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Style Smart: Holiday & Inaugural Season Styling Sessions

Most styling appointments I have had thus far have been to help clients clean out their closets, shop to fill in wardrobe gaps or create work and casual looks with pieces they already in their wardrobe. But for the next two months, many people will be invited to attend numerous holiday parties, charity events and inauguration galas.  With so many events going on, trying to find the “perfect look” can become overwhelming.

Whether you need help shopping for a new outfit or need help putting together a look with your current wardrobe, I’m here to help YOU! Yes you! The one reading this thinking “What am I going to wear to the holiday party next weekend?”

If you need help finding the perfect outfit(s), here are two ways I can assist you:

1. I’ll go to the mall before your scheduled appointment pulling pieces for you to try on.  You’ll meet me at the mall and we’ll go to each store to try on the items that were pulled until we find pieces that work best for you.  Depending on how much you need (just a dress vs. a dress, shoes & accessories) the shopping trip may need to be split into more than one appointment.  Believe it or not, after 2-3 hours of shopping with a stylist, you will probably want to take a break.

2.If you’re like a lot of women, you already have plenty of options hanging in your closet; you’re just unsure which of those options you should wear to a specific event. I’ll come over and help select outfits that are appropriate for the event you are attending.  This type of appointment will also make us aware of any key pieces that may be missing in your wardrobe.

If you think you need help this holiday or inaugural season, please contact me! For those planning on attending inauguration galas, now is great time to start looking for a gown. If you are thinking, “I don’t need a stylist, but I have a friend that does” please pass along my information.  My goal is to help you (and your friends) look and feel your best for every occasion!

Special offer - Mention this post and receive 15% off services. 

Click HERE to view my portfolio. Contact me via email at [email protected]  or phone (301) 836-1451.

Photo: Examiner

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One Legendary Partnership: Neiman Marcus & Target

How exciting is this??? Neiman Marcus and Target have teamed up to bring shoppers clothing and accessories from 24 designers including Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Tory Burch, DVF, Marchesa and more! The collection hits both Target and Neiman Marcus stores on Saturday, December 1, 2012.   Y’all thought H&M stores went crazy during collaborations; I can only image what Target stores are going to look like after these designers pieces hit stores.

Check out the commericial that launched this week!

Will you be visiting your local Neiman Marcus and/or Target to get your hands on some designer pieces??

Source: Glamazon Diaries

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You’re Invited: 100 Black Men of Greater Washington Holiday Party

Tis the season for holiday parties!!

You’re invited to attend the 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 5th from 6-11pm at The Park at Fourteenth.  The event is free and includes complimentary cocktails, passed hors d’oeuvres and a silent auction featuring sports memorabilia, vacation packages, entertainment and game tickets and more.  All proceeds will be donated to 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC.

The 100 Black Men is devoted to improving the quality of life for African Americans, particularly young males, in the Greater Washington, DC area through programs that focus on mentoring, education, health & wellness and economic development.

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When Deciding On Your Child’s Name, Think About Their Future!

Some parents like to be creative when it comes to their child’s name. They want something unique. But sometimes that creativity is a little extreme.

According to Mashable, the parent’s of a baby born on Saturday named their child Hashtag. Yes you read that correct, HASHTAG, as in the symbol we use on Twitter to identify specific topics (i.e #fashion #dating, #ratchet).  When I read this on Mashable, I thought it was a joke.  People wouldn’t really name their child after a social media symbol?!

Maybe the couple met through Twitter and this was their way of paying homage to them meeting.  Or maybe social media played a big role during the mother’s pregnancy.  Either way, there is a huge possibility that the child will face teasing from peers when they are older playing at recess.  Kids are mean and if they know someone’s name is that of a symbol used on social media, there is no doubt in my mind the child will face some scrutiny.

Baby Hashtag isn’t the only one out there named after social media though.  Last year, a man in Egypt named his son Facebook to honor the role the website played in igniting the country’s January 25th revolution.


I am not a parent and don’t plan on having kids soon, so I am probably not the best person to give advice on parenting.  But I will throw in my two cents anyway! When deciding on a name for your child, please think about the child’s future.  Ask yourself “is there a chance my child will be ridiculed? Could their name hinder them from getting a job?”  We can act like companies don’t discriminate but they do. If there are two equally qualified candidates; one named Stephanie and the other name Tweetsha, Stephanie is more likely to get the job.

The really creative names only seem to work for kids whose parents are entertainers (i.e. Blue Ivy, Seven, Apple) or executives of successful companies.  Those kids are guaranteed a job when they get older.

What do you think about the name Hashtag? What are the craziest names you’ve heard?

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You’re Invited: Red Sprinkle & Squareroot’s Pop-Up Beauty Lounge

Hosted by Nife O. of Skinny Hipster and fashion/beauty blogger, Naja of, the POP-UP BEAUTY LOUNGE will transform the La Petite Marmoset showroom into a live fashion and beauty lounge.  Guests will enjoy cupcakes by Red Velvet Cupcakery, holiday hair consultations from celebrity hair stylist Adrin “Seven” Washington and more.  The lounge will also feature models donning holiday looks for those female guests whose schedules are overflowing with company parties and family gatherings.

The first 50 guests will receive a gift bag featuring products from the following sponsors: IMAN Cosmetics, African Pride hair care, Crux NY jewelery, Kiehl’s skin care (Georgetown), Plush Beautiq, Seven and Company, and Phyto hair care.

A portion of proceeds from sales at La Petite Marmoset will go to benefit the Red Sprinkle Fashion Camp.  You may recall, the shopping soirée I hosted earlier this year also supported the Red Sprinkle Fashion Camp. The camp encourages entrepreneurship in creative careers amongst young women in the DC metropolitan area.  

The event is FREE. RSVP

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Current Obsession: Michael Michael Kors High-Top Sneakers

It’s no secret; sneakers are making a comeback in women’s fashion this year. With more fashionable styles available, there is a sneaker that caters to everyone.  A style that is very popular this season is the high-top sneaker.  Thanks to the popularity of wedge sneakers, which are a mix between a sneaker and wedge, high-tops are popping up everywhere, being offered by Nike, Reebok and most recently Michael Kors.

The Michael Michael Kors High-Top is a sneaker for the fashion conscious woman who wants to be able to dress casual without sacrificing style.  This is a great shoe to wear on those days when you feel like heels are just not an option.  For this fall/winter season, pair the sneakers with skinny jeans or leather pants with an oversized sweater or long sleeve blouse and fur vest.

Michael Michael Kors Chain Lace Quilted High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Studded High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Snake Print High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Metallic Glam Studded High-Top

Michael Michael Kors Fulton High-Top

For more information and to shop Michael Michael Kors High-Top Sneakers, click HERE.

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Ask Keri: What Do I Wear With Guess Matte Wet Leggings?

My friend Lisa recently purchased a pair of Guess Matte Wet Leggings. The first thing she said after purchasing them was “you have to help me find tops to wear with them!”

This style of leggings and pants is very popular this season.  Below are three different ways Lisa and others can wear their leggings this fall and winter season.

We will call the first look All Black Everything. For a look of sophistication, pair the leggings with a sheer black top, black blazer and pumps. Complete the look with silver accessories and a red lip.

Shop the look below:




On colder days, pair the leggings with an oversized sweater and boots. This look is great if for an afternoon out with friends in the city or an evening house party. Use accessories like handbags to add a pop of color to the look.

Shop the look below:


For the final look, pair the leggings with a printed tunic and statement necklace. Because the print of the tunic isn’t too loud, the gem necklace contrast the top nicely and plays center stage of the look. Keep the rest of the look simple with black pumps and clutch. This is an easy but sexy look for a night out partying with friends. If you decide to wear a printed tunic that is in bolder colors, instead of wearing a necklace, pair it with large earrings and a bracelet.

Shop the look below:

If you have style questions, submit them to [email protected] If you’re interested in personal styling services, please click HERE for more information.

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Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

While the holiday season is about family, food and gifts, it should also be a time when we focus on giving back to those in need. It is important to give back throughout the year, but the holiday season is a time when others need our help the most. Between Thanksgiving food baskets for military families, coats for the homeless or toys for kids during Christmas, there are numerous ways we can be a blessing to others.

Earlier this week I Googled something related to Thanksgiving and came across an article titled “Ten Ways to Give Back on Thanksgiving” on Divine Caroline. While the list focuses specifically on Thanksgiving, the ten ways to give back can be done throughout the entire holiday season.  Majority of the activities can be done throughout the year:

  1. Donate to a nonprofit that helps the hungry
  2. Donate a Thanksgiving(or Christmas) food basket
  3. Hold a food drive (donate items to a shelter)
  4. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  5. Send a phone call or care package to a soldier
  6. Hold a Thanksgiving (or Christmas) charity bake sale (donate proceeds to a nonprofit organization)
  7. Donate to a charity that helps the homeless
  8. Deliver dinners to housebound people
  9. Visit hospital patients
  10. Take part in a charity Turkey Trot or 5K

What are you favorite ways to give back during the holiday season?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!! Safe travels to those going out of town!!

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Join Me For The Gilt City DC Cyber Monday (11/26) Twitter Chat!

The holidays are a time to give thanks for blessings, spend time with family and shop! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year.  In honor of the holiday shopping season A Diva State of Mind has been invited to co-host the Gilt City DC Cyber Monday Twitter Chat on November 26th at 9AM with other Gilt DC curators, DC influencers, and Gilt City DC fans to discuss the hottest trends in DC for holiday gifting and experiences.

Please join me for conversation, tips and prizes!! Follow #GiltCityHoliday on Twitter.

I look forward to chatting with you!!

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EVENT RECAP: Gentleman Jack Arts, Beats & Lyrics

While I enjoy attending fashion events and happy hour, it is always nice to switch things up. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Gentleman Jack Arts, Beats & Lyrics at Mellon Auditorium in DC with friends.

Established in 2004 Arts, Beats & Lyrics has become one of the largest travelling urban art exhibitions. When I sent an email to friends informing them of Arts, Beats & Lyrics, many asked “what type of event is it??” I’d describe the event as one that is fun but offers a chill vibe at the same time.  Attendees enjoy free food and free drinks; there isn’t a dress code; the venue is filled with gorgeous art and great music from a DJ and live bands. Oh yea, it’s free too!! 

The exhibit travels annually.  If you plan on attending next year, words of advice: ARRIVE EARLY! The line to attend the event gets ridiculously long! Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people you know. It seems like everyone attends Arts, Beats & Lyrics!  And ladies, do yourself a favor and leave the heels at home! I didn’t wear heels to the event, but I saw others that did and after standing on their feet for hours (seating is not provided at the venue), they were ready to take their shoes off! 

To learn more about Gentleman Jack Arts, Beats & Lyrics visit

Photos: @DivaStateMind & @ltwice Instagram

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