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A Diva State of Mind Featured In Because I Am Fabulous

I hadn’t thought about mentioning my feature in Because I Am Fabulous until a friend asked this weekend “when are you posting the feature on your site?”  I thought emailing the link to a few friends and sharing via twitter was enough. So please forgive me for not sharing this with all of you sooner! 

Three weeks ago, the fabulous folks at Because I Am Fabulous (s/o to the Editor-in-Chief Sai Sankoh) featured me for this month’s blogger shine. Because I Am Fabulous is great site on all things fashion, beauty, street and celebrity style.

Check out a few excerpts from the feature:

What inspired you to start blogging?

When I started my blog, I was working retail and off two weekdays per week .I was bored because all of my friends were at working during the day while I was home.  A friend suggested I start blogging.  I didn’t think I had much to blog about, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Who do you think is the most influential personality in fashion world and why? 

I don’t think there is one personality that is the most influential in the fashion world. I think there is enough room in the industry for everyone to make their own individual impact.

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Great style begins with confidence! It’s important that women are comfortable in their own bodies.

Where do you see your blog headed in a few years?

I see the blog shifting in the direction of providing more styling advice. In the past year, I have used the site to launch my personal styling business.  In a few years, people will not only think of A Diva State of Mind as a lifestyle blog but a place they can go to for personal styling services.

Read the full feature at Because I Am Fabulous

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Alibi Men’s Cologne To Hide The Smell Of The Strip Club

There is a product for anything these days!

If you ever visit Mavericks Revue Bar in South Africa (a strip club) and but don’t want to smell like you did, Mavericks now sells Alibis Fragrance For Men. The cologne will camouflage the strip club scent.  I couldn’t make this up even if I tried!

Alibis Frangrance For Men scents include “I was working late” that smells of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink, “My car broke down” that smells of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel and “Out Sailing” that smells of fresh ocean spray, sea salt, water and cotton rope.

According to Mavericks:

The fragrance market is a natural extension for the sexy, sophisticated and upmarket Mavericks brand, and the idea of a range of ‘Alibis’ is one that will undoubtedly generate interest, particularly for gentlemen upon leaving the club.

When I heard about this on the radio last week I thought it was ridiculous.  Do men really buy this stuff? Seriously, you have to cover up the fact that you went to the strip club? Maybe the women in South Africa aren’t as accepting of their men going to strip clubs because in the US, women (not all) will gladly go to the strip club with their man.

Fellas, if you were dating someone who was opposed to you going to the strip club and you went anyway, would you purchase this cologne?

What I really want to know if the scent is believable!


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Looks We Love: Viola Davis At The 2012 SAG Awards

It’s award season which means red carpets galore!! Tonight was the Screen Actors Guild Awards.  While everyone looked amazing, one of my favorite looks from the night was by Viola Davis.  She looked AMAZING!!!!!!

She wore a white Marchesa gown with intricate gold detail that looked radiant against her skin (Marchesa ran the SAG red carpet this year).

Getty Images

Getty Images

Congratulations to Viola Davis for winning Best Actress and her co-star Octavia Spencer for winning Outstanding Female Actress in a Supporting Role in The Help.  It is wonderful and refreshing to see these black actresses being recognized for their work in an industry were roles for black women are so limited.

What were some of your favorite looks from the SAG red carpet?

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Interview With Handbag Designer Dareen Hakim

I first introduced you to the Dareen Hakim handbag collection last month during the 10% off holiday sale. Her handbags and clutches are bold and dramatic, making them the perfect unique accessory to compliment an outfit.  I had the opportunity to talk to Dareen about her collection, inspiration behind her designs and who she’d love to work with in the future.

ADSOM: What are three words you’d use to describe your collection?

DH: Bold. Chic. Unexpected.

ADSOM: What is the inspiration behind your current collection?

DH: My Lebanese heritage has always been an inspiration in both self-expression and my personal aesthetic and it is this cultural influence that’s driven by the concept of contrasts that’s behind all of my creative expressions.   My designs are meant to incorporate this beauty of contrasts; whether in the materials such as artisanal metals in my classic core collection, in the textures such as the mesh and leather combination of my second satellite collection, or the vibrant hues and embossing, which is a big part of my current satellite collection. 

I am always looking for new inspirations to help to expand the brand.  Sometimes I just take a walk outside or look through pictures of my travels. I search for things that resonate with me (shapes, memories, colors), and those somehow always tie back to my heritage because that’s what naturally sticks with me. 

ADSOM: How would you describe the woman that purchases your handbags?

DK: The brand is constructed around the confident worldly curious woman in mind… one who desires a unique statement piece to express herself in her own way, yet also one who appreciates the timelessness of a clean silhouette, with an unexpected twist.  Take a clutch wrapped with a bold color like sapphire, or embossed with an ostrich print, and adorned with a contrasting hand-crafted raw metal; it creates that statement piece that neither they, nor any of their friends, already have in their closets.

ADSOM: Which celebrities would you love to work with? 

DH: I’m proud to have had my collection carried by the beautiful Eva Longoria and Fergie.  Both women with strength, confidence, cultural appreciation, ambitiousness and sensual femininity yet curious edge; all traits I admire and respect.  Similarly, I would love to work with Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez for the same reasons. 

ADSOM: What is your favorite handbag from the collection?

DH: This is a toughie; I love all my bags as they each remind me of special memories.  But if I could only choose one handbag, it would have to be Le Icon since it is not only my first design, but also the signature piece of the brand.  It was my original inspiration for launching my own business… it was my way of expressing the story of my life, present and past, and reflects inspirational messages by which I live.  Le Icon embodies all of this due to its personalization component, where the customer can design it as their own self-reflection, choosing from a selection of leather colors, embossing, metal type, and inscription.  The inscriptions are strong life values while also making the bag a contagious talking piece, with motivating messages such as “Happiness”, “My Love”, “Wisdom and Strength”, and “Live and Laugh”.  Every season this classic clutch bag is reintroduced with a trend of new colors and prints.  Le Icon is usually the handbag that customers identify with our brand, and I’m very proud of it.

ADSOM: What is one accessory you can’t live without?

DH: My favorite accessory is handbags, of course.  But the one accessory I can’t live without is my little tot Mila (daughter), who goes with any outfit I may be wearing.

Dareen’s handbags are gorgeous and I need to get my hands on one ASAP!! To view her entire collection, click HERE. You can also follow Dareen Hakim on twitter @DareenHakim.

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How To Layer Jewelry by Celebrity Stylist Monica Rose

Accessories are key if you want to take an outfit to the next level.  If you’ve seen pictures of people wearing multiple bracelets and rings at once but never thought you could pull the look off, check out this cool video by celebrity stylist Monica Rose for LEAF tv.  In under 2 minutes, she demonstrates how to layer jewerly.   The key is to mix metals and textures.

Click HERE for details on the accessories featured in the video.


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Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Sequin Shorts?

Kandra emailed me and asked:

Recently I have become attracted to sequin shorts, but I can’t figure how to wear them in a tasteful way. I’m not a flashy person and not a small girl either (think Chrissy or Emily from Love and Hip-Hop). I want to go for an effortless cute look because I like to be comfortable when I go to nightclubs. I plan to wear these short to a day party at CIAA in Charlotte.

Kandra, I’m glad you like sequin shorts; they are so fun! When I read your email, I immediately thought of a casual, loose fitting sweater to go with the shorts.   Below the sweater is paired them with flat leather boots, a fringe bag and lots of arm candy for an edgy look. It’s cute and casual, but most importantly you’ll be comfortable.   If you wanted to wear this look out but dress it up a little, switch the shoes and bag for heels and a clutch.  The bracelets are optional. Instead of stacked bracelets, you can wear one or none.


Instead of wearing a sweater, you can pair the sequin shorts with a casual loose fitted top which will bring visual interest to the top half of your body.  The black booties are optional. You can wear this outfit with black flat boots like the pair shown above if you don’t want to wear heels.



The third option is to wear your shorts with a blazer.  A blazer is a great way to balance out your shoulders in proportion to your hips and thighs.  For a comfortable casual look, pair the shorts and blazer with a graphic tee and flat boots.  Don’t want to wear a scarf? Instead, roll up the sleeves on the jacket and wear a bracelet (or two or three) instead.




The final look is perfect for a night out, but I thought I’d share it anyway!  You’ll eventually need evening outfit ideas for the shorts right?  And depending on how dressed up people get for day parties, it may just be appropriate. If you plan on going out to dinner and an evening party with no time to change, this look would work.


Kandra, I hope this look help you create the perfect outfit for the CIAA party! icon smile Ask Keri: How Do I Wear Sequin Shorts?
If you have style questions, submit them to [email protected]
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Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Yourself!

I was catching up on my favorite websites and saw these words on Clutch Magazine. I absolutely love it and knew I had to share with all of you.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – E.E. Cummings

 As we go through life, many times we find ourselves changing to fit the needs of others instead of being who we really want to be. While we don’t want to let down our parents, friends, partners, or peers, when we fail to stay true to our own selves, we end up losing. Be bold, be courageous, and above all else, be yourself. - Britni Danielle, Clutch Magazine

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Why We Should See ‘Red Tails’

By now I hope you have heard of Red Tails. It’s a film about the trials and tribulations of the Tuskegee Airmen and stars an all black cast.  But those aren’t the only reasons we should head out to our local theatres this weekend.  Red Tails is a film that struggled to receive the support of Hollywood.

Created by George Lucas, Red Tails is a movie that is over 23 years in the making.  Lucas invested $93 million in production and distribution because Hollywood didn’t want to take a chance on the movie.  Major Hollywood studios don’t think black films make money at the box office.  If they are going to invest in a film, they expect a high return at the box office. That means all of our favorite black films were not produced in major Hollywood studios.   While they are great and we support, they don’t make the numbers major Hollywood studios seek to make and promote a film.




The Daily Show
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So they really didn’t know how to market stars like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrance Howard?? *blank stare*

So what does all of this mean? It means we need to go out to the theatres this weekend and support Red Tails. We need to prove that black films are movies that are desired by all audiences and are worth investing.  Movies that face challenges like this need to be supported! And if you know any teenagers, especially boys, bring them to the movies with you. Lucas created Red Tails to show teenage boys that there are real, inspirational American heroes.

Love it!!

Red Tails  hits theatres Friday, January 20, 2012.

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Marshall Anthony: Deluxe Clothier Specializing In Men’s Accessories

Last month I attended an event at The Gibson for Marshall Anthony, a men’s accessories collection based out of New York.  The collection features neckties, bow-ties, handkerchiefs, custom shirts and suspenders.  Marshall Anthony has had much success in New York and are now focusing on expanding into other major markets including Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA.

Marshall Anthony was founded in 2009 by Darhel Anthony, in search for a simple quality bow-tie. Over the years, the brand has evolved to include handcrafted neckwear and accessories. In 2011, Darhel and Caron Gabriel partnered to share with the world their vision for the modern gentlemen. Marshall Anthony will soon be a full high end menswear brand, encompassing all garments necessary for a gentleman’s wardrobe.

The target audience for Marshall Anthony is the gentleman of all things sartorial, regardless of age and status.

The ready to wear bow-ties and neckties range from $75 to $105.  The made to order garments range from $85 to $115. Prices of custom garments vary.

There are a number of brands that provide men’s accessories however, the quality of design and construction of each accessory truly sets Marshall Anthony apart from the rest.

To learn more about the brand and to view the current collection visit  Information on all upcoming events will be available via the Marshall Anthony website and Tumblr page

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Ask Keri: Isn’t White A No Go For Winter?

My friend Erikka texted me the other day and asked:

So Ms. Fashionista, I want a white Michael Kors watch.  Isn’t that a no go for winter?!?”

The short answer? NO white is not a no go for winter! The “no white after Labor Day” rule doesn’t exist anymore (if it ever did really exist).  We all wear white button up shirts after Labor Day right? So why can’t we wear white watches and other attire?

When Erikka asked her question, I immediately thought I needed to do a post on wearing white during the winter but I really wanted to focus on jeans. Many people feel like white jeans can’t be worn upon the arrival of the fall and winter seasons.  However, that’s not the case at all!

If you’re on the fence about wearing them during the winter, hopefully the outfit ideas below will help put you at ease.  Pair your jeans with fabulous boots and a sweater.  Want a dressed up, but casual look for a house party or social gathering? Pair them with sequin tops or sweaters. A friend paired her white skinny jeans with a red sequins top, black blazer and sky high black pumps for a house party. She looked FAB!!  And I already know what you’re thinking. Yes you can also wear sequins after the holiday season!






Have style questions? Submit them to [email protected]

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