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The Big Tigger Morning Show: What do you think??

Yesterday was the first day of The Big Tigger Morning Show; the replacement to the Donnie Simpson Morning Show.  The show features BET personality, Danella and comedian Donnell Rawlings as Tigger’s co-hosts.  I’m not surprised Tigger took over the morning show, even thought the radio station made his exit from his afternoon 2-6pm time slot a very dramatic one (for a minute, we all thought he was leaving the radio station for good).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to truly tune in for the show’s entire 4 hours and assess if I’m going to like it.  I mean, from what I heard this morning on my way to the metro, it wasn’t anything too different. Although, Tigger screaming at the top of his lungs at 6am may be a little much.  Of course, it’ll take getting used to since I woke up every morning to The Donnie Simpson Show and his catchy theme song since I was little!

What do you think of The Big Tigger Morning Show?  Especially you loyal WPGC listeners…will you be tuning in every morning???

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Radio Without Donnie Simpson

After Friday, January 29, 2010, Donnie Simpson will no longer be a member of WPGC 95.5 team. Like many of you, I grew up listening to The Donnie Simpson Morning Show every morning from 6am to 10am.

 Radio Without Donnie Simpson

It seems as though the Donnie Simpson Show was experiencing low ratings (firing seems to be a theme in the entertainment business when there are low ratings) and there was a lot of tension between Simpson and management.   The station proposed to have a retirement party for Simpson in March, but he declined. And I don’t blame him.  He isn’t retiring, he was fired so why try to cover it up with a party?? The tension between Simpson and management seemed to be apparent during last year when Simpson returned from vacation to find that his colleague of over 10 years, Chris Paul was no longer on the show.

It now makes more sense why they had “American’s Next Top Jock” auditions. The station is looking to take the radio show in a more “youthful” direction. Radio in the DMV won’t really be the same once he goes off the air this Friday.  Donnie Simpson we have all loved listening to you over the years and you’ll truly be missed!!

pixel Radio Without Donnie Simpson
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