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Modern Day Matchmaker Holiday Dating Challenge

This past summer, Modern Day Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson issued a summer dating challenge for women. He’s back with a similar challenge this holiday season.  By January 1st, 2012, us single ladies are challenged to ask and go out on at least 10 dates with 10 different men! I know you’re probably wondering, “how are we going to do that?!” Well, it looks like we have to be big girls and take the initiative to ask 10 men out on a date.

Known as the #PCBChallenge on twitter, there are 10 reasons women should participate according to Brunson:

1. Men Are Open To Being Asked Out

2. It’s Not Emasculating

3. You Don’t Really Have To Pay

4. It’s a confidence booster

5. Increase Your Social Skills

6. Comparison Investing Is The Way To Go

7. It’s Time To Do Things Differently

8. Nothing Just Happens

9. Brunson has seen It Work

10.  If Brunson Is Wrong, He’ll Owe You

Over the summer, one of my friends encouraged me to take this similar challenge but I failed miserably! I don’t think I went on one single date because I did not take the initiative to ask. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try the holiday challenge, but I guess I should decide soon since we literally have 5 weeks left in 2011.  I mean I may not find 10 guys to ask on a date between now and January 1st, but one is better than none right?  Plus who wouldn’t want to gain some of the benefits Brunson listed above?

Ladies, are you up for the Modern Day Matchmaker Holiday Dating Challenge? To officially enter, Go to and post on the wall or tweet @PaulCBrunson stating “I take the #PCBchallenge.” Then identify 10 men and go on dates.  The final step is to report to Brunson on January 2nd with an overview of your process and results.

For more information on the 10 reasons you should participate in the challenge, click HERE.

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How To Incorporate Sequin In This Year’s Holiday Look

“Back in the day” I wasn’t a big fan of sequin. Over the years, I’ve eased my way into liking sequin.   I have a black sequin top from Express that I absolutely love. However, this year, I am in LOVE.  I, like so many others, patiently waited for blogger Cortnie to finish creating her new sequin clutch.   I recently purchased a cute grey sequin top that I plan on wearing for New Year’s Eve and I have had my eye on a gold sequin jacket for quite a while (still trying to justify that purchase in my head before actually going through with it).

Sequin doesn’t really start to pop up on most people’s radar until the holiday season. Some people love it and others hate it. But if you’re somewhere in the middle; meaning you want to wear sequin but you’re just not sure how without looking like a walking disco ball, here are few ways you can incorporate sequin into your holiday looks this year:




Petites Rose Gold Sequin Dress
Rupert Sanderson Harper Platform Suede Pumps
Poppie Jones Leopard Clutch - Brown
Stella mccartney jewellery GOLD
Sandie’s Large Red Enamel Chandelier Earrings - Final Sale



GRYPHON Sequin Tank
bright blue blazer - blazers - coats / jackets - women - River Island
Rich & Skinny Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans
ZiGi Black Label Shiny Pump - Black
Purple gathered satin clutch handbag
Effy Collection Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire & Topaz Ring
Rhinestone Bauble Ring Silver
•Gypsy Soule Textured Hoop Earrings



Alexander Wang Asymmetric Ribbed Cotton Sweater
IRO Metallic Viliana Sequin Pant
Giuseppe Zanotti Platform suede bootie
Lodis ‘Astor Edith’ Clutch Nude One Size
Asos Dream Catcher Feather Drop Earrings
Madilynn’s Extra Long Red Stone Oval Shape Fashion Ring
Black Rectangular Crystal Cocktail Ring

For suggestions on how to wear a sequin blazer or shorts, check out last year’s holiday looks here. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss your styling needs, please contact me at [email protected] or (301) 836-1451.

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Fab Beauty Find: Pur Minerals 3-in-1 Universal Pencil


Sometime those who do our eyebrows just don’t get it completely right.  Other times, we just want our brows to be a little thicker.  Both of these cases were reasons for me to search for an eyebrow pencil that would fill in my brows and still look natural.  Last month, I went to Ulta and the sales associate recommended the Pur Minerals 3-in-1 Universal Pencil. Retail for $17, I thought that was expensive until I tried it!

This eyebrow pencil is great! The pencil has a brush that allows for a nice blend. The pencil doesn’t smudge and has staying power.  Another bonus: the 3-in-1 Universal Pencil can also be used as a eye liner and lip liner (I haven’t tried using it for lips or eyes).  For the price, it doesn’t get much better than that!



The liner is available in four colors: Cocoa Topaz (I use this one), Natural, Golden Bronze, Alamandine. If you are in need of a brow enhancer, I highly recommend the Pur Minerals 3-in-1. Click HERE for more info. The Universal Pencil is online or at your local Ulta store.

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You’re Invited: “Be Loud Be You” Holiday Happy Hour

DC fashion blogger Krystin of Be Loud Be You is hosting her first holiday happy hour!  The purpose of the event? To bring together DC fashionistas and tastemakers for a night of food, drinks and networking.  I mean, it is DC; we don’t ever need a reason to attend a happy hour!

Krystin has only been blogging for a couple of months, but she is already making an impact on DC fashion. I’m very proud all of her success and can’t wait to attend her event. I hope to see you there!!!

Date: Monday, December 5, 2011

Time: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Location: Bar Code (101 17th Street NW Washington, DC)

Specials: 1/2 on all beer, wine, rail drinks; happy hour food specials

Holiday attire is suggested but not required.

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Beyonce Shows Us How To Keep A Man: “Dance For You” Video

“Damn Bey. This is the “how to keep your man” tutorial LOL” - @ILuvKaraoke

Beyonce better work!!! Bey shows off some sexy moves in her new black and white video “Dance For You,” a bonus track off her most recent album 4.  This is how you keep things exciting between you and your boo. Ladies take notes; I know I am

Submit Your Style Questions!!

A friend hit me up on gchat and suggested I write a few new blog posts on variety of styling topics. During the conversation I had an idea;  I should add another category that focuses on answering your styling questions.   I know I should’ve come up with this sooner; better late than never right?!

Moving forward Ask Keri blog posts will be added.  Similar to the outfit and Diva Must Have posts I do now, but more specific to your questions and needs.

If you’d like to submit a question, please email me at [email protected]. Write Ask Keri in the subject line.  You can submit as many questions as you like!  I will respond to all questions via email and upload some online as a blog post to share with everyone.  Can’t wait icon smile Submit Your Style Questions!!

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Has Reality TV Become The New Celebrity Trend?

On Monday, the entertainment blog sites posted news of Gospel duo Mary Mary landing their own reality series on WeTv which will aire March 2012.  The show will follow the sisters as they struggle to balance their careers and family life.  Sound familiar?

I’m sure it does because it seems like everyone has their own reality show these days following their lives as they balance career and family.  T.I. recently joined VH1, The Braxton’s are on their second season and Tia & Tamara had a successful season on the Style network. I’ll admit, I watch (and plan on watching) these shows, but I couldn’t help but wonder, is this the new norm for celebrities?

In an entertainment era that loves reality TV, is that the next career move for celebrities in order to stay relevant or promote upcoming projects?  I know for some, reality television is one of the many ways they are making money as they seek to revamp their careers. For others, reality TV is another venue they can add to their “brand.”  But for successful artists like Mary Mary, what is the reason for starring in their own show? Expand their fan base?

These days, when many reality shows are about fighting and foolishness, it is refreshing to see shows that are positive and aren’t very dramatic.  But celebrities having their own show can only go on for so long before that trend gets old. 

Do you think reality TV has become a new trend for celebrities? Why do you think so many celebrities have agreed to have their own reality shows? Which show will you be watching?  

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Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose Covers Avenue Magazine

June Ambrose has been in the fashion industry for years styling some of our favorite celebrities including Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West and Jay-Z.  The fabulous celebrity stylist recently teamed up with Avenue Magazine for their October Issue. She didn’t style the shoot; instead she is featured on the cover! 

Ambrose wears a Jean Paul Gaultier sequin turtleneck and pants paired with Christian Louboutin black Daffodil pumps.  In the interview, she talks about leaving her job as an investment banker to become a stylist. She discusses her new reality show on VH1, The June Ambrose Project (I can’t wait to watch!!!) and how she balances fashion and family.

“I always wanted to walk into a room and be the focus of it, that was just my shtick. I was going to use myself to get my foot in the door and make things happen. I wanted to take urban style and make it something cinematic and forward… A kind of high market approach. I bought in all these elements and designed all these pieces for this scene when nobody wanted to give Mariah Carey gowns.” - June Ambrose

It is about time June Ambrose becomes a household name!  It is inspiring to know that Ambrose started off working as an investment banker but had the courage to leave and follow her true passion. I can’t wait to read her entire interview.

You can follow June Ambrose on twitter @juneambrose

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Hire A Stylist This Holiday Season

Source: The Coveteur

With Thanksgiving literally one week away, it is officially the holiday season! Over the next 50 days, you will be invited to fabulous events and parties. That can mean only one thing, what are you going to wear?!

A personal stylist is beneficial for any woman who wants to revamp her wardrobe, needs help putting together looks from items she currently has in her closet or shop for special occasions. If you don’t know what to wear to various events or don’t have the time to find the perfect outfit for upcoming holiday events, now is a great time to hire a personal stylist (i.e Me)!  I can help you create looks from your wardrobe or provide personal shopping services to help you find the perfect look!

For more information about services available, please click HERE.  To view my work, please check out the following pages: Clients and My Look Book. To make an appointment contact me at [email protected] and/or (301) 836-1451. I look forward to working with you!

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Seriously?? “I’m Very Rich B*tch” T-Shirts?!?!

A pic NeNe tweeted of her new t-shirts

Thanks to her exposure on “Celebrity Apprentice” Ms. NeNe Leakes is “rich” and she wants the whole world to know! On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe has announced on multiple occasions that she is rich.  She is working on a few business deals and because she is “flowing in dough” she even checked out a $9 million mansion in Miami.

So to continue capitalizing on her new fame, she has decided to follow the footsteps of Evelyn Lozada (from Basketball Wives) and create her own line of t-shirts displaying her very own phrase she said to Sheree in a heated argument during Episode one, “I’m Very Rich B*tch.” *rolling my eyes* 

I’m not sure who told her to move forward with a t-shirt line, but real women (and men) who are wealthy do not need to walk around announcing it to the world! I’m not anywhere close to being rich but that’s one rule MOST people know!

When was the last time you heard Warren Buffet talk about the billions he is making? You don’t hear Kandi on The Real Housewives of Atlanta talking about how much money she has and you know she is wealthy! She used to be in Xscape and has written songs for a number of celebrity artists. Can we say royalties!

NeNe is currently selling her Swarovski crystal t-shirts for $150.   I hope I don’t ever see anyone wearing this shirt! It’s tacky and ridiculous. If I ever do stumble upon someone wearing this shirt, I’d have to wonder, “if you are really that rich you wouldn’t have to wear a shirt that says so.”

 When people making new money have a few hundred thousand or even a million, they think they’re rich.” - Kandi

Click HERE to watch the video of NeNe telling Sheree she’s rich.

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