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Styled by Keri: Zoubeck Boutique for Façon Magazine

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some behind the scene photos from a Façon Magazine photo shoot. Façon Magazine is the voice of emerging fashion.  For the cover, the editor wanted to highlight a vintage boutique, so she tasked me with styling a photo spread featuring pieces from Zoubeck boutique in Old Town Alexandria. Talk about pressure!

The photo shoot was on Sunday, March 17th bright and early at 7am.  We wanted to capture the great offerings at Zoubeck against the beautiful backdrop of Old Town.  Shoutout to the model Jessica! I think the high that day was 42 degrees; she was cold but she rocked it!  The fabulous ladies of Flawless U were responsible for hair and makeup.

Below are photos from the shoot. Some are featured in the magazine and others are some of my favorites that aren’t included in the publication:

Please check out the Spring 2013 issue of Façon Magazine available online at to see the full photo spread and other great features! For more information about Zoubeck visit They have some really nice pieces. Every time I’ve stepped foot in that store, I have walked away with something icon smile Styled by Keri: Zoubeck Boutique for Façon Magazine

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Kim K Is NOT Fat. She’s Pregnant! Some Fashion Choices Are The Problem

I wasn’t going to write a Kim K. post but after seeing a picture yesterday of her latest fashion choice, I had to add my two cents!

I’m slim (not skinny) and have never been pregnant. So I don’t know what it’s like to carry another human being and watch my body change in order to bring the gift of life into this world.  I know women, especially those in the  spotlight, are under a lot of pressure to always look their best. Celebrities are stalked by paparazzi 24-7!  And unfortunately, Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities that have been in the spotlight non-stop for her maternity fashion choices.

It was to be expected that every paparazzi known to man would try to get pictures of Kim while pregnant. After all, she’s a celebrity (for reasons I still don’t understand). Prior to Kanye West, her fashion choices were always on point. Since dating Kanye, she’s had a few more fashion misses than we were used to seeing, but there’s no denying that she and her sisters have a great sense of style.  They embrace their curves and dress to flatter them.  A true example that beauty and being sexy is not defined by being a size 0.

So while we see other celebrity moms-to-be out and about looking cute and fashionable with their latest baby bump accessory, I, like so many others, expected Kim K. to do the same. I just knew she was going to bring it! Now I am not here to bash her; after all I believe in women supporting women. But I also believe that women call each other out when things are wrong. And Kim, some of these maternity fashion choices have been wrong!

Instead of embracing her baby bump, it looks like she wants to hide it.  It looks like she’s trying to dress for the body she used to have (see pictures above). The clothes are extremely tight (as they have been for a while before becoming pregnant) and she looks downright uncomfortable at times. Maybe it’s the maternity Spanx. I don’t know. What I do know is that trying to squeeze into the latest designer frocks that were not made for a woman 6 months pregnant is not flattering at all. I won’t go as far as saying she’s fat, because she’s not.  She’s pregnant. Embracing a new body is a challenge!

Some women don’t like the idea of wearing maternity clothes. There’s nothing wrong with that. I have a friend who was pregnant last year and I don’t ever remember her wearing maternity clothes. The key is to wear things that show off the baby bump, flatter the new body while staying true to one’s individual style. Kim’s all black look at the movie premiere of Temptation: PERFECTION! The maxi dress paired with a cream blazer and flats: FLAWLESS! Those are the type of looks that really make her look like she’s enjoying her pregnancy and flatter her figure.

Message to Kim: you are approaching your final trimester.  You can still be fashionable! Embrace the fact that you’re pregnant and relax! Throw on a maxi dress and bad ass biker jacket; opt for a dress with an empire waist to show off the belly. You can get back to squeezing into pencil skirts after your baby is born.

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You’re Invited: Celebrity Jewelry Designer Deborah Mdurvwa’s One Year Anniversar​y Soirée!

On Thursday, March 28th, DC Celebrity Jewelry Designer Deborah Mdurvwa will celebrate her One Year Anniversary and debut the 2013 Spring Mdurvwa Collection.  Deborah has accessorized a few notables including Free, WPGC’s Radio Personality Sunni, R&B singer Mya and more!

Mdurvwa Collection may sound familiar; I’ve featured the collection on the blog a few times and Deborah sold her pieces at my three year anniversary party last year, donating a portion of the proceeds to Dress for Success Washington, DC. Some of my favorite pieces include the Gold Cross Ring and Goddess Earrings.

The anniversary celebration will take place at Elle Bella Lash Lounge from 8-10pm. Guest will enjoy complimentary cocktails provided by Adult Ice and cupcakes by Kreations by Kupcake.

To RSVP, submit your full name by noon on March 28th to [email protected].

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EVENT RECAP: United Colors of Benetton Spring/Summer 2013 Preview

Last week I was invited to attend the PINK event at United Colors of Benetton in Georgetown. The event kicked off Benetton’s Spring Summer 2013 campaign.  For this year’s campaign, Benetton asked nine unique Style Ambassadors to share their personal interpretation of color. These ambassadors include model Alek Wek, boxer & model  Dudley O’Shaughnessy (he’s the love interest in Rihanna’s “We Found Love” video) and more.

Upon entering the Georgetown store, guests were greeted to champagne. As much as I wanted to buy something I was generous to my wallet and didn’t (this time).  It’s been a long time since I shopped at Benetton and they have some really cute pieces so I will definitely be back.  Instead of shopping, I spent time taking pictures of the women’s and men’s Spring Summer 2013 collection just for you!

Women’s Collection


Men’s Collection

A lot of color and prints for the new season!! For more information about the Spring Summer 2013 campaign, click HERE.

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NEW MUSIC: Wale “Bad” Video Featuring Tiara Thomas

I love Wale’s new single “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas (she has a great voice). The song tells the story of a woman who has lived a life of being “bad.” She enjoys hooking up with guys; never getting close enough to them to experience real intimacy.  Bria Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s daughter, plays Wale’s love interest.

Check it out!

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Styled By Keri: Coral & Leopard Print For A TV Interview

Last Friday, my line sister called me and asked me to style her for an interview with a Turkish American news station. She could’ve used what she had in her closet but she preferred shopping for a new dress.  We met Monday evening at Columbia Mall in Maryland to search for the perfect dress and accessories.

Ebony-Nicole was told by the show’s producer that she couldn’t wear black, red, green or patterns. Talk about restrictions!

Our first stop was The Limited. They have some really nice pieces for spring, however they just didn’t work so we made our way to JC Penny. I had shopped at JC Penny last year for a client and had much success so I was hoping I could find a dress this time around.  By the way, the JC Penny of the past is now gone. Please believe I’ll be stopping back in the store to do a little shopping for myself!  But I digress….


We checked out the dress section (dresses were less than $50, most ranging between $25 & $30) and I pulled at least 10 dresses for Ebony-Nicole. After trying them on and narrowing down the options, we decided on a coral peplum dress with cap sleeves.  This dress was great for her body type. The cap sleeves help balance out her bottom half (since she’s bigger on bottom)  and adding a belt really helps define her waist, creating the desired hourglass shape.

The dress came with a black belt but we wanted to create a look that was polished but spoke to her fun, bubbly personality so we used a leopard print belt she had in her closet. With 15 minutes to spare, we headed back to The Limited to purchase a necklace, gold earrings and ring.  Shout out to The Limited for having a “get up to 3 items for 50% off” sale! The dress + jewelry = less than $60!!

Ebony-Nicole looked great on Wednesday and her interview went very well. She owned her look! I look forward to working with her again.

For information about personal styling services, visit the Personal Styling page and contact me at [email protected] or 301-836-1451. 

I’m in the running to become the next Simon Style Setter for the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. Please vote for me!! Voting is open until Friday, March 29th HERE. You can vote as often as you like! icon smile Styled By Keri: Coral & Leopard Print For A TV Interview

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Are Celebrities Not Allowed To Express Their Opinion via Social Media?

Souce: Necole Bitchie

By now you have probably heard of the comments Keyshia Cole made about Beyoncé’s new song “Bow Down.” Like many people, Ms. Cole was not a fan of the song. And of course being that she’s a celebrity, after she tweeted the message below people went IN on her on twitter. Here’s what Keyshia Cole had to say:

First “Women need to Stick together” now bitches better Bow. Smh. But it’s all G! Chicks stay shooting the shit. But when I speak my mind its a prob. #Well #StayMad

Can’t stand when people all self righteous when it’s convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk shit when convenient 2 FOH….I done kept it real from the start! #RespectTHAT

I won’t even begin to list all of the things folks said to her in response to her tweet.  Talk about harsh! But she does have a point though.  Isn’t Beyoncé all about girl power and independent women? I’m just saying…(and I’m a Beyoncé fan).

The song is far from what we’re used to hearing from Beyoncé. It’s straight ratchet!

I know when you were little girls, you dreamed of being in my world
Don’t forget it, don’t forget it, Respect that, Bow down b-tches
I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife
Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted, this my sh-t, bow down b-tches

Word B?? Let’s just say I was completely caught off guard when I heard the chorus!

Some say Beyoncé created a song like this to let her hair down and have some fun. Others speculate that it was made to get back at her haters; those who have talked negatively about her for years. After all, a lot of people were claiming that she didn’t give birth to her baby (she cleared up that rumor in her documentary).

Regardless of why Beyoncé made the song, does Keyshia Cole or any other celebrity have the right to voice their opinion via social media like us “normal” folks do? Why are celebrities called haters if they don’t agree with what another celebrity has done?  If the “average” person expressed their displeasure with the song it’s not seen as a big deal. The minute a celebrity expresses their displeasure they’re considered haters or just seeking attention.

What happened to Keyshia Cole has happened to many celebrities. Just think about any celebrity that has ever expressed their opinion about Chris Brown or Rihanna. Y’all know #TeamBreezy & #RihannaNavy go HAM, especially on twitter!

In Keyshia Cole’s case, it probably didn’t help that she made negative comments about Michelle Williams during the Super Bowl. That incident followed by her comments about “Bow Down” had every Beyoncé STAN ready to fight her. Are celebrities not allowed to voice their opinion because they have more at stake (ticket sales, album sales, etc)? Should they only comment about those who are equal playing fields (i.e. same level of success)? If they do voice their opinion, where should they draw the line?

Speak on it!!

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You’re Invited: “Fashionably LOUD” Fashion Show

“Fashionably LOUD” is this Sunday, March 24th at IBIZA Nightclub, hosted by Autumn Joi and sounds by DJ MIM. The event will also include live performances and health & wellness, food, jewelry and clothing vendors.

Doors will open at 6PM. To attend the fashion show, you can purchase tickets by visiting

OPEN BAR 6-7pm featuring the ROYAL LEMONADE made with CROWN ROYAL BLACK. This event is for the 21+ crowd.

REMINDER: I’m in the running to become the next Simon Style Setter for the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. Please vote for me!! Voting is open until Friday, March 29th HERE. You can vote every day!!

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Spring 2013 Trend Report

While the weather would suggest spring isn’t coming soon, it’s right around the corner! That means it’s time to get our wardrobes ready. Below are some of the season’s hottest trends. Remember, the key to trends is to pick a few you like and incorporate them into your current wardrobe. If you love prints, add a new printed top, skirt or pant to your closet and wear it with pieces you already own. If you’re a fan of black & white, mix a black & white skirt with your favorite colorful top. Incorporate trends in a way that are modern and reflect your individual style.

Black & White

We were first introduced to this trend in the fall and it doesn’t look like it is leaving us this spring season. Black & white is a great trend because these are colors you already have in your wardrobe. In order to shy away from the uniform look (black pants and white blouse), have some fun by wearing various patterns (stripes, floral, polka dot, ruffles) and apparel options (skirts, blazers, tops).

Marc Jacobs, Anthony Vaccarello, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel

Leather is another trend that was very popular during the fall season.  While leather never goes out of style, different styles of leather are becoming more popular.  Leather (and faux leather) skinny pants, skirts and dresses along with trench coats with leather sleeves are still on trend.  Leather is a great way to add a little edge to your look.

Actress Jeanna Dewan-Tatum, Emmanuelle Alt in leather pants, H&M


When is a print during the spring season not a trend? You can expect to see floral, stripes, polka dots, chevron and more! If you want to have fun wearing prints this season, step out in a pair of printed pants or jeans (H&M has great printed pants right now for less than $40)!  A little apprehensive about wearing this trend to work? No worries; pair a bold printed pant with a solid top to be modern and on trend in the workplace.

Paul & Joe, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Ralph Lauren

Amplify your sex appeal with cutout details! An easy way to do so it by wearing a cutout dress. This is a great way to show some skin without being raunchy.

Cushnie et Ochs, Cushnie et Ochs,Jason Wu, Hervé Léger by Max Azria


When I think of pastels, for some reason I think of Easter.  But it looks like pastels will be around for longer than a holiday.  This is one trend that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe because it’s offered in a variety of options including blazers, jeans, cardigans and dresses. Want to effortlessly incorporate two trends into one look? Wear a pastel blazer or cardigan over your favorite printed top or dress.


Lace never goes out of style.  What’s great about lace is that it can be worn with a variety of other trends. A lace peplum top would look great with printed pants. Or you could wear a lace skirt with a leather jacket. The options are endless! Have fun this season with lace by wearing it in different colors (btw Kerry Washington wore the Oscar de la Renta dress below to the NAACP Image Awards).

Roberto Cavalli, Jason Wu, Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta

White Pumps

When it comes to white shoes, I’m indifferent. I was never really a fan but after seeing celebrities wear them so effortlessly, the right white pair of pumps may work! Like black pumps, they can be worn with any color.  I don’t know, I might want to give this one a try. What do you think?

Solange Knowles, LaLa Anthony, Rihanna

Gladiator Sandals

 A few years ago gladiator sandals were the must have shoes of the spring/summer season and it looks like they’re making a comeback!  The most popular styles are ones that lace to the ankle or go all the way up the thigh.  The thigh high sandals were everywhere during the spring 2013 designer presentations. If you plan on indulging in a pair of shoes like the ones below, pair them with short dresses and skirts which will allow the heels to play center stage.


What do you think of this season’s trends? What trends are you excited about wearing? What are some other trends not listed above you plan on wearing this season? cleardot Spring 2013 Trend Report
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PLEASE VOTE: Style Setter for Fashion Centre at Pentagon City FINALIST!

Last month my friend Krystin of Be Loud Be You sent me an email about the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City seeking a Simon Style Setter.

The fashion blogger will join a team this summer to share tips, trends and the latest looks from the mall.  The blogger will divulge their diary to Washington, DC area fashion admirers and illustrate how to wear the season’s hottest trends.

Tailored for style-loving shoppers on any budget, the Simon Style Setter will receive insider access to beauty and fashion events, exclusive sneak peeks and more in exchange for doing what they do best – shopping and sharing all about it.

Talk about a great opportunity! Given that there are so many DC area fashion bloggers, I knew a lot of people would apply and thought my chances would be slim. But I decided to apply anyway; the worst that could happen was that I didn’t get selected.  You never know unless you try!

This past Saturday, I found out that I was one of the finalist!! While this is a lifestyle blog, I focus a lot on fashion. I enjoy sharing the latest trends and how to put outfits together. It’s one of the reasons I love being a personal stylist!

So I am reaching out to all of you for your help in becoming the next Simon Style Setter! Please click on the link below to vote from your computer or tablet. For some reason, the link doesn’t appear to work on smartphones.

Don’t be shy: you can share the link with friends, family and co-workers via email, Facebook, etc icon smile PLEASE VOTE: Style Setter for Fashion Centre at Pentagon City FINALIST! I really appreciate your support!

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