!

So my question for all of you is this: Would you let your friends set you up on a blind date? Speak on it!

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Win $3,000 and Shop With Whitney Port!

10 days only! This spring, Shop It To Me is teaming up with Premium Return Protection from American Express and celebrity clothing designer Whitney Port to make this season your most stylish ever. Shop with No Regrets!

One GRAND-PRIZE winner will receive:

  • A customized styling session with celebrity clothing designer Whitney Port, via video chat
  • A $3,000 shopping spree of no-regret spring purchases found through Shop It To Me
  • A one-year subscription to Premium Return Protection from American Express


Ten DAILY WINNERS will each receive:

  • $100 to spend toward one of Whitney Port’s spring must-haves
  • A one-year subscription to Premium Return Protection


Enter to win by completing the following steps:

  1. Follow @ShopItToMe and @AmericanExpress on twitter
  2.  Tweet the following phrase:

Want to win a $3000 shopping spree w/ @whitneyeveport? Follow @shopittome @americanexpress & RT to win: #NoRegrets

Be sure to check your twitter DM inbox each morning to see if you’ve been picked!

Important info: See official rules for all the details

  • U.S. residents only, 18+ years
  • Enter via Twitter up to one time each day, starting March 24 (12:01am-11:59pm EST)
  • Limited time: only until April 2


What’s Premium Return Protection?

Let’s face it. Not even the savviest shopper is safe from the inevitable fashion purchase regret. (Liquid latex harem pants, anyone?) And since we all make mistakes, it’s good to have a back-up plan. That’s why Premium Return Protection from American Express is a stylish shopper’s must-have. It allows online or in-store shoppers – no matter what credit, debit or charge card is used – to shop with confidence knowing that American Express has your back; even if you’ve missed a store’s return policy deadline, you can still get your refund from American Express for up to six months.

Visit The Shop It To Me Blog to learn how you can submit a bonus entry!

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Ivanka Trump Adds Shoe Designer To Her Portfolio

I am in dire need (or at least I think I am) of new shoes! Flats, heels, wedges, I need them all. So while on my quest to find some new shoes online last week, I came across the Ivanka Trump Footwear Collection.  That’s right, THE Ivanka Trump; daughter of Donald Trump and Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at The Trump Organization.

The shoe line is divided into 4 collections; weekend, modern classics, red carpet and white; categories that address the basic needs of every woman. Ivanka describes her shoes as stylish yet refined. I totally agree with her! The combination of stylish and refined is perfect for young professional women, like me, who juggle a work life and social life (i.e. happy hour and various events after work).

Below are some of my favorites from each of the 4 collections:

Weekend: Hali ($130)

Weekend: Larima ($120)

Weekend: Magnoli ($120)

Modern Classics: Bulbli ($125). I need these in my life. HOT!

Modern Classics: Fennia ($130). Also available in Black. Yep I need these too!

Modern Classics: Gurdia ($120). Also available in Ivory. Ladies, this shoe would look great with a tailored suit!

Modern Classics: Pinki ($125). Can't go wrong with an essential; the classic black pump

Red Carpet: Dermani ($130). Also available in Black & Ivory. Love the color!

Red Carpet Alluvia Ivanka Trump Adds Shoe Designer To Her Portfolio

Red Carpet: Alluvia ($160). Available in Black & Ivory Satin

Red Carpet: Dicota ($150)

White: Cushion ($130). Love this style; hope this shoe is created in more colors.

White: Dimund ($150).

The Ivanka Trump Footwear Collection is currently available at Nordstrom and Macys.  Looks like I found a new shoe brand to add to my closet. icon smile Ivanka Trump Adds Shoe Designer To Her Portfolio

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DC Fit Week: Inspiring Social Adults To Lead Healthier Lives

A Diva State of Mind is a proud sponsor of DC FIT WEEK!!

When people think of health, they usually think of physical health. But one’s mental and financial health is just as important.  During the week of March 21, 2011, one event brings attention to all three areas of health.

DC Fit Week is a FREE week geared toward motivating and empowering active social adults to lead healthier lives. Classes include yoga, pilates, meditation, spin, outdoor running, group fitness, dance, financial workshops and mental health workshops.  The week will also include a healthy Opening Gala, Decompression Happy Hour and Fitness Expo.

The Fitness Expo is a happy hour, fashion show and expert chat all in one. The event will also benefit the non-profit Girls On The Run DC.  Check out details below:

Date: Wednesday, March 23rd

Time: 5-9pm

Where: The Sports Club/LA located at 22nd & M street

Happy Hour: Health-conscious entrees, smoothies, snacks, sandwiches, children’s menu, and colorful salad bar. The happy hour lounge will include a full-service bar with an exploratory cocktail menu, premium liquor, wine selection, and an adventurous light fare menu. Note, will feature some healthy cocktail selections for DC Fit Week along with caloric information and recipes.

Fashion Show: Sponsored by Pacers Running Stores & Lime Activewear, guest will see the latest in men’s & women’s fitness apparel.

Expert Chat: Panel discussion and Q/A session with the DC Fit Week team leaders. They’ll answer your burning questions, give you great tips and information on fitness, and keep you entertained.

Sponsored Charity: DC Fit Week is sponsoring WGirlsDC that night & putting together a raffle to raise money for Girls on the Run DC. Bring cash so you can donate & win great prizes.

To learn more about DC Fit Week, the Fitness Expo and to RSVP for all events, please visit


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Open Relationship: Relationship Urban Legend or Sheer Brilliance?

Another guest post by LB; Check it out!

The weather had just started to break and the sun was beaming on our faces as we stood outside on my deck, sipped white wine and enjoyed some light conversation. My cousin, a proud 22 year-old Howard University alumnae, was just starting to catch me up on the current events of his life.  He’d started a new relationship and seemed happy. I quietly wondered to myself, how has this 22 year-old “young man” managed to figure “it” out? And then it happened. His lips parted and out came the most ass-backward thing this extremely enlightened college grad had ever said in his life.

When I asked about this arrangement and how it worked he said simply “We’re in an open-relationship.” BOOM! After I picked my bottom jaw up from the hard wood of my deck, I replied with an even simpler statement. “You’re in a what?” What the hell is an open-relationship? What does that even mean and better yet, what world do you live in that you think that’s actually going to work?”

Now keep in mind, had this statement come from your average 22 year-old horn dog who is literally sniffing his way from treat to treat, with the same savagery as blood-hound, I would have considered the source and simply disregarded the statement as I do most of the gibberish that is expelled from the lips of average men. But this man (my cousin) is different. This man is not your ordinary 22 year-old. He’s well read, he’s articulate and more often than not, he will have something extremely insightful to say. So when he speaks, usually I listen.

But this declaration, this relationship blasphemy was apparently the secret to his happiness. The rule was, that neither he or his girlfriend prevent each other from “entertaining” or “dating” people of the opposite sex. All they have to do, is tell one another what’s going on. They have agreed not to have sex with anyone else, but it’s not about sex. The trick is they don’t limit themselves. They don’t put a box around what they have or formulate it into some equation that if altered, results in a break up.

Out of curiosity, I asked, “So which one of you has already violated this agreement?” He replied, “Neither of us have. And the funny thing is, I don’t even want to! I know what kind of situation I have and it makes me not want to date anyone else.”

And then it hit me. My cousin who will remain nameless, just might be on to something. I asked myself why I’ve sabotaged my own relationships in the past and the honest answer is because I always felt confined. I felt like my relationships were advancing to a place where my boyfriend had both hands wrapped around my neck, slowly applying pressure until I felt like my head was going to explode. It’s not that I ever really wanted to cheat on old boyfriends, but I just always end up feeling so confined and unable to breathe. This idea of an “open-relationship” seems as though it would give you all of the bonuses of a “real” relationship, without the gun to your head. It seems smart, if everyone plays by the rules. According to my cousin, being in an open-relationship just makes him want to be with his girlfriend even more. Could it really be that simple?

I doubt it, and here’s why. Ideally yes, in a perfect world, you could be in a relationship with someone and date other people and everyone would be blissfully happy. But that’s not how the world works folks. Being in a committed relationship is about choosing to be with one person. If you’re not ready to make that choice, then you’re not ready to be in a relationship. What my poor insightful and oh so brilliant cousin has yet to learn is that when you’re truly “in love” with someone, there is no one else. You don’t want to be with anyone else because you’re consumed with thoughts and feelings for the one you are “in love” with.  And when you love someone, you don’t want to see them with someone else. You don’t want them “entertaining” someone or leaving even a crumb of chance that they may meet and fall in  love with someone else.

My guess is my little cousin has yet to truly fall “in love” and have his heart stolen in that way. My guess is he really, really likes this girl, but isn’t completely sold on her…if he was, he wouldn’t need that room for entertainment. Or maybe an open-relationship is the way to go. Maybe the freedom of open relationship is just the breathing room that every couple needs. Maybe I’m just the one who doesn’t get it.

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You’re Invited: A Glitz & Glam Affair!

Spring must be around the corner because the next few months are going to be filled with fashion events in the DMV. First up is “A Glitz & Glam Affair!”

Hosted by 5 Starr Events, this glitz and glam event offers women the ultimate shopping experience.  Fashionistas will enjoy cocktails, live entertainment and will be able to purchase accessories and beauty product/services from local vendors including:


Date: March 19, 2011

Location: Pyramid Atlantic (8230 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland 20910)

Admission: $15 for advanced tickets, $20 at the door

Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

To learn more about “A Glitz and Glam Affair” and to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

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Ladies, When Should You Move In With Him?

living together before marriage Ladies, When Should You Move In With Him?

My friend sent me a message on gchat last week asking me to do a blog post about ladies moving in with their boyfriends.  I’m not exactly sure what she wanted me to specifically talk about so here are my thoughts!

I never really liked the idea of moving in with a boyfriend.  For me personally, the only person I’d ever move in with is my future fiancé or husband (no I’m not engaged; speaking hypothetically). Having a ring on my finger shows true commitment and seriousness about being together forever.  Believe me, I understand that those who are engaged and married break up and divorce too but there’s something about living with a boyfriend that just screams TOO SOON!

Now we all know boyfriends and girlfriends spend the night and give each other a spare drawer but that’s extremely different than moving in together. You can always go back home! When you live together, you don’t really have that option.  Now I know you won’t have that option either once you’re married, but that’s what you signed up for as husband and wife.

If you’re my boyfriend and we’re just dating, let’s miss each other a little bit.  Go a day or two without seeing each other. It not only makes reconnecting more exciting but helps keep the relationship fresh.  Not living together also gives you time to REALLY get to know each other; what you don’t want to do is move in with someone and then discover their true colors.

When you live together with a boyfriend, you also run the risk of being the milk he got for free (you know the saying “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”).  He may never want to pay for the cow!  There are women out there today who have lived with their significant others for YEARS and their man still hasn’t proposed. These women keep holding on and waiting and waiting and waiting.  But why should he get on one knee and ask that life changing question? By living together and not expecting anything more than your current situation, you are saying that it is ok to act like husband and wife without being the real deal.

Some will argue that moving in together is a great way to see if you really want to be together forever. That may be true for some, but hopefully by dating for a long period of time living in separate residencies, you can make that assessment.  Otherwise living together to only find out it wasn’t the best idea is an expensive reality no one wants to have to deal with.  So while the decision is ultimately yours, ladies may I suggest you wait until he has put a ring on it before moving in!

pixel Ladies, When Should You Move In With Him?
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