Every week I receive an email update featuring pictures of people out at various parties in DC.  And every week, I see some females who took looking sexy too far!

I understand when we go out, we want to dress sexy; catch the attention of the opposite sex. But there is a HUGE difference between sexy and trashy.

Having your bra show is NOT sexy. Seeing your thong above your pants or through your leggings is NOT sexy.  Wearing a dress or skirt so short that your goodies hang out, especially when you bend over, is NOT sexy!

Ladies, if you don’t know it by now, it’s time to learn the difference. You can be sexy without showing EVERYTHING.

If you’re going to wear a short skirt, it should cover your ass.  Pair the skirt with conservative and simple tops like the ones featured in the picture below.  You can wear a V neck top, but you should add a nice accessory to take attention away from your chest. The focus should be on your legs.  A nice simple top, accessories, great hair and makeup with your short skirt will scream sexy and confident.

Sophia Bush and Kim Kardashian

If you’re wearing a dress, you can wear a low cut dress or a short dress, but a dress that reveals your legs, is fitted and shows your boobs is doing too much.   And we all know skinny jeans and leggings already do the talking, so cute tops with blazers (in the fall/winter) and accessories go A LONG way.

Tight short dress with great accessories (simple or more vibrant depending on dress pattern) is enough. No need to reveal anything else. Focus here is on the legs and figure.

The idea is to be sexy and sensual without giving it all away.  It’s not only about how you dress, but how you carry yourself. If you’re confident in yourself and the way you look, you’ll wear your clothes instead of them wearing you. Showing all your goodies isn’t necessary and you won’t be mistaken for giving the wrong impression.  We want sexy and sensual, not trashy.

So the next time you reach in your closet to pick out your outfit, ask yourself these questions: “what message am I sending?” And “am I leaving anything to the imagination?”

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