Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Sequin Shorts?

Kandra emailed me and asked:

Recently I have become attracted to sequin shorts, but I can’t figure how to wear them in a tasteful way. I’m not a flashy person and not a small girl either (think Chrissy or Emily from Love and Hip-Hop). I want to go for an effortless cute look because I like to be comfortable when I go to nightclubs. I plan to wear these short to a day party at CIAA in Charlotte.

Kandra, I’m glad you like sequin shorts; they are so fun! When I read your email, I immediately thought of a casual, loose fitting sweater to go with the shorts.   Below the sweater is paired them with flat leather boots, a fringe bag and lots of arm candy for an edgy look. It’s cute and casual, but most importantly you’ll be comfortable.   If you wanted to wear this look out but dress it up a little, switch the shoes and bag for heels and a clutch.  The bracelets are optional. Instead of stacked bracelets, you can wear one or none.

Edgy Sequin Look


Instead of wearing a sweater, you can pair the sequin shorts with a casual loose fitted top which will bring visual interest to the top half of your body.  The black booties are optional. You can wear this outfit with black flat boots like the pair shown above if you don’t want to wear heels.


Sequin Shorts At A Day Party


The third option is to wear your shorts with a blazer.  A blazer is a great way to balance out your shoulders in proportion to your hips and thighs.  For a comfortable casual look, pair the shorts and blazer with a graphic tee and flat boots.  Don’t want to wear a scarf? Instead, roll up the sleeves on the jacket and wear a bracelet (or two or three) instead.



Sequin Shorts at a Day Party


The final look is perfect for a night out, but I thought I’d share it anyway!  You’ll eventually need evening outfit ideas for the shorts right?  And depending on how dressed up people get for day parties, it may just be appropriate. If you plan on going out to dinner and an evening party with no time to change, this look would work.
Night Out in Sequin Shorts


Kandra, I hope this look help you create the perfect outfit for the CIAA party! :)
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