So I’m driving home today from work and Big Tigger says he as a major announcement. Now I thought that he was going to say he was going to be on the new WPGC 95.5 morning show, taking over Donnie Simpson’s spot.   But to my surprise, Big Tigger announced 5 minutes before his afternoon segment was over that today was his last day on air. Did anyone see that coming?!

First Donnie Simpson and now Big Tigger.  While Big Tigger wasn’t on the air with WPGC as long as Donnie Simpson was, I was used to hearing him M-F 2pm-6pm and on Saturdays during his “Live in the Den with Big Tigger Show.” With the absense of these two,  WPGC has A LOT of work to do to fill the morning 6-10am show and the afternoon time slot.  Supposedly starting Monday, Lil’ Mo will take over for Big Tigger. Yes, you read that right, Lil Mo’. 

All I know is WPGC used to be my radio station of choice, so they better bring it if they want to keep me and so many other loyal listeners.  Let’s hope things can be worked out and Big Tigger does come back as the new face of the morning show.

By the way - what happened to everyone that was on the “New Donnie Simpson Morning Show?”

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