I first introduced you to the Dareen Hakim handbag collection last month during the 10% off holiday sale. Her handbags and clutches are bold and dramatic, making them the perfect unique accessory to compliment an outfit.  I had the opportunity to talk to Dareen about her collection, inspiration behind her designs and who she’d love to work with in the future.

ADSOM: What are three words you’d use to describe your collection?

DH: Bold. Chic. Unexpected.

ADSOM: What is the inspiration behind your current collection?

DH: My Lebanese heritage has always been an inspiration in both self-expression and my personal aesthetic and it is this cultural influence that’s driven by the concept of contrasts that’s behind all of my creative expressions.   My designs are meant to incorporate this beauty of contrasts; whether in the materials such as artisanal metals in my classic core collection, in the textures such as the mesh and leather combination of my second satellite collection, or the vibrant hues and embossing, which is a big part of my current satellite collection. 

I am always looking for new inspirations to help to expand the brand.  Sometimes I just take a walk outside or look through pictures of my travels. I search for things that resonate with me (shapes, memories, colors), and those somehow always tie back to my heritage because that’s what naturally sticks with me. 

ADSOM: How would you describe the woman that purchases your handbags?

DK: The brand is constructed around the confident worldly curious woman in mind… one who desires a unique statement piece to express herself in her own way, yet also one who appreciates the timelessness of a clean silhouette, with an unexpected twist.  Take a clutch wrapped with a bold color like sapphire, or embossed with an ostrich print, and adorned with a contrasting hand-crafted raw metal; it creates that statement piece that neither they, nor any of their friends, already have in their closets.

ADSOM: Which celebrities would you love to work with? 

DH: I’m proud to have had my collection carried by the beautiful Eva Longoria and Fergie.  Both women with strength, confidence, cultural appreciation, ambitiousness and sensual femininity yet curious edge; all traits I admire and respect.  Similarly, I would love to work with Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez for the same reasons. 

ADSOM: What is your favorite handbag from the collection?

DH: This is a toughie; I love all my bags as they each remind me of special memories.  But if I could only choose one handbag, it would have to be Le Icon since it is not only my first design, but also the signature piece of the brand.  It was my original inspiration for launching my own business… it was my way of expressing the story of my life, present and past, and reflects inspirational messages by which I live.  Le Icon embodies all of this due to its personalization component, where the customer can design it as their own self-reflection, choosing from a selection of leather colors, embossing, metal type, and inscription.  The inscriptions are strong life values while also making the bag a contagious talking piece, with motivating messages such as “Happiness”, “My Love”, “Wisdom and Strength”, and “Live and Laugh”.  Every season this classic clutch bag is reintroduced with a trend of new colors and prints.  Le Icon is usually the handbag that customers identify with our brand, and I’m very proud of it.

ADSOM: What is one accessory you can’t live without?

DH: My favorite accessory is handbags, of course.  But the one accessory I can’t live without is my little tot Mila (daughter), who goes with any outfit I may be wearing.

Dareen’s handbags are gorgeous and I need to get my hands on one ASAP!! To view her entire collection, click HERE. You can also follow Dareen Hakim on twitter @DareenHakim.

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